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>19 years old >live with parents >parents paid for community

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>19 years old
>live with parents
>parents paid for community college
>getting good grades
>have a decent paying job for an unskilled teen
>want to study engineering when I'm done with cc
>don't do drugs, drink alcohol, get into trouble
>have good relationships with the people in my life

/adv/, why do I feel like a fucking failure?

Why do I feel like its the norm for kids to go to universities straight out of high school, and live happily in their dorms and not have a job and go have crazy parties and have wild nights? I was never given this. Despite growing up in a wealthy family, my parents wouldn't pay for a university, only a community college. I feel like I'm fucking missing out on so much. No, I don't plan on staying in a community college. I'm hoping and praying and working my ass off for a 4.0 so I can transfer to a university. But then I'll be 20 and I'll feel like I missed so much.

Do you know how fucking hard it is to tell people I go to a community college? Like everyone assumes I go to a university so when I tell them the name of my college they haven't even heard of it. Fucking sucks. And meanwhile I look at my friends on social media and whatnot and they're getting hammered and doing crazy shit at parties. And I'm in my parents house, watching Netflix in my spare time.

Am I being a baby? Or do I legitimately have a reason to feel like shit? Community college isn't the end of the world, right?

I just feel like adulthood hasn't even started for me. I live with my parents and my school night as well be highschool again.
Who gives a shit what others think.
I'm kind of on the same boat as you, Op. Except in my case I'm in uni already and have to see all these people dorming and having an experience that I may never have. I've learned to deal with it at this point and try to just make friends that do dorm so that I can chill with them some nights and not have to go home all the time. It sucks but you just have to keep on trucking, man. Not much else you can do until then. And trust me, 20 is not old at all to be dorming. You will blend right in and no one else will really care how old you are.
The "trucking" is just very very painful. I just want to fast forward through this boredom.
honestly being a year or 2 older than the FRESHMEN at university wont be a big deal. IF you transfer then you're a junior anyway and you will be most likely sharing classes with people of similar age as you. You can do all of the partying you think your missing out on(even though you will quickly realize its not what its cracked up to be and you wont regret anything)

I started reading yo're post thinking you were exactly me, you are. I'm 20 my parents put me through community college and not university and I don't qualify for financial aid. I just got a job 4 months ago paying 15$ an hour and I hate it alredy and still haven't moved out. You are doing fine and life is just catching up with you anon. I never got in trouble and all my friends have interesting stories but you can just live with it. Basically once your an adult I think its too risky to get into medium levels of trouble because you're no longer a minor but just don't kill anybody.


You're fine.

Find out what you love and do.
sorry for the blog post... but you get the point
you are a baby with little perspective.
Nothing wrong with community college, and getting hammered and doing crazy shit at parties isn't really that fun unless you're dumb and think beer pong is the most fun thing ever.
People like you and especially your friends populating the world make things just so damn boring and sad. grow up
1) Going to CC for engineering tech is a way better education than 95% of your university pals will be getting. It's not where you go, but what you're training to do. I'd rather be studying EE associates at a community college than sociology/biology at the state U for 4x the money.

2) You can get drunk and party anywhere at any time.

3) I'm basically in the same boat as you but I'm 27, keep that inside to help.

Also, to add to this, I DID get into university but I veto'd the offer because the college course I'm studying is more in line with what I want to do. I made the mistake of going to university "for something" just because "wow university" and I wasted a year and thousands of dollars. However, if you CAN get into university for something useful like engineering, then go for it. I have read in many spots that the engineering technologist jobs are in greater demand right now though.
What you're feeling is normal but like some of the other anons said you're not really missing much and if you transfer you got time to party and what not. It's not that deep bruh.
dude, at age 18-19 you aren't missing shit. dont buy into the media bullshit that you see in movies and pop culture, you will do a ton of partying in your life, and you can still do all that shit at community college, make your own reality and stop going with the flow

-23yo community college student who has done a ton of partying
fucking wish I was in your position dude, college is just crushingly expensive summer camp, even STEM programs, get every credit at CC that you can.
Finish community college first. From there it will be easy for you to continue your education elsewhere. Its even a lot easier to get degrees online from a University do to transferable credits.
University is a fucking joke anyway
I went to a "hall" in my first year and it was just full of spoilt teens, the extent of the fun was just drinking alcohol and listening to shitty music.
My second year consisted of sitting in my room and jacking off all day.

you ain't missing shit boy, just idealizing something because you can't have it.
Thread posts: 14
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