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I'm having some issues with my mother browsing my computer. I know its her, but she won't admit to doing it unless I provide proof, and even if I do get it it might be a mixed bag as to whether or not she admits it. I've put a password and a lock screen on my computer but I'm wondering if anyone would have some sort of recommendation for a program that uses my webcam to record.

My mother is a terrible awful person and the circumstances as to why I'm still living here are things I'd like to remain unknown, so just some webcam advice would be good.
dont even start stuff like this. i know you dont want to hear this, but instead of reacting to your mother spying on you with spying on your mother i would recommend solving your mysterious problems and moving out asap.
It's not an option currently.
>Doesn't live on their own
>Also doesn't know computers well enough to know how to secure one

I'd suggest getting your shit together and moving out. If you "can't", I'd suggest you quit being underage and b& and quit whining about it in the meanwhile.
>my computer

Did you pay for it faggot? If you didn't it's not yours.

Also top kek how are you imagining this playing out?

>Mom I recorded you on my computer!
>I caught you, this means you have to stop and you can't ever go into my room again!
>dangit! Alright, since you caught me I'll stop.
You should just practice good computer hygiene it really shouldn't matter if she is looking in it, you shouldn't have bad shit laying around obviously when you have roommates of any kind. It's very basic. What happens if you do record her looking in it? You just said she is a terrible person, I doubt she will be "okay sorry", no she's going to get even crazier and flip out about you recording her, may try to take the Internet away, or will otherwise make your living situation worse.

Really you can even make a game of it by leaving stuff laying around like "ideas for Mother's Day present" lists with amazing gifts you don't get her or absurd websites of kittens, searches for "what to do when you drop your parents toothbrush in the toilet" and flowers and stuff that makes you seem crazy just to fuck with her.
Bunker down. Go into grind mode. Your life will improve once you move out. Take on another job. The time away working will be tiring, but it'll be towards a goal, you'll meet people, and you won't have to interact with your annoying parental unit.
I mentioned that I don't want to go into it, so I won't. All I can say is I can't leave for specific reasons that would probably seem pointless for most denizens of 4chan. I bought and assembled my own computer on my own with my own money. I've already locked it down and done all that, I just wanted advice on recording software. Should I take this to /g/ instead?

And I'm painfully aware of how something like this would play out. I know I said shit about getting proof but in reality I'm more interested in learning why the fuck she's in here or seeing if I'm actually just delusional.
I've been at this shit house for far too long and could have and would have moved out a long time ago if it weren't for one reason that's keeping me here. That's all I want to say on the matter.
I know that you can use OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) to create a scene which records your webcam. Maybe leave it on in the background or use AceHide to make it virtually undetectable or something? That's all I can really think to contribute; I hope things improve for you soon.
Thanks, this is more in line of what I'm looking for.
Install CCleaner or some other history-eraser and use it after every online session, so there will be nothing for her to find.

In college I resolved this problem quite easily: rigged a switch to the 24-pin connector and had a manual way of controlling the power supply. Hide the switch under the tower, no one notices it, they keep pressing power button and the computer never turns on.

Also if you kids would just use Linux and save your personal data on a portable drive you keep with you at all times and encrypt everything, this stuff wouldn't happen. Security consciousness goes a long way
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