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>tfw have a chronic disease thst causes painful cysts to randomly

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>tfw have a chronic disease thst causes painful cysts to randomly grow in my armpit
>they either subside after a long time or I have to lance them, and to do that I have a friend do it painfully or I go to the doctor

I'm so tired of this... I've even been working on myself and lost at least 25 pounds... but having a sharp pain in your armpit makes it hard to work out...

>pic was one I had a few months ago

I don't know what advice I'm asking for, I just wanted to bitch, come bitch too about whatever ails you
Damn that sucks op , theres nothing you can do about it ?
Not really. It seemed like it went away when I was at a normal weight. I've started taking zinc supplements too cause I read a study where they did a trial on people with this disease and it helped.

Otherwise, it apparently disappears all together in menopause so.... I can't wait till I'm 50
Oh. I thought that was a pic of Jupiter.
I find baths help me a lot. I do not have cysts but soaking in the tub helps my ulcers.

You are doing your best and I am proud of you Anon! Keep up the good work.
Yeah I try to do this in Epsom salt but I wish there was a better way to soak just my armpit lool
Youve done your research on the internet? Maybe met some ppl with it aswell ? Could maybe help you with it , some sorta treatment or things that helped them with it....
Did you try hot face cloth to try draining it? I find best salt for baths is deep sea. Are you American? Maybe you could look into some form of pyschio therapy to help.
Yeah I've had it since I was 17. My first one I had to get surgically removed under full anesthesia cause it was so big.

I've been to doctors, it seems like the best course of treatment is antibiotics till the worst of it dies down, then a lose dose of it.

I think my diet change has helped it though, and stopping smoking a year ago, I've been trying juices with apparent natural anti inflammatory properties also, and that's also what the zinc does too.
Yeah, usually it needs more force to pop it though...

Which is stupid cause I used to be an army medic, but I can't stick or lance shit on myself for shit
Have you tried using a steralizied seeing needle its small but will put a hole enough for the puss to seep out especially if you put a hot face cloth on it after.
I have it too OP. Exercising IS hard when you have painful cysts but you can lose weight with diet alone or with very little exercise and losing the weight helps a lot. I also use diet to manage it by avoiding all soda or drinking calories, any excess grease, dairy, and anything associated with inflammation, or bad for skin. Check out the "acne" diet, basically a diet with a lot of veg which is good for you anyway. Drink tons tons tons of water.

A round of antibiotics can help get you back to a good place as you try to lose weight.

I also use life bouy soap which has mild anti-bacterial properties. I also just lance at home with sterile injection needles and alcohol. If you use the real medical needles it doesn't hurt so much.

But mainly, lose the weight. That's most of it. And I know that exercise is agony and that you're down and depressed because you look gross and hurt and that makes self control difficult but it's really just a matter of getting on top of yourself and reminding yourself that it will make everything better.

There is also a product called prid which contains ichthammol and even better you can order ichthammol ointment by itself (sometimes I get some which is meant for horses which is embarrassing but works) and it is magical, it pulls apart the layers of skin and drains it away.
Well I have 14 gauge needs still in sealed packages fucking laying all over my house cause of my medic days but I'm a huge pussy

I had my ER friend come over with a scalpel the time before last and she did it.

This stuff? I jsur googled some other info on it and I'm definitely intrigued.

And my diets been vegetarian too. But I used to inhale so many cheeseburgers and fried chicken thst it wasn't like eating meat was working for me that well.

I've used Dial soup before, do you use it on your whole body or just the affected area? For awhile I just washed my armpits with it and used normal soap everywhere else.
Sounds spooky I am very afraid of blood myself. Do you drink lots of water? That may help with dryness also I find dairy makes me break out bad so I avoid it. You could try growing your own veggies next spring too that may be really good for you. Do you live an area with lots of pollution? I can not handle that myself.

I just use it on my affected areas, my armpits and groin. It's too drying for the rest of my body.
Oh and witchhazel applied to the area after you bathe really helps with pain and swelling and generally keeping clean.

And yeah, that's the stuff. In other countries you can still find it marketed towards humans but I have a hard time finding it as affordably here. I bought the vet stuff one time to check out and it wasn't any different, had the same percentage of active ingredient and nothing else different so I use it now. Just a little bit on a bandaid and it will burst them in a few days, sometimes just hours or even minutes if it is really close to the surface.
get to normal weight then
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