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Going to America

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Hi, /adv/, I've tried this post before, but now I'm going to try in a different way:

I'll move to the US soon.

My objectives are to survive, establish, and make my life the best it can be in the there (I don't plan to return).

The plan is to arrive at an airport in Miami, with 2,5k in american dollars.

I was born in America in the 90's (got american passport, social security card, etc.), son of brazilian immigrants. My parents returned to their homeland country when I was 2 months aged, so I've been raised there (got both nationalities and know the two languages well enough, being portuguese my native language).

I've been a neet through my whole existence. I've also quitted Philosophy college, so I got no degree, and no clue about how to make money or how the street works. My moral values are high enough to keep me away from “easy cash” opportunities (any crime or contravention).

I'm a healthy 23 years old man. Fair appearance, shitty clothes. No tattoos.

My english is acceptable (reading/writing too), but not as formal as it should be for me to get a decent job.

There are no relatives there, I'll be all alone and with no other plans but the main objective. I'll owe the starter money to my relatives here in Brazil, so you can't return or ask them for more, in case anything goes wrong.

So, what do I do? It's my best plan, I'm really up to it (even considering the worst possibilities).

do you have a job? where will you stay? this sounds p shitty idk. america has enough college dropouts, that can't find jobs, it will be really hard for a foreign(ish) person to find one
Jesus Christ you can't speak English for shit
I have no place to stay, and no people to recur.

I understand that if I find a job, it will be a base job, because I have no instruction or degree. But my situation here isn't better. Believe me.
I don't know what Philosophy dropouts do for work. If I spoke more than English and was moving to Miami I'd try and get a job in a hotel, not room cleaning because that's a horrible job, but like the food concession or a valet or something.
I don't understand what you mean.
Sounds good. Plus, I'm going to Miami because it is nearest and the flight is cheaper, but I wouldn't mind to go anywhere in America. My parents do have some contacts nearly Boston, but I don't really want to bother anyone.
this sounds like a really bad idea, I'm sorry. Come to visit first and try to make contacts/find a job.
Coming to Miami with only 2.5k, I would be surprised If that even lasted you a month.....Miami is brutal
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you must get a job and survive
but you must go back to school
or learn a trade , good luck .
you are bi-lingual if there is an area in the us in need of porto to eng you might score a job that way , though your english could be better
again good luck
I'll look up for it.
As I've said to someone who asked before, it could be anywhere. I choosed Miami because of the passage value.

Do you know anywhere in the US where my money would last for more time?
Most importantly, get the fuck out of Florida. Very not good place to start up, high cost of living hard to find work. The west and mid west is your freind. Find factory work. You don't need to speak English that well. If you understand "stop the machine" your pretty much fine. You have a Social security number, the abilty to speak two languages, some schooling and a work ethic, that's all you need. You'll be fine, but research good places to live.
God bless you, friend.
Even a little further north, like Atlanta gives you more choices
Thread posts: 14
Thread images: 2

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