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Actual advice, dump it

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Actual advice, dump it
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>Don't act as a doormat
>But always act as a chivalrous knight

I will never understand women.
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Keep it coming. Gr8 stuff
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dump incoming.. some is gold.. some is not.. take of it what you will.. peas
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2 / till i get bored
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3 / captcha sucks ass
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4 / seriously this picture captcha shit gets old real quick
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5 / continue??
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6 / is it time for a beer yet
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Also, If u have any problem not connected with any advice posted, feel free to ask
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>Violence is weakness

>I have a medical condition...


>eat healthy


>don't analyze what people say to you

how to get killed 101

>give every relationship your all

>accept religion

I want the facebookers to fucking leave
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Last but not least, my favorite.
>everyone deserves your respect

Funny how yuppie cunts say this one but the second you talk about pedophiles they sperg out into a murder fantasy about protecting their fictional future children
This is the best professional advice I have ever been given:

management is not about micro managing people. It's about trusting in yourself that you've done everything you can do to assemble and mentor the best team possible, and then from there you have to give them the room to show you what they can do on their own.

I got asked in an interview once if I had any philosophies on management. I told him that and he was like "no one has ever killed that question as hard as you just killed it with that answer"
This sucks
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Very good, worth reading to show how world work
How to survive on a little
1 lb bag rice(white or brown) $1 at Dollar Tree
1 lb dried beans $1 at Dollar Tree
1 lb lentils $1 at Aldi or Walmart
1 5lb bag flour $1.59 at Aldi, $1.79 at Walmart
2 dozen Eggs $1 each at Dollar Tree
5 lb. Potatoes $2 or less at most stores
4 large bags frozen veggies (green beans, peas & carrots, broccoli, spinach, etc.) $1 each at Aldi, Dollar Tree, or grocery store
2 bags frozen berries (blueberries, strawberries, etc.) $1 each at Dollar Tree
1 lb Bananas $.59/lb at grocery store
Oats $1 at Aldi or Walmart
5 lbs. chicken leg quarters $.49/lb or less at most stores
1 jar peanut butter $1 at Dollar Tree
half gallon milk $1.99 at Aldi (or 2 quarts of shelf stable milk for $1 each at Dollar Tree)
4 lbs. sugar $1.59 at Aldi
2 1lb. frozen chubs of ground turkey $1 each at Aldi or Save A Lot
1 29oz can tomato sauce $1 or less at most stores

Also go to some restaurants pizzerias etc etc half hour before closing and ask for leftovers, most of them prefer to give it to people than just trash out
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>If they friendzone you, stop talking to them at once.
Women like to test mens' patience by doing this.
I'll contribute with some random shit I realized recently

1. Get your shit together. If you're in uni, do well academically, earn some money and take care of yourself. Even if you're a suave motherfucker, you'll only get so far if you seem like a lazy dumbfuck.

2. I don't care how ugly you think you look, being fit and dressing well will take you miles ahead.

3. Tone down the alcohol. It may make socializing seem more fun, but you won't get any more charming after that first drink.

4. Stop thinking about making the perfect moves in order to get a girl or a friend. Rather, work on yourself and become a person people want to befriend or fuck. Most people who do well with girls wouldn't know half the shit these pick up guides say.
Thanks for all tribute! Hope you will use it good
Also some personal request: advices on how to man up.
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it's more inspirational BUT is also an advice
Bump bros
Thread posts: 43
Thread images: 32

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