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Is intelligence a turn off? Particularly with first impressions?

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Is intelligence a turn off? Particularly with first impressions? I don't consciously make an effort to needlessly complicate a conversation topic, but I love talking technical (I'm an IT Tech.) and have an obsession with the use of wit and clever humor. Historically I've been approached for advice and help, but little else. I generally always initiate conversation and supply opportunistic one-liners in passing that receive little more than a chuckle or a confused gaze. While I can't help but notice other individuals that, in my opinion, are immature and have a tendency to make aimless banter are almost constantly approached by women and/or are much more successful when they initiate conversation.
Maybe you're unintentionally coming off as pretentious.
What >>16460314 said
But otherwise people can get a little weirded out by people who are enthusiastic about their interests.
I don't think it's intellectualism that's the problem. Also depends on the person
Didn't you ever learn in the 4th grade that you need to cater to your audience?

There is a time and place for everything. And don't be fooled by people who you may perceive as unintelligent. There are many out there who are smarter than what they appear
If you dont think the majority of people think they are "intellegent" you have a little more growing up to do dude.
Asses your situation fuckboy. From what it sounds like you are the weird it guy who keeps trying to be funny. Look deep into yourself and think about how you act. If you were a girl would you approach yourself and how do you appear after a first impression?
Basic shit son. Also, Never NEVER talk about your accomplishments or "intellegent" shit you do. No matter how softly you think you are coming off you are more than likely coming off pretentious. A side note to this is that sometimes the best thing to say is nothing at all.
Who's smarter, the physicist or the editor?

Inflating sentences with words that border on jargon doesn't show intelligence, making your points concise through the most minimal means does.

If you spoke how you type, practically no one would like you, let alone entertain having a conversation with you.
Brevity is the soul of wit, motherfucker.
Can you give us a example of a conversation you had? I am thinking along these lines
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Believe me, I know that too many people unjustifiably consider themselves to be the next Einstein and believe they "have it all figured out". I'm no exception either, but I think I have enough self-awareness to realize it and correct it accordingly, but I never gloat about my achievements.
I do try to be funny a lot and I'm often very successful as well around those who I have a history with.
Keeping my mouth shut more often would more than likely emphasize my appearance and "resting bitch face" and would be counterproductive.
Although I do try and flex my vocabulary in conversation, I don't speak exactly how I type, of course. I'm taking advantage of the lag of virtual conversation to present my point professionally. I wasn't running on or needlessly elaborating in my original post. Is striving to use the best diction I can bothersome?
Brevity is also the pinnacle of communication and likewise the swansong of language.
I try to keep early interactions with people brief as to not ensure the very problem we're discussing. An example I can provide, which occurs frequently, is catching someone fumbling or messing up and I supply a jest in an attempt to "play it off" for them and minimize the embarrassment.
I don't know, man. Your last sentence makes you sound like a bit of a cunt who doesn't realize what a cunt he is. But maybe you're a good guy.

Anyways, it's been my observation that most people aren't that interested in having a conversation that could be considered innovative or groundbreaking. They want to talk about the weather and the game and that's about it. You'll probably never connect with those people and why would you want to? They're nice and inoffensive, but pretty boring. If you're a bit out of the ordinary, it'll take more work to find people who "get" you. If you're not a pretentious, unlikeable douche (like me, unfortunately), you'll eventually find your crowd.
I think the intelligence you're talking about here is relevant to interests. For example, there's general intelligence, but talking about technical things is kind of almost like a professional interest. If the person also shares your interest, sure, otherwise maybe try to keep it general, or talk about things you know other people are personally interested in.
Thread posts: 11
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