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Choosing a path in life

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TL;DR: I have no idea what to do with my life and it's stressing me out. I don't want a 9-5 white collar job or to be stuck in a routine but knowing that doesn't help me much. Right now every career I can think about looks dim and uninteresting in the long term.

I'm in my first year of college studying something I don't like and I'd like to do something else but I don't know what.
My family tells me I should get into law because I'd be good at it (I'm a Frenchfag, and the law industry here isn't as bloated as in the USA) but I don't want to work in an office sucking corporate ass. Anything that involves a 9-to-5 routine and a very sedentary lifestyle makes me depressed. I've done internships in two big IT corporations and I could never be satisfied with a career in such an environment.
I'm thinking I'd like to do something that involves actual action, fieldwork, going to various places, but I'm conflicted since I don't know if this is just some childish idealization or if I'm actually cut out for such things.

I've always been somewhat focused on intellectual work and my peers tell me that doing something "physical" would be a waste of potential, so that makes me even more conflicted. I've been looking into the military since it sounds like it corresponds more or less to what I find interesting - action, fieldwork, and the "getting to see the world" meme. However, I'm not quite sure if that's the way to go (not to mention that my parents would commit sudoku if I enlisted right out of the blue).

Could you guys help me or point me in the right direction? I'm completely lost right now.
Just follow your heart, that's what I always do
I don't think I should just say "fuck it" and enlist, that doesn't sound like a very good course of action.
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I'm somewhat in the same boat. I'm a Maltafag, trying to make it as an actor thanks to all the work coming in. Problem is while I have some credits, It's still rare (this year had 4 roles) and a whole lotta nothing in between. I also don't know what the fuck to do with my life in between as if I rely on the acting money only (it's great but not frequent), I will never make enough money to be able to move to a European country and try my luck advancing my career there.

The best think I can tell you is this: try everything until something sticks. I spent a good 8 years doing everything under the sun for anywhere between a week to 3 months, courses AND jobs. Even shit I didn't even know anything about (like accounting) until I found life on set to be beautiful (when I always thought I'd be shy as fuck and incapable of it).

It doesn't help much, I'm sorry, but by trying you're at least knocking down panels until you finally find the answer. It's helped me find a goal in life, but I still need to search more for a way to pave the road.
Find something you'd like to accomplish and then do the job which would let you do that. Being involved in certain types of projects and events can be really cool and fulfilling. It can make the drudgery of a 9-5 worthwhile. It's not always about what you're doing at any given moment but about what you're working towards.
what if you just can't handle the drudgery regardless of the goal? Not everyone has the willpower to do something they hate to achieve something they love. Is the depression generated by the process justifiable by the goal? Or is it too much to ask to find something you like doing to achieve something you love?
I really don't want to work in an office and I abhor the "corporate mentality" I've had the opportunity to experience firsthand during my internships. Not to sound pretentious or anything, I know I'm not special, but that really isn't for me.

The problem is there really isn't anything I *want* to accomplish. I just want an enjoyable and exciting life that isn't spent pushing papers and looking at the same, grey Parisian sky all day. But that's all I know, and it seems that as soon as you step out of the 9-5 conventional job framework, there aren't much realistic opportunities.

>try everything until something sticks
Isn't that a bit risky? Especially with the military?

>knocking down panels until you finally find the answer
Well, that's what I'm trying to do, but I can't really hop between various degrees and jobs just like that, or at least I don't think so.

First and foremost, I have to figure out if that whole military/fieldwork thing fits me but it's hard to get an idea.

Good luck to you either way.
>I can't really hop between various degrees and jobs just like that, or at least I don't think so.
Yeah you can although not without consequences. Mine is that my CV looks like utter dogshit and makes me look unemployable as fuck. Nothing really ties you down and probation periods are designed for that exact purpose.

For the military thing, go talk to a recruiter and ask around. It costs nothing and worrying about what ifs won't help any. Get some information from your best available source, perhaps ask if there are any preparatory courses of boot camps you can attend. As far as I know, those exist to prepare somebody for the military life and filter out those who aren't up to snuff for whatever reason. Don't wonder about something, actively do it to get a better perspective.

You might also want to try as film crew. From experience, it's both a physically demanding job that requires a fair bit of brain power depending on your department. Bit of creativity, out of the box thinking, free spirits and all that, constantly meet and work with new people and you can learn so much new and interesting shit. Pay can be great if you develop a skill and you'll frequently work in all manner of new location or places you thought you'd never see/visit. even places that were right under your nose all your life.
The CV thing doesn't really matter though, does it? Do employers outside of white collar jobs care about your CV as long as you're competent and can show it?

Yeah, I'll go ask a recruiter, but you know, they're still recruiters. It would be nice if I could get opinions from soldiers who are currently enlisted in my country's army.

>film crew
Sounds interesting, although "film crew" is quite broad, are you thinking about cameraman rather? I've also thought about that, news reporting more specifically, although right now I'm more pulled to military careers.
I don't really know. I mean my CV is atrocious but due to my non-existent skillset I don't apply to anything specific. I would wager as long as you use specific buzzwords (team player, motivated etc) you can land an interview.

As film crew, I guess it depends. there's all manner of things to do. Driver, PA, set designer, sound guy, lighting, costuming, props, camera, director of photography etc. There's a fuckton of jobs in the film industry and if you look around you can probably find some courses that interest you. Besides, specialized work in many of those fields are applicable to other jobs. A cameraman can be for Tv, movies, news reporting and all that. Lots of things mesh in the industry.
Also you can always start in the lower rungs of said jobs. Like fetching a cameraman's lenses while you learn the intricacies of the job, help setting up lights while you learn positioning, wattage, and which colour would work best for which scene. A sound trainee could just hold the boom mic and learn how to work them knobs on the recording box while developing an ear for what sounds "right", y'know?

They vary between Technical, Creative and Intuitive. All of them require all 3, but all require varied percentages of it.
I don't think action or excitement is what you need. I guarantee that you'll get tirrd of that and will crave something else to fix you soon enough.

Your real problem is a fundamental dissatisfaction with everything you have. That can not be fixed by outside, material means. People like you, if they are sedentary, crave excitement, and if they,re travelers, crave stability. Simply put, you only want what you don't have, and can't stand what you've already got, as good as it is.

I recommend some sort of spiritual practice to bring peace to your mind no matter your circumstances. Did a lot of good for me
Not OP but I want to know what you mean. Could you please elaborate? I do feel a certain creeping feeling as a constant but while I wouldn't call myself a fedora (I'm spiritual in a sense), I am far too much of a skeptic to really get any effect out of anything I try. Farthest I got is incense and general aromatherapy to soothe me in the moment (or when I have panic attacks)
Yeah, I see. Having a shiny CV doesn't matter anyway, there's always a way to bounce back as long as you're not too picky and work your way up from there, I suppose.

I'll look into film. I've always been somewhat interested by film making and production but never really gave it much thought, especially since I've been so fixated on law enforcement lately. Thanks.

>a fundamental dissatisfaction with everything
That's true, but not with "everything I have". There are some things I accept about my life, but I'm always dissatisfied with everything I try (except leisure stuff) since I get bored very, very quickly and easily and it often fails to match my expectations. Not because of high standards but because most things I try out just don't "click" with me.

>if they are sedentary, crave excitement, and if they're travelers, crave stability
I don't know about that, I've always wanted to travel around ever since I heard my grandfather's stories about when he was in the navy. Settling down is good (and necessary) once in a while, but I dislike immobility in general.

>spiritual practice
What do you mean? I'm neither religious nor an atheist, I don't feel involved nor interested in these things. If you meant something else than religion, I'm all ears though
No problem, your situation really speaks to me as I feel very similar to you. I'll be monitoring the thread. Nice trips.
Bumping as I go to bed, hopefully the thread won't have died in seven or so hours.
I had this same crisis at the end of high school. I became an electrician because I couldn't commit the money to university without knowing why I wanted to be there. The job is alright. I don't go home feeling worn out, and the days don't drag.

I am constantly wondering what I could be doing instead of this and if it would be worthwhile to ever switch
>I don't go home feeling worn out
>the days don't drag
Well, I'd say you're in a better position than the overwhelming majority of people.

Medicine. Work in labs, hospitals, doctors offices, meet different kinds of people, diagnose their medical problems. It can be very hands on and interesting.
Studying 9+ years isn't for everyone though. Especially a subject like medicine.
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Thread images: 2

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