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Hello all~
I don't usually post but tonight I am looking for some advice seeing as my friends don't fully get the situation. I'll greentext to shorten it all.

>be with boyfriend for over 2 years now
>he's gone out tonight for some chicks leaving thing with his work crew
>he packs a large bag
>I get sus
>snoop his inbox's
>he's having pre drinks at the girls house
>didn't tell me

Anyway I feel really suspicious when he drinks because a few months back he started inboxing some 17 year old saying how she was so beautiful and gorgeous and amazing.
>apparently it's the alcohol that made him do it. He even lied about sending her nudes awhile back.

Anyway while snooping I saw a message that he sent to some chick.

>we should meet up for coffee on _____!!!
>the time he suggested is when I will be at work
>he's called this chick gorgeous and stuff to my face so yeah

Just looking for some advice on what to do. Anything will help.
Pic related, it's me lmao.
He sent nudes to a 17 years old ?

I'm pretty sure you should call it quits OP, guy seems like a handfull and I don't think your should trust him. And there's really no point in continuing a relationship if your trust is broken.

Alcohol is never an excuse btw.
you should head over to Splitsville
hear its nice this time of year
Easy, just don't allow him back into your life after tonight.
You can either go full crazy girlfriend and catch him on the spot, get someone to follow him, or straight up tell him that you have been snooping around his phone and found some ugly stuff.

Anyway, you seem to have a broken trust with your boyfriend, which explains why you looked into his phone in the first place. This goes nowhere, since, even if you let this one go, you will always be paranoid about him.

The honest thing to do about this is explaining your feelings. From there you can either break up or be a kekqueen.
This was probably like a year before we got together so she would have been like (I'm guessing) 15-16 and he would have been around 18 or so I think.

I love this guy but fuuuuuck man this shit gets me down. I moved away from my family for dis bitch.
Hahaha dude, I feel so bad for snooping but I had to inspect the situation. I hate being a crazy girlfriend but I just felt like I had too.

I don't really wanna be like "hey I looked through your Facebook, fuck your" I wanna play it cool but I just don't know how.
So youre judging him based on past actions before he met you?
Not really, I don't care about his past.
It's the fact that he lied to me about it when I confronted him.
Here's a little bit more of what he said to her. (Sorry if it doesn't make sense)

>hey remember those photos I sent you?? Well I've had more tattoos since then ;)
>can I see a picture of your waist (the chick does corset training, but he was literally begging her for them but she wasn't interested)
>you're so amazing honestly, you're so beautiful.

Like wtf man, why would he do that to me? Shits fucked up.
Then dump him.
I know that's the simple option.
But I currently live with him and I do love him but damn I'm just sick of him pulling this shit.
I just want him to change his attitude but I don't know if people can just "change".

Although I have been really fucking paranoid and clingy (even to my friends) because about 2/and a half months back my best friend, (like seriously 7-8 years of being inseparable) passed away in a car accident. Like I just want everyone to be safe and close to me so I know they're ok. I think that may be why I'm a little fucked at the moment and suspicious.
Dump him, he already packed his bag so just change the locks.
He's not gonna go far with two bottles of Coke, a tiny bottle of alcohol and??? I'm not too sure what else haha.

I'm just confused as to why he would pack a large bag when he's meant to be going to a "club" like who the hell carries a large bag like that.
Why don't you ask him?
Because that just seems sus
"Hey why did you take that massive bag with you?" I don't know but it just seems a weird thing to ask.

Honestly don't know how to deal with this whole situation.
Thread posts: 15
Thread images: 1

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