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Is college necessary?

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Sup /adv/, i could use some insight, I'm a community college student and i hate it. i hate going waking up early, going to school and knowing that I'm wasting my time. My credits most likely won't transfer to a real college, the classes I'm taking are boring or otherwise stupid (i haven't learned anything useful), and i feel like all I'm doing is wasting time and my mom's money.
I have a good idea of what i want to be in life and that goal is will take time and money to achieve. I feel like i would rather get a shitty job and help my family pay for stuff rather than just soak up money on an education that won't mean anything.
Is college worth i? Should i just drop out and get a full time job?
>education that won't mean anything
>credits won't transfer to a real college

The fuck are you doing? On both fronts. I would never waste time at a CC that isn't at least recognized by state schools, and I would never waste time in college if I didn't believe the degree I was working towards was beneficial.

What do you want to be in life, anyway? 99.99% of all jobs require education, whether that's school or sticking your face in manuals and how-to books, so I pray that you don't feel this way towards learning in general.

Also, protip: take fun classes.
I'm hoping on just owning a convenience store, i very much doubt that requires a real education.
The community college i am going to is recognised, maybe i phrased it wrong. Some of my classes or credits nost likely won't transfer into a business school which i was planning on doing before realizing that it's a shitty waste of time.
The only course i really like is my history class and that's about it, the rest of my classes suck.
I realize that i don't know what I'm doing in college and so i just want to gt out before i waste any more time and money.
If you think owning a convenience store doesn't require at least self-teaching, you're in for a rude awakening. That's owning a business, and it comes with the same problems owning any other business does.

Well, I guess that depends on the school and the system. Me personally, I can transfer my credits to any school in my state(Maryland) with virtually no hassle.

Take fun classes. Taking classes we hate is part of life unfortunately. Either try to satisfy your credit req with a more interesting class, or deal.

You sound like you're better off leaving school, to be honest. Which is usually hard to say because most people have no clue what they'd do outside of school, but you have some semblance of a plan.

Tell us, how would you work towards owning a convenience store?
I plan on working for some family and save up some money, maybe borrowing from some family friends if i just need to add a few finishing touches (not borrowing large sums).
I plan on opening a shop near a school or where there is generally a lot of foot traffic. I'd sell the usual convenience store stuff, maybe having some groceries depending on the size of a store. Cigarettes, swishers, condoms, etc. I want to make a one stop shop for anything you could really want. It goes without saying that yes, i would need to learn book keeping but i know people who know how to do stuff like that and i would be learning from them.
I hope to add alcohol at some point to the store but i figure i can just sell everything else but that all while a liquor licence goes through.
I also plan on opening early and keeping it open pretty late.
The thing is i know that its expensive even getting started and getting a loan is out of the question for me, so i figure i may as well find a job.
Well anon, you've got a better outline than most people, I'll give you that. Maybe college ISN'T for you. That's just something ESPN wants you to believe.
Thanks, but i know that i need to know more. Do you know of any books or forums that teach you how to open small businesses and do paperwork and whatnot?
Not that anon but if you want to learn how yo open a business, open a business.

I've heard that countless time from huest speakers at my uni

Google good openeing business books though, plenty out there
Given your convenience store plans, consider a franchise (7-11 or similar) They train you and supply stock, advertizing, etc.
Yeah i was hoping that if my first shop were to be successful i could begin creating similar shops elsewhere, creating a small franchise.
I would like to try opening other types of stores, maybe a cafe (that'd be very late in the future). Im currently job hunting and searching retail jobs to get a sense of what i can expect at your average store
An absolute clusterfuck staffed by people who hate their jobs.

I also hope you've got five or six figures worth of capital to dump into fighting to stay in the business world, it's not something anyone can just jump right into with almost nothing and expect to get anywhere.
>Should i just drop out and get a full time job?

Get a full time job and then drop out.

I wish I had done it years ago, I don't want to do much more than video games and drink beer anyway so I could live well on some basic job or skilled trade.
>Is college worth i?
Depends on the degree? What are you planing for 2bh?
Yeah I'm currently doing that right now, just filled out a few applications just now

I was thinking business but honestly i feel like it isn't going to be a degree worth having. At least thats what i feel because in my introduction to business class, i haven't learned shit

OP is talking about institution-taught education, not education in general as in self-education, lifetime learning, general culture etc.
OP here, yeah i like learning stuff i just don't like the way a lot of professors teach because the curriculum seems setup so it's easy to put on tests as opposed to understanding what we are being taught.
I like history and my history professor because what he teaches and says has a point beyond it being on a test.
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