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I need your actual help on this so don't fuck with me on this. I need advice.

The Situation:

I am a "Senior" in highschool and I am actually in love with a girl for once in my life, my attraction has literally never been this hard. The thing is, I have no idea how to even start talking to her.

At the beginning of the semester, I joined my schools cross country team, and she was there also (this was before any feelings developed). I didn't talk to her at all and just talked to my friends. As the season started to end, my feelings started to grow as I payed attention to her more and really started to like her (mind that I am not the type of guy who is desperate just for pussy). Since it was already the end of the season, I had basically no time to talk or get to know her more, and the one chance that I had to talk during our last meet, was completely fucked by my inability to talk to people I like (basically kind of was just there talking with my friends who were also talking with her).

The season is done now, and I have no idea what to do. We had our last get together today and I choked completely. She knows who I am even though I don't talk to her but I don't know how to approach her. It's not that I don't want to talk, I'm just afraid that I'll come off too friendly and get friend zoned (as in send off wrong signals). I also am now faced with the problem that I can't approach her without coming off as Creepy. If I approach in halls, I feel she'll just be weirded out as she barely knows me.

So /b/, any advice on how to approach without coming off creepy? My friends know her and talk to her if that helps.

Pic unrelated.

>throw a party for cross country people only
>dont need to invite EVERYONE but invite all the people you were friends with + a few more you thought were cool
>obviously, invite this girl as well
>just go up to her and be like
>"hey femanon, were doing a cross country party at my place next weekend"

for bonus points, ask her FIRST before anyone else, so if she says "oh well im busy next friday...." you can be like "thats cool, its on saturday, see ya then"

for bonus bonus points when she agrees say "cool, dont bring a date ;)" but only if you can pull that off.

>invite all your friends
>invite her
>make a move at the party

make your intents clear from the get go. if you make it clear you dont see her as a friend, she'll know it. she still might turn you down, and thats okay, if she isnt into you she is going to turn you down regardless. so just put yourself out there and do it.

remember a rejection isn't a statment about whether or not you are good or bad or desirable or ugly or hot. it is only a statement of whether or not you two are a match. there is nothign wrong with not being a match.

that being said
>senior in highschool
>in love

your not. your not either of those things.

>its never been this hard

dont worry, you're only a sophmore in highschool, there will be plenty of times before you graduate that you get these feelings, and it will happen a lot more after.

just remember you have nothing to lose by going for her.
Great advice, but I can't throw a party at home..

How about don't waste your time? You're in high shool. And you're probably both end up going different directions in the next 3 years anyways
"senior" i feel like you're lying.
anyways you're definitely not in love but you are infatuated! congrats. Just talk to her in a group, get your friends to introduce you or something.

then talk to your best bro and get him to do it for you. or alternatively just make it a basic hangout at a third party location such as the bowling alley, or whatevers popular with the kids.

if she says she can't really afford to smile and say you got her covered.


>hurr durr you're going to break up so just be single for all of highschool

im sorry, im not a romantic and think people need to stop making such a big deal out of it, but you really think he just shouldn't date at all until he graduates? or even after? i mean you can really only have ONE relationship in your life work, so are we just not supposed to date until we find that particular person? how do you know if you dont date?

i mean fuck, how is he supposed to ask a girl out in the future if he doesn't start practicing in highschool?

i mean fuck, get your head out of your ass anon
I tried already. Usually, it dies within a week because it's just my mind being lead by my dick. It's been a month, and I don't find her anything physically special that would keep me at it for a month.
Thing is, all of our XC team went to dinner last week. I was prepared and was really going to try there, but she didn't show up as she had soccer practice. Throwing a party or my friend throwing a party for XC wouldn't really work now.
Will try. Them introducing me wouldn't work though as we already know who each other is, we just never talked.

>it wouldnt really work now
>cuz she was busy that one time

what? it doesnt matter if the seasons over you can still 'get the old gang back together'. i mean fuck dont even say its a cross country thing, just invite her to a little gathering.


>introducing wouldnt work

yes it would, its not a formal introduction but having your friends talk to her and then bring her to you, or you joiningthem as tehy go talk to her is perfectly normal.

honestly anon.
Okay so i read this great advice somewhere once... By a grandma or something

Whenever you meet someone who makes your heart pump faster and your mind go crazy, decline. That is not the person for you.

The person who you must be with is... That one that makes you feel warm. Who you con be with and you can be you.

So yeah man, take her easy, cause you will get bored when she stops making you feel like that, plus that feeling doesn't lets You be You.
Sorry bro. I've just never been in a situation like this before. Usually have confidence but I guess this is different. Thanks for the advice though, I'll try it
Wow. That was actually great advice.
She does make me feel warm though, it's both. Im not even mistaking feelings
that advice is kind of invalid because everyone has butterflies when they first meet someone they like.
You get the "warm" and comfortable feeling when you've been in a relationship after a long while.
Wish you luck man

i wouldnt listen to that guy. you are in highschool. you will learn what your own feelings mean as you experience them. even if this is a mistake, its a highschool mistake, so it wont matter if you go out with her.

just go talk to her.
I am just trying to get him to relax, to realize she is just another lady or something. What makes the people special special, is the moments you spend with, cause if you think about it... Anybody or any girl could be the "perfect mate" o an acceptable one. So it is just a girl man. The "love" will grow on you once you spend time with her and actually TALK! So yeah, be you.
Thanks for the advice everyone! Keep going if you want to. I think I have everything I need, but more advice is always nice.
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