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problem with this friend

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Ok guys, there is this girl who's a good friend of mine. She's witty, smart, funny and is joyful, her negative sides are that she can be naive, insecure, weird beause of her insecurity and inferiority complex.

I met her through my best friend two years ago. During those years we barely caught up with each other doing something. Last months ive been seeing her more in her town than in my city. (I live in a city, she lives in a small town 11-14km far from my place)

The thing is, lately whenever i wanted to meet her, she always wants me to go to her town, which makes me obliged to ask my best friend to sleep at his house (for him, this is no problem at all, to me it kind of bothers me so much always asking people if i can spend a nigbt at their place.) im 24 and have no car, i still study, transportation in belgium costs a lot. She, on the other hand, has a car (she's spoiled by her parents) and she can move anywhere, even coming to my city.

Now to bring the real issue to the topic. Everytime i ask her to do something together, its always at her dull dead town or if I ask her to hang out at my place she always insists on taking a friend with her. Why cant I enjoy my friendship with her alone? (i have no love/sexual intentions with her.) my assumption is that she's scared of something (maybe thinking that i want something with her)

Lately everytime time she texts or calling me asking asking what im doing and when I reply that i have no plans at the moment and suggest to do something together, she always tells me that that she's gonna see what she wants to do and that she leaves my suggestion as an option.

Ive got a feeling that she's becoming more meaningless to me. Could anyone give me some good advice?
She's just not all that into you.

What makes you think that?

We also often talk on fb and thats what eating. We always talk on fb and also the things she wants to do fun stuf together but it never came in practice.
I think it's pretty clear that she doesn't really like you or is not interested by you.
It might come off as her just being shy and insecure, but really when a girl says "i'm gonna leave your suggestion as an option" she's not saying it to be nice. It's really because she doesn't care about you, but if her friend has nothing else to do, they might show up.
Just forget about her, you already hate her dull dead town anyway.
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Dont say youre not doing anything.
Go do a bunch of shit.
Send her pics of you doing all kinds of cool shit.
Just go do cool shit.
When she asks, give her her own medicine. Yo I'm doin mad cool shit.
Don't invite her.
Send her more pics of you doing cool shit.
Make her feel like a jerk but do it nicely. Ignore her. Make her the option.

You are the cool one.
Try buying tickets for some shit.
Only invite her. Buy tickets in advance...maybe some sold out shit.
Make sure her faggot friends dont get a ticket or better yet kill her friends.
Take really cool pictures of you killing her friends.
Send them to her.

Be in control. Do you.
But really she's not into you.
This kinda op, do a bunch of stuff with your other friends, post pictures (make sure she sees these pictures) if you notice her trying to contact you more or trying to get your attention then she still wants to be part of your life. If she continues to act like she is or even ignores you then she really isn't interested in you.
Btw start ignoring her while you do stuff with your other friends. Forgot to mention that.

How can i learn not give a fuck then, bdcause i always respond in a blaze when someone texts me for example.
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This shows desperation.
Be hard to get ahold of.
Be elusive.
Make being around you, talking to you, even knowing you a privilege.

She's just a girl. Your two hands can do your laundry, make a sandwich and jerk off. What the fuck do you care?

Next time she texts before you respond I want you to jerk off like crazy. When youre done ask yourself do I really want to even text her back?
Have some self respect and some self control.
She's not into you.
If she was she would be with you.
Have priorities. Most of the time, when people text me, i'm in the middle of something else.
A text is not urgent most of the time, you can always respond later.
Just get busy with other things. Think about yourself.
Thread posts: 10
Thread images: 3

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