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So I was prescribed this I am on day 2 now.

I would like to know opinions and experiences how it works in daily life.
If possible also someone that could explain what exactly does biologically in the brain or what kinds of side effects you had on the first days.

Most importantly I would like to read experiences with it and examples of your life while using it.
I had ADHD when I was younger and was forced by my school to take Ritalin. All it did was help me focus on my doodling in class and chores where easier after taking. Seriously Op you should clean your house on Ritalin it's the best
ive never heard of ritalin, i have adhd but they prescribed me aderall, whats the difference between the two?
You're going to feel pretty great.

You'll be laser focused and know exactly what it is you'll need to do in order to get whatever job done.

Expect to feel more social, and have a lot to talk about in regards to just about anything.

I got some awesome fucking drawings done and some of my best writing I've ever done was while I was on Adderall (which is very comparable in a lot ways).

As far as how it affects your body biologically, your heart rate will increase, you will sweat a lot ( make sure you wear deodorant ), and you will pee a lot so make sure you're drinking water or you will become very very dehydrated quickly.

It also suppresses your appetite, and the first month or so you will feel like you need to force yourself to eat. You will lose weight.

Depending on your sensitivity to the drug, it may keep your heart rate elevated into the evening, and possibly into your regular sleeping schedule - you'll experience some pretty bad insomnia. If this is a problem, talk to your doctor and he or she might be able to recommend some sleep aids.
Why? It looks like some kind of mindcontrol pill making you like to do chores lol

Its methylphenidate I dont know about Aderall, it was told to me that Ritalin was used for over 50 years or something.

Reading this makes me feel I lack even less control then before, because I start doing stuff without realizing?

Were you a drawfag before taking meds?

As far on biological stuff do you (or anyone else) know how it works on the brain exactly?
What about the duration of the effects? I am taking 20mg now.

As far as side effects until now I think my side of the neck is hurting a bit like a sore throat or something and I have dead skin falling off (in small quantities like when you have some small solar burns) on my face on the beard locations.
About the skin I suffer from psoriasis sometimes, that's it.

An other details I forgot to mention is about personality. Does it change a lot? It was told to me that I would look different for other people.
I've read alot about this shitty drug :


Apparently it causes your genes so be destroyed, and it's hereditary..

Whatever you do, always take your pills, the comedown can be really really rough. Suicidal-rough.
Complain to your doctor and say you're having severe side-effects. Read the fact sheet on side effects and complain about the most common side effects listed. Keep doing this, and the doctor will eventually give you something better. Without side effects ;)
It only causes huge problems on overdosing or if you are already with tons of problems.

I tested before so.

You also get cancer if you eat a lot of bacon or other similar meats. Its true.
You may think it makes you more social, but it doesn't. In fact, it's more socially damaging to take it. Trust me, I've been on both sides of it.

When I took it, sure, I was way more sociable; the thing is, when I saw my friend on it he became an insatiable douchebag -- but I'm sure in his mind he was being the most likeable, talkative guy out there. It has a tendency to skyrocket your self-esteem and confidence so much so that it comes across as extremely arrogant.
Thread posts: 12
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