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>Have GF of a year >I just turned 21. She is 19. >Always

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>Have GF of a year
>I just turned 21. She is 19.
>Always feel like its a constant struggle to keep her from doing something dumb
>Almost feels like I'm baby sitting sometimes
>Exhausted because of it

She does so much petty shit, especially on social media. Often times, she just flat out disrespects me, and when I get angry about it, she loses her shit, and ends up a wreck. For instance, something she did today. She is bi, and I've known this since we started dating. She has this lesbian friend, who apparently recently showed her pictures of her newly pierced labia (no fucking clue why anyone would do this), I asked her what the fucking deal was. Her response was, its okay were friends. I said, if I was bi and having a dude sent pics of his dick to me, would you be upset? She said yes, but I asked her why she did it then, and she flat out said "she doesn't know".

Stupid shit like this, to greater and lesser degrees has been happening ever since we've been together. I'm completely exhausted because of it, and I can't take much more. Just today on instagram, said lesbian friend posted a picture of my GF that she took while they were on skype together, and put a bunch of tags like #mine, #notanons (me) #sorry #notsorry. Of course, I said something and the response was "BABYYYY WE WERE JOOOOKINNNGGGG". Clearly something is going on.

If this keeps up much longer, I'm going to lose my shit.

What do I do at this point? Just dump her or what?
Welcome to modern women, between the ages of 16-30 my friend.

Total fucking shitbags, devoid of any real responsibility, and will always lay blame elsewhere.
You need to learn to roll with punches, and she needs to grow up. But she's 19, bro, I don't know what the fuck you expected. She grew up in the generation of stupidshits who conduct their lives entirely online. You're not much better, just 2 years older. You should have known that this is the type of girl you are likely to find in your age bracket.

It sounds like you're incompatible and yes, you should break up. It's not the end of the world. Dumb bitches are a dime a dozen. Set your sights on older chicks, 24+. They start to chill out around then. I'm with a 29 year old and she's so fucking cool, it's great. Not a bit of drama or stupid girly-girl shit you find in the younger ones.

That being said, I'll reiterate that you need to learn to chill. That stupid hashtag shit isn't a cause for concern. They're just being so randummm wacky XDDDDD kids. I'm certain it doesn't imply the things you're assuming. It's very clear when someone is running around on you. They're a whole hell of a lot more subtle than some obnoxious social media habits.
It wasn't just that if you read the post. This same day, the lesbian was sending her shots of her vagina.

Should I be "chill" with that too?

Nobody has time for this shit man, tell her straight.

>"I'm sick of being your fucking baby sitter, if you don't grow the fuck up I'm gone"
>actually follow through if she fucks shit up again
I know. Who gives a shit? It's nothing that your girlfriend doesn't have, herself. It's a vagina. OoOoo. That one has a piece of metal on it. It really doesn't matter at all. Girls don't give nearly as much of a fuck about seeing same sex genitals as guys do. And again, it doesn't mean what you think. You're assuming that because she is attracted to women, the mere presence of a labia will send her foaming at the mouth after it. That's ridiculous. So yes, chill. You're not going to get her to stop, and you shouldn't even try. If she's not your cup of tea, leave her. This is all a lot of nonsense to get worked up about.
It wasn't just shots of her labia, as she even told me so. If you're down with your girl receiving cock or pussy shots (if she rolls that way) from someone that has been attempting to drive a wedge into your relationship, then good for you.

I guess, I'm usually not this angry, but after a year of this I've got a lot bottled up.
So whats the whole story with the texting then?
Girls send each other pics of their tits and vaginas more often than you would imagine.
Regardless it sounds like you aren't happy with the relationship and you should probably leave. You aren't her babysitter and she doesn't need one. She needs to be able to be herself, a naive 18 year old, and you need to go on and find a partner that you don't have to stress over so much. This is obviously a very unhappy relationship
I'm a bi girl and I would not send/receive tit and puss pics while in a relationship. It doesn't matter if she's really getting off on it. It's the principal of the matter.

OP, I personally detest your sort of girlfriend. She makes a joke out of same sex attraction. Like it doesn't matter. Like it isn't real. Like it isn't serious or should be taken seriously.

Cheating with a woman is just as bad as cheating with a guy. Swap the genders, is it still okay?

These things are not about "omg is it REALLY cheating?" What it comes down to is this: each partner defines what they are and are not comfortable with. If they disagree, they compromise. If they cannot compromise, they split. This is how it goes.

It doesn't matter if SHE thinks it ISNT A BIG DEAL OMG. What matters is that YOU are hurt by it and she should give a damn about your feelings.

Get out.
>I'm a bi girl and I would not send/receive tit and puss pics while in a relationship.

who cares

OP the point is that she doesn't think it's a big deal and you do. You two obviously don't share the same principals and you're not her daddy. Do the both of you a favor and split.
As much as I find the labia thing to be a stupid point on your part, on the whole I find your attachment to this relationship pretty dumb. If she's taking more away from your life than she adds to it whenever you cross paths then it's time to break up. Babysitting is not the point of a relationship.
Agreed with OP you should get out if you aren't happy then you shouldn't stay, it would be best there are more fish in the sea.
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