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Erectile disfunction?

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For two weeks now I haven't been able to get hard enough to fuck my girlfriend. I get boners regularly during the day with my imagination, I'm hard when cuddling with her but I notice its not as strong. Then when I mount it goes flat. That was last week, this week I was able to go in and after a few thrusts I had to pull out feeling like I was gonna cum, my dick throbbed a little then went flat. Spent the rest of the night together and I hardly got a chub. This has never happened, I get hard extremely easy and am always hard around my girlfriend. I usually masturbate once a day and because of last week I but masturbation to a minimum, like 3 times this week and changed nothing. Should I be worried and what should I do?
I'm assuming you do still find her attractive. I can almost guarantee this is a mental problem, not a physical one -- is your relationship OK? Has anything changed, anything stressing you out at the moment? You've had a healthy and normal sex life up til this point, right?
Also, it's worth noting that this sort of thing is really common. Plenty of guys experience brief spats like this over the course of their lives, due to work stress, depression, physical illness, random anxiety ... the list goes on. People are neurotic. Usually the symptoms go away when the catalyst (the stress) does. I really wouldn't call it ***erectile dysfunction*** until it's been going on for a while as that's a scary medical-sounding term that brings to mind, like, viagra commercials and so on, and I very much doubt you're going to need any of that.
Since you're achieving normal boners during the day it isn't erectile dysfunction. It is psychological. You're bored or something with your girlfriend. Or you may just be feeling sick or something. Chill about it and give it a little more time.
Your problem is, You are watching to much porn. You probly have been looking at porn for a while and are watching more and more extreme stuff.

I advice you to stop watching porn and stop fappin for at least 4 to 6 weeks.
I would also advice to not have intercourse with your gf for a while.

You need to clear your mind, if you keep having sex with your gf and you keep not getting hard, than you will get frustrated and you will get into trouble with yourself pshychologicaly.

Keep in mind, It is your choise to folliw my advice. You controle your life and you choose what you think is best for you.
Your problem isn't necessarily porn or masturbation. Don't listen to the anti-porn nuts -- there's plenty of other reasons this could happen.

That said, this isn't terrible advice, swearing off porn (and sex) for a couple days to clear your head and take the pressure off. I also agree with the guy who advised you to just relax about it and chill out. I might also suggest making a concerted effort to eat well, and I mean really well, lots of protein and veggies, nothing sugary, and do some moderate exercise each day, like running or lifting weights, but not to the point of exhaustion.

I really wouldn't worry about it. Whatever funk you're in will probably clear with a little time and some decent self-care.
Don't worry about it and it will go away. The same thing happened to me with a girl, and I couldn't let it go so the problem just got worse. Trust me, it's not a big deal, and it'll go away on its own.
Did you stop watching porn?
How did it manage to go away?
How long did it take?

You shouldn't worry about these things, having a deadline in your head will make it worse. Stop worrying about it, focus on living healtfully and just try to relax. The only thing I would say about how long it takes is that it probably takes less long than most people would guess it would take for something so detrimental to their sex lives to go away.

Stop watching porn unless it stresses you out more not to.
Just to say op, you're not alone. It happens to me randomly and it is a bit inconsistent. Like I'll get hard and start fucking my gf, but then when I go to change position it rapidly goes flaccid. Luckily my gf is pretty chill about it and I'll just tell her that "it's tired", "I'm tired", or that I have a headache.

The thing is that sometimes I'll get another erection minutes later. Sometimes it will take longer, but I think it is somewhat of a mental block.

I think age and health has a bit to do with it - when I was 20-23 or so, I had raging hard-ons just being close to my girl and she wasn't even as hot as my current gf. I also watched porn ALL THE TIME and it still wasn't an issue. Since then I haven't really been taking care of myself - I'm skinny-fat now and my sleeping habits are horrible. Plus I'm also 28. I'm going to try to get in better shape and sleep better plus skip porn to try and improve my life and waste less time.
Thread posts: 10
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