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Do you ever delete people from FB?

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This girl I invited out but never replied me is still on my FB.

She still gives me likes on things I post tho, and I don't know if I should delete her from my FB?

I don't want to appear as butthurt (because I really am not that butthurt anyway), but also I don't know how should I proceed from here.
maybe your message went into her spam box ?
Uh, more details? Did you take her out on a date or something?

OP here

We were havign a conversation about her graduating and me too, I invited her out on that same convo but she never replied again
Whatever you want. I personally don't have people on there who aren't either related to me or who I don't talk to on another platform or real life just because I don't like the idea of broadcasting shit to virtual strangers. It's your Facebook. If you like having the likes keep her, if you don't like seeing her then delete it. She probably won't notice or care. People like that typically run their facebook profiles as indiscriminate likes and popularity factories.
Yup. Deleted everyone, and then deleted myself.
Best fucking thing I've ever done.

Here is the complete story:

I'm a med student, I was working at some hospital and a man approached me and told me her daughter recognized me, and told me her name.

I then told the man I did remember her (she used to be in the same high school I was), but never really talked to each other, so he wanted me to go and say hi to her.

I never had the time to do that, and time went by and forgot about this altogether.

So I found her on FB months later, added her and apologized for being so rude.

She said it was Ok, and we messaged back a forth through FB, until I invited her to a party and she told me she had to catch a plane that weekend, but she told me she would contact me otherwise.

She never messaged me again, and I tried to message her and told her the party was great, and that it was a shame she didn't go.

She really never replied back, I'm confused
Lee me guess, did the convo look something like this?

>hey femanon
>hey anon whats up
>nothing much, hbu?
>nothing here just graduated

>1 day later

>1 day later

OP here

lol kinda, but not that bad.

see above

she doesn't like you

prolly flew to another country to fuck Chad

>at her own expense

So my question is, delete her from FB?
Who's the chick in the purple pants

you can't delete a person, but you can unfriend them afaik

>in the 0.001 percent chance that she's an actual psychopath who's certain that rejecting you and then constantly reminding you of herself would bring you mental torture that she tremendously enjoys
Yes delete her but don't block her
Protip: this.

This is my issue too, how do you get to know anyone I real life without getting to know them I real life...?

When I was 15/16 I had msn and a load of people from school added and friends of friends etc.

But when I grew out of that and actually started to live in the real world it seems like everyone got scared and facebook came about as it was colourful and safe...but its just not real.

I spent hours as a teen sitting in front of a screen getting to know people, and even then I realised it wasnt a substitute for real experience.

OP here


Yeah I know, unfriend whatever... but what's the point of having her as a FB friend when she rejected my advances yet she seems to give me like every now and then?

I sincerely wanted to know her better and FB was the only way to actually invite her out to something, but she seemed to not care at all

Personally, I think it's very rude not to answer when you're politely being invited, at least she could've said no or something?
Yeah, I delete people when I cease to have anything in common with them or if they're annoying. Life's too short to surround myself with people I don't like. In your shoes I'd probably unfriend her, it doesn't sound like you're even friends so what's the point?
You're reading WAYY to much into this. She probably has at least 5 invites on her facebook at all times. She probably doesn't even give a second thought when she's declining all of them.

Delete her or not, it doesn't really matter. If you remove her and she notices, you'll definitely appear butthurt.

My suggestion is keep her on your facebook, but unsub from her feed. Pursue other girls, and maybe she'll come around but don't
wait around for it.
I second this.
Thread posts: 20
Thread images: 1

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