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Sorry I posted this yesterday but, I need to figure out what

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Sorry I posted this yesterday but, I need to figure out what to do with my Snapchat in regards to my ex.

The girl is still looking at all of my snapchat stories... I'm not saying it means anything but I know it hurts having this app still, I post things every day to see if she looks and get anxiety when it takes her 20 minutes to. And then when she does I get this stupid little rush.

The girl loved me, we were long distance for a while longer and she would always insist that she could wait forever for me. I understand that changed over time. I finally had to confront her about it and we broke up. But after how close we were, how she said she wanted to be friends forever, she won't even message me. She still looks, but won't message me.

Anyways, it's been over a month, and I'm sick of this. I want to move on, but I still want her. I've accepted its over and if she ever messages me again I'll just see where I'm at.

Yesterday, I deleted my snapchat thinking 'okay its over'. But I just redownloaded it today... So, should I finally go ahead and delete her? And on skype too? This would give her absolutely no way of contacting me ever...and it's super tough to pull that trigger.

So I know most will say I should delete her. but fuck...do I message her first? Tell her I'll be going, if she needs to contact me she can re-add me or w/e? Please, thanks.
I wanna add...

I want to get over this girl, but i also dont want to necessarily burn any bridges. We did end things well. She was cold when i messaged her later that week after the break up, but i messaged her (for the last time unless she does) a week ago and we had a happy convo, and she let out in a "joke" that she hadnt slept with anyone since

Still no contact from her since then which is sad. But at the same time i understand if she does truly need time just 100% away from me. But what if in a few months or a year she wants to reconnect? I want to hide her from my life, but i dont want to be unavailable.
Bump once
Tldr delete her everywhere giving her no way of ever contacting me?
I mean... she knows your facebook and phone number and email right? just delete her from snap man. gotta get over that.
One of the hardest parts of ending a relationship is losing that last bit of hope but it's necessary to move towards feeling better. Cutting contact was the strongest and most effective first step for me. Keep email addresses or something but shit like snapchat is toxic for you at this point. I'm actually in a similar situation with snapchat obsession but she's not an ex per se. I probably won't be able to take my own advice though.
Yea. Youre right. She can contact me if she needs.
Deleted her. Fuck... Shaking a bit to be honest...

What have i done? What if she notices? Will she be hurt and upset? Or will it mindfuck her into missing me more? I think im going to be sick to be honest...
it's gonna be hard. find someone you trust to talk about this. or you can talk to someone online probably. ride the snake buddy. it's a mean snake. you'll be alright in time. things will happen. you will be okay. but it hurts now. that is real. it is necessary.
Yeah, thanks. Deleted her off snap...

Thing is now idk how to contact her if i want either, well i can email or whatever but i wont know if shes read it.
But ik thats def a good thing...

Still feeling sick and sad as fuck right now. Basically just admitted its over. Wondering what shell think, scared that shell just shrug and not care...
Thanks, yeah. As much as im hurting, im feeling relatively ok (not really blaming myself or feeling down on my self, more feeling lonely and missing the intimacy)... I gotta make a few more steps unfortunately ... Deleting photos etc... How do i do that?
I guess my question now is, if she notices will she think of me as like, being needy in a way?/trying too hard for her to notice? I just dont want her to notice and think negatively of me because of it, im hoping for the opposite reaction...
you don't need to delete the photos. just put them away. someday you'll be able to look at them and not hurt. today is not that day. next week is not that day. next year, maybe. maybe.

it doesn't matter what she thinks of you. your life with her is over. I know you still hold out hope. that is normal. but the task now is to mourn. mourning must happen before moving on. successful mourning means that you can feel the same way that you did with her with someone else in the future. it is the way of humanity.

"man gets used to anything, the scoundrel." --- Dostoevsky, probably

good luck.
Ah tough, but true. Very true.

Youre right
I know ill be ok. As hard as tonight is right now, im glad i deleted her finally. As much as im overthinking, i know ill feel better throughout the day because of this.
Why would i want to see little pics of her snaps come up when it could potentially be her with some guy?
Fuck it... Makes it easy.
I told my ex I wanted no contact just so she wouldn't try to text me anymore so I could move on. You don't owe an explanation but it gave me piece of mind that I was communicating exactly what I wanted and got rid of the assumptions.
I wouldn't of told her you were doing no contact. I would've just done it. She doesn't need to know what you're doing or you knowing what's she's doing.
Yeah, as for me (OP), i kind of had my closure when i spoke with her last week. It was a nice conversation. She ended it bye saying "goodnight ;(". My heart broke all over again because i knew it was over then. But we left it on a good note and i feel ok having deleted her...

I didnt send any message about it. That would only make me appear weaker id imagine. Not that it matters. But if theres any chance she might message me one day its more likely if i just say fuck it and do my best to move on. No more telling her whats on my mind.
It sucks for her as much as it does for you. Maybe she'll come back, maybe she won't. Only time will tell. Right now for you is to take this time to grieve. I'm in no contact with my ex and I sent her an angry message that pretty much destroyed any chance of her talking to me again.
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look bud, i know those feels, i caught my gf of 3 years rooting another bloke, if you want to move on, cut all communication from her bud, i know you love her still, but its only been a month m80, time will do its thing, you're a tremendous faggot op, but we still love you and try to look out for you, and please stop being anxious about it i know its hard, but please try for me bud, stay strong
Yeah, thanks for that.
Thats why im kind of glad shes been looking at every snap... Tumblring sad pictures and pictures of my city... I know she cares at least somewhat. She didnt just forget about me fully.

Well i took that last bit of "power" she had left, being able to look at my pics or not, as shell know ill know if she looks.

I was not going to wait for the day she stopped looking at them. If she wants to message me, shell figure out how.

Think i might meditate.
Haha... Thanks very much.
Exactly. I didnt want to end up seeing shit like that. Now i have no access to her photos. And it feels better.
no problem op, we'll always love you
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