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Help me /adv/, ive been hearing voices quite frequently lately,

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Help me /adv/, ive been hearing voices quite frequently lately, and being only 18 im still a minor here in Nebraska. I pretty much have to bow to whatever my mother says, and I can't legally leave the home without her say so. I told her that I've been hearing voices (i have a history of manic depression) but she doesnt believe me. its almost like a crowd of people whispering behind my back, telling me i should just kill myself. [spoiler]It's starting to sound like a really good idea[/spoiler]
i've talked to about a dozen therapists/psychiatrists/psychologists, but all they can do it put me on more meds that arent working.
What do i do?
A good start would be to find something to keep you busy. Do you have a job/hobbies?
>i've talked to about a dozen therapists/psychiatrists/psychologists, but all they can do it put me on more meds that arent working.
eventually they'd find a pill that worked, even if it has to be one that straight up make you too stupid to hear the voices.
Punt your own grandmother in the skull.
listen up, please, op

we live in a time and culture where everyone is quick to be medicated and to hand out medications as a fanciful cure-all for everything. the problem is, it's a completely flawed method of dealing with these problems.

take depression for example, someone's life is shit, it makes them feel like shit. they go to a psychiatrist, who prescribes them anti-depressants. now, the root problem (shit life) is not even touched, only their brain chemistry is altered to (supposedly) make them less depressed about it. what kind of a fucked up solution is that? it's lazy, on the part of doctor and patient.

the real solution is to find the root cause of the problem and begin to fix it. WHY is their life shitty? what can be done about it? how can something be done about it? it takes time, it takes thought, it takes effort, it takes perseverance and a longterm view of things. our culture is so hung up on immediate results that we overlook that sometimes you have to suffer through a difficult period to make it to the other side healthily and happily. instead of dealing with that brief period of suffering, we drug ourselves dull and stupid, while our problems actually continue to get worse and worse.

now, hearing voices is more difficult to deal with, but let me ask you some things. are you stressed and depressed? are you healthy, do you have a healthy, regular diet, get regular exercise, sunlight, restful sleep? how do you spend your days? all these factors contribute to your mental health. trust me, please trust me, that taking a pill is not going to help a goddamn thing and i think you know this already.

get your life in order. start writing, on paper, on your computer, on your phone. don't just think, because thoughts are forgotten. start keeping a file on your life, write down what's going on, really struggle to figure it out. find out what the problem is, think of possible solutions, think of ways to put those solutions into actions.

don't give into those temptations to give up, give in, or end it all. tell those voices to fuck right off, and forcefully think the opposite: think no! i'm going to solve these problems and get my life in order and live for a long time, live a long and fulfilling life!

you know what happens when you commit suicide? your whole existence just ends in an instant, over some pathetic problem. all problems seem immensely significant while they're happening but in future, when time has passed and you'd solved it, seem so petty that you laugh about them, you really do. you look back and laugh at how bad things seemed long ago. life is great when you learn this attitude of never giving up, always conquering whatever problem appears in front of you. it makes you tougher, stronger, smarter, wiser. you survive better.

if you give in to those voices and kill yourself, your entire future, all the possibilities in it, all the great times just vanish in an instant. what's left is a corpse laying on the floor that some guy dissects in a lab like you're a rat. why throw away your whole life, which could go on for another 80 years, over some voices, some problem...? be more resilient.

so you have voices in your head, right? well guess what, I'm a voice on the internet, and i'm much stronger and wiser than the voices in your head, and i'm telling you to stick with it, toughen up, gain some confidence, and solve your problems with the power of thinking. you're intelligent enough to make this thread, that's a fantastic start. you, just as a human, are more intelligent than billions of lifeforms. use your brain, use your mind, thinking is the most powerful tool in the world. the problem is when we let thoughts control us, when thinking takes over in negative ways, self-destructive ways. the good news is that with some effort you can harness the power of your mind to work in your benefit 24/7 and get you through literally everything life throws at you.
It's okay anon. You're okay. You can see a doctor without your mom. There's probably a free or walk-in clinic you can go to, they'll help you out. They're not going to judge you and they don't want you to kill yourself.

Just don't sit on this. Go and get some real help, don't just listen to people on 4chan. If you think something's wrong, go and get yourself checked out. There's no shame in that, and that means even if you're crazy, your sane enough to help yourself.

So help yourself.
Anon, I have bad news for you. It seems you have a type of schizophrenia. Cosidering differentail diagnosis. You need help asap. Currently we cannoy cure you as our medicine is so primitive, but we can treat it partially.
thank you guys, i started to really panic about the voices, and ended up crashing for about 4 hours nap. I've been really trying to get into the habit of exercising more, and ive read a lot of people say to set something as a "trigger" where any time that thing happens, i go do whatever im trying to build into a habit. Im not quite sure what to do it for, i might just put a ton of sticky notes around the house and whenever i see one, do 10 push ups and 20 sit ups.
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aw op I'm really sorry for what you're going through, but I do agree that meds aren't always the answer. you sound like you feel really trapped and stressed. are you in college? can you possibly go to a college away from home?(so you live in a dorm?)
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anon, right now the only thing is to endure it.
endure it until you can leave and live on your own.
until then you should be aware that the voices will stop the moment you set yourself free.
remember that they cannot hurt you!
for now stay in the hamsterwheel, if you wait for the right moment, you will break free eventually.
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