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My life is over as of half an hour ago. I'm not going to

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My life is over as of half an hour ago. I'm not going to go into details but I cannot handle one more day of my pathetic worthless life.

So, my question is, what is the easiest/cheapest way to kill yourself?

Please don't answer with some bullshit about life getting better and/or me just needing to ride the low out, etc. I've heard it all before, and it doesn't and won't make a difference.

Just help me do this one last thing, please.
I've heard taking a shower in diamonds is the easiest way to go. Or flakes of poisoned gold in caviar.
Get a gun and shoot yourself in the head. Least painful and quickest method of all. Or go to the top of a high building and jump off.
Nylon rope. Hang yourself. Knife and a bath tub and cut your wrists upward. Use warm water. No pills. They are costly and not always a chance of peaceful sleep od.
I wish.

How/where would I go about finding a gun that's cheap and easy to find? I live in a kind of bad area, coincidentally there was a shooting a few doors down a few years ago. But all the dealers who have guns in my area would never speak to me, and I can't afford a gun. Thanks anyway, though.
Guns are not cheap... By any means. Street gun @100+, buying one out he store $200+. Nylon rope $20. Knife $15 for good Wal-Mart brand
I've just done a quick look around my house and can't think of anywhere I could hang myself that would support my weight (I'm quite light but the house is old). I also don't have a bath, only shower. Would cutting my wrists without being in a bath work just as well?

I'm definitely not going with pills again, tried that on Monday and embarrassingly found myself in hospital. Fuck that.
Is there anyone you know (friends, parents, etc.) that has a gun? If so try to get it without being noticed or they're going to wonder why you need a gun all of a sudden. There's always jumping off a really tall building so you die instantly on impact.

If those are off the list then try looking into getting an exit bag. I think those are relatively cheap to get.
I completely forgot to say that I'm from Australia (sorry), so the chances of me finding a gun are very slim, I'll have to pass on that unfortunately. It would've been my first choice otherwise.

I have a few new razor, do you think those blades would work? Or should I just buy a knife? It's more of a matter of convenience but I have no problem with needing to buy a knife if razor blades aren't good enough.
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>in australia
>needs help killing himself

u wot m8, normally aussies need help staying ALIVE

just go outside and wait for the animals to close in
No, I don't think I know anyone who has a gun and I've no idea how I could try and find out without being obvious. Shame.

I could probably swing jumping off a building. How tall do you think is best? I've heard a lot of stories of people jumping off buildings they thought were tall enough, and surviving. But I could probably get away with that.

What's an exit bag? Is that the helium and plastic bag method?
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Exist bag is pic related. Jobless teenage fag (inb4 "Website is for 18 year olds") and this is how I'm thinking of doing it once I get money.
Not a guy, and that made me lol

Tried that, no drop bears or snakes wanted me though
Can you at least tell us curious mob what drove you to this? We won't discourage, we're just curious.
Yep that's the method. If you decide to get a helium tank make sure it's 100% helium inside. Some may be sold with a little oxygen mixed in and will sabotage your attempt.
You could try the ocean, I hear it's as bad as the land

You could also just wander off into the wilderness with no water, you'll either shrivel up and become a skellington or become a mad desert mystic/abbo free from society and either way you will leave your life behind
Thank you very much!

I'm going to either do this, come payday, or jump off a building if I can find one tall enough.
Hopefully I can find a helium tank in a shop or something near me, having it delivered would probably raise suspicions/concerns with my family as I still live at home.
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it makes me sad to have 'helped' you this way, but to each their own. The brand 'Balloon Time' doesnt use 100% helium, and as an anon said above it needs to be 100% for it to work. Currently trying to find a brand that does. Too much of a pussy to do it any other way.
I feel like I'll be judged but eh, what have I got to lose right?

A lot of things, I guess. It's mainly been a build up of drama after drama with my now ex boyfriend (manipulative abuser who quite literally ruined my life, and completely broke me - typical emotionally abusive relationship, however my close friends and family have said they've never met anyone who's been through a more emotionally damaging relationship, so lucky me), but also traumas I experienced throughout my childhood and teens. I have a few shitty mental illnesses, have been an addict for a few years. I've come to realise that I'm going nowhere in my life, I will never be happy, and I have no worth whatsoever.

There's a lot more to my 'story' but I won't bore you with the details, and I'm not looking for any kind of sympathy or pity party should anyone bother to give it. I'm just looking for a way out.
Thank you! I'll remember that.

The ocean and bush would definitely fuck me up, but I'd rather something faster and easier.

Don't feel sad, honestly I'd rather just get it over and done with than feel this way any longer, so thank you.

And thanks for the info, hopefully I can find a tank locally that's 100% helium.
I'm kind of feeling the same, I normally go for pills as they're the easiest/most convenient way but right now it's not an option so I just want something easy, quick, and (mostly) painless.

Yeah sit down the the shower turn on the warm water.. Alomst hot because it won't allow the blood to clot.. And allow it to hit your arms.. Google major arteries. 2 in groin on inside part of thighs 2 on arms and your neck.you Will bleed out in 6 minutes. And desu it will be a fairly easy clean up for who finds you because all the blood will go down the drain. By no means do I support this but when someone wants to die who Is to say they shouldn't.. Sometimes information is a good thing..
I know wilderness death sounds shitty but you complained that your pills attempt was intercepted by outside intervention, helium method has similar problems, especially if you get 'caught' when you only have some of the pieces.

If you were doing this 'out of the blue' you could probably play off the equipment as something else but there will be a heightened alert status due to your previous attempts and with the increasing public awareness of the helium method, it would be pretty easy to put two and two together.

On the other hand, vanishing into the wild is relatively easy both for the sake of plausible deniability and laying false trails to delay investigation, though if of course depends on the area.
>>16475192 If you're in NSW and anywhere within an hour of sydney would you like some help?
Thank you, if I go with this method all I really need to do is buy a knife or get my blades ready.
And if you feel guilty or anything for giving me this information (nothing wrong with that), please don't; this is my decision and when I do this I'll be grateful to the people who've given me info ITT, so thank you.

I'm really hoping I won't get caught and yeah, I didn't really think properly about the heightened alert status...
Getting the equipment for the bag will take a bit of time though, so maybe by the time I have everything in order the people around me will have a bit more trust in me and won't be as suspicious. That's what I'm hoping for anyway.

Honestly, the bush around here freaks me out a bit (wilderness and I do no not mix), so I don't think that would work out, and I don't think I'd be very good at laying false trails and such. And the rescue teams and authorities around here are pretty good at finding people, from what I've hears anyway. Thank you anyway though.

That's a coincidence because I do live within an hour of Sydney, but I wouldn't want to get you in trouble for helping me. Thanks for the (unusual?) offer though, can I ask why you'd want to help?
Go in the inner cities and shout "fuck niggers and spics" then play moonman.
It's just i've had 3 people close to me succeed in killing themselves and I've seen the effects it's had on people related to them. 2 of them I think i could've maybe helped them but didnt, and looking back I honestly dont know why. I offer because I just dont want people to have to go through what I did.
As a courtesy to those you are asking to be complicit in your death, what happened a half hour ago?
Also quick question why would me helping you possibly get me in trouble?
OP, buy as much heroin as you can afford and shoot it all/ snort it all. If you have no tolerance it won't take much to do the trick anyway. Plus if you survive you'll have a new hobby and passion in life.
Why not go on an adventure in the wilderness? Go camping and punch some dingos or something. Watch the sunrise, breathe in some of the morning air and then jump of a cliff. Tell your parents you're going camping with some friends or something. Better have go and have some fun if you're just going to kill yourself.
This also made me lol, I'd definitely end up dead if I did that in my area.

Why would that make you want to help me though, if you've seen and lived through the effects of it? I'm sorry if I'm being rude or anything, just genuinely curious I guess, it's an interesting perspective.

It'd be about 3.5 hours now but I guess the main catalyst would be the 'official' end of the 'relationship' I was in that I mentioned here >>16475155
At the same time (not sure if relates or not) I had a bit of an epiphany about myself and my life, where I'm heading etc. I've been in a downward spiral for over 18 months now, becoming especially worse in the last couple of months. I've been in treatment (countless psychologists, psychiatrists, medications, etc) for over 7 years now, yet I haven't improved. I started to improve just before and at the beginning of the relationship that destroyed me, but it didn't last long. Within a couple of months I was heading downhill again and have since only gotten worse. I'm now at the lowest point I have ever been at, there's nothing left for me.

It may sound like I'm overreacting but it all makes sense to me. I just want out, I can't keep doing this and I cannot keep living like this anymore.

Hopefully that answered your question, sorry if it makes no sense.
I did consider this, but I just can't afford it. Plus I'm already an addict lol

This sounds like a good idea if I don't decide on exit bag, tall building, or slashed wrists. Those are my top 3 options at the moment.
The only problem with your suggestion is that the wilderness and I don't mix at all, I can't remember the last time I went camping. I love the idea of it though, the fun aspect is appealing.
But no matter what I do, I'll be getting as drunk and high as I possibly can the night before (and sex, can't forget the sex).
Thank you for your input.
I'm not sure about the laws on this, but I'm fairly certain you can go to jail for assisted suicide, and that's if you don't get charged with manslaughter or even murder if there's a case/if there are suspicious circumstances. I don't really know much about the laws though, this is just from what I've heard and the little I've read on it.
Fuck you OP and fuck everyone in this thread. Don't kill yourself, you selfish bastard. Get a hobby, develop a skill, run away from home and meet some new people, maybe you should move abroad. Technically you're ending your previous life and starting a new one somewhere else.
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>gets to have sex
>kills self anyway

I want to help because I dont want to feel as if me not doing something about it probably will lead to you killing yourself. You may have your mind set on going through with it, and if you're that deadset then there's nothing that i can do, but I just want to try and help. There are so many threads on /adv/ that honestly I cant do anything but give the 'chin-up eyes forward and soldier on' due to location, but knowing that you're not only in the same country, but in the same state and living around the same city makes me feel that if i dont help you, I'd be doing something morally wrong.
Seems like you have some pretty decent suggestions so I guess I'll just tell you what I'm going to do. I'm going to take as much heroin as possible and walk into the ocean since it's my favorite place. Don't have the money just like you so in a couple months maybe.
Maybe with all the people on this thread we can start a gofundme or kickstarter fund to buy you some heroin. If you don't want it maybe they'll buy me some heroin? Lol
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Thread images: 5

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