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Don't let your dreams be dreams. JUST DO IT. *Last thread

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Don't let your dreams be dreams. JUST DO IT.

*Last thread was over a month ago but went pretty well so I'll be trying this again.*

I'm here to give advice to you on social issues. I used to be a full autist but turned my life around after my shenanigans landed me in jail. I started improving myself, learning about people, meeting girls and working a decent job. Other anons appreciated my advice here and asked me to do it more so here I am.

You may not like my advice but I'll be damned if it doesn't help you improve your situation or motivate you to improve your life.

Hit me.
He looks so sad
Like he's in deep thought about the girl that got away
Or about the Hamburger he's going to eat back at the hotel.
How do I start re-using my old, untouched-for-six-years Facebook without looking like a complete autist?

Similarly, if I were to make an Instagram and Snapchat account, what should I put there to make it look good and not just an empty space in the world? Would people just enjoy some nature pictures from wherever I was walking around in?
I was rejected on the best Uni of my country. I'll try another one, but my dream of studying there is gone and I don't know how to react.
Was being a child actor a cause your autism?
Some people on here and their issues, man..
Are you like 4 years old or a full time autist?
My parents just broke up because I tried to commit suicide.
It's because my dad knew I tried to kill myself but he was okay with that and he didn't do a thing.
When my mom saw me laying there almost alive, she called the ambulance and all.
So my parents broke up because of that.
My dad threw my mom out of the house, so my mom moved to her friends house that has no room for me or my brother.
My dad daily drinks and I don't remember when I've seen him sober.
We don't have what to eat, so rarely when my mom can, she buys us plenty of food.
I'm going through depression as well, but now I don't want anything to eat and I lost more than 5kg in a few weeks.
How can I change?
How can I help my father change?
Highest level of autism to be honest with you familia. In retrospect it was really a retarded question, but I'd still like as many advice I can get to turn my life around from being a total reclusive faggot NEET.
In my experience, no one really cares about what's on your facebook profile because everyone's too busy worrying about what's on their own. So that leaves you open to doing pretty much whatever you feel like doing on it.

In terms of the snapchatting/instagramming, that depends on what you're trying to achieve and who you want to appeal to. If I create or share a bit of content on social media, I make sure it's something that I know will improve the day of whoever views it. Up to you.

I guess you just have to reach that level of acceptance and then decide what needs to be done next, whether its reapplying or deciding what would be the second best place to go.

Seems pretty rough man. You've been through a hell of a lot. Props to you for still being with us. Your situation is a bit outside my knowledge if I'm honest but know that your dad won't change unless he wants to. What exactly is your situation right now?
I don't have a social life. Sometimes I go out and ''make friends'', random strangers invite me to their homes to chill, strangers give me weed and buy me drinks. It's nice.
It seems like I don't know any other way of socializing than going out and getting drunk. I can't live that kind of a lifestyle. I can't physically get high every week, it just makes me physically sick, and I can't get high often because I live with my brother who gives me shit for drinking.
I am extremely lonely and my only options are limited and unhealthy. What do I do?
Recently I don't go to school much, my nerves aren't golden and daily hearing my teachers just talking shit to me is useless, so I just want to chill for a week.
As I said, daily I see my father drunk walking around the house.
My mom lives not far (5 minutes to walk), but It has to stay secret, cause my father wants to stalk her.
My closest friends don't really talk to me much, because they got they'r problems fixed and somehow we don't talk anymore.
I eat not much, don't go no where much, don't do a thing lately now. I'm just waiting till my mother will get a nice house where we could live.
* I live in a small house with my brother, drunk dad, drunk grandmother and drunk uncle. Going out of my room is a bad idea.
What's wrong with drinking and smoking a bit less and having the same amount of fun? You'll find it's extremely rewarding when you have fun socialising and you're not completely off your face. But I guess you've tried that already?
What are you doing in your non-socialising life? age, career, qualifications, type of location?
I'm pretty sure I have depression and have/had social anxiety. Throughout school I was bullied and ostracized, and for the most part I was friendless. I had a couple friends here and there in elementary school and one in high school. Once I graduated I became a NEET for six years, and a hikikomori for two of those non-consecutively, A year or two ago, during those six years, I decided to change and started going out and taking walks. I practiced looking up and making eye contact during those walks instead of staring at my feet, and I started going into stores and browsing, and then talking to the staff to get more comfortable. A couple of months ago I got my first job and it's been going really great, my boss loves me and I've gotten lots of praise.

I haven't had a real life friend since I graduated high school. I have a couple online ones, and I suppose a couple of family friends, but they're not peers or people I see often which is what I'm really looking for. I planned to eventually befriend my coworkers once I got a job but the job I have doesn't have any down time to talk to them. I don't really know m/any people I could use to branch out and make friends, so what are some other avenues I could use to make them?
Grats on improving your life! There's so many ways to meet new people. Find clubs that suit your interests (I'm in a vidya club and a skydiving club from my university), go out to bars and talk to people like you did with the clerks. As long as you're chill and friendly, people will dig you. GL HF
I am bad at socializing when I am sober, but the biggest issue is how weird it feels to not be drunk when everyone else is high. I've been going out without drinking and it's like visiting an alien world.
Besides my brother doesn't give a shit. If I go out he thinks I got shitfaced. I can't risk having to move out.
I am sure I could enjoy other things if I found people who enjoy the same things I do, but that's the thing. People always tell you to ''go get a hobby :D!!'' and meet people, but when was the last time you met a person who is part of an art club, music club, DnD group etc. This whole ''find people who share you hobbies'' seems to be a myth.
I spend all my day at home doing nothing because I have no friends. I quit work last week because it was too taxing physically and emotionally. The main reason was to get decent sleep for once and get my emotional/social life in order.
I move a lot. Probably moving to England in a month or so.
I really really need to lose weight. Ive been thinking about my social problems and it all comes down to lack of confidence, and the thing that destroys my confidence the most if my body.
Problem is, i dont have the discipline and willpower to do what it takes.
I wake up early, and instead of getting up to exercise i just go back to sleep.
I tell myself im done with candy and chocolate, just to find myself eating a bow of icecream after lunch. I always fail to resist the urges and it got to a point where i dont even see the point in trying anymore because i know im going to fail eventually and it'll all be for nothing.
I dont even know what my question was, i just wanted to vent i guess.
hello. i'm an 18 year old girl with some social issues. i'm introverted and i don't usually speak, unless i'm with people i really trust. because of that, people tend to not notice me at all. i feel like i'm invisible, uncharismatic, tasteless, bland. it really fucks me up. besides that, i struggle most of the time to have a decent conversation with someone (not that i have too many opportunities to begin with...) as i don't share similar interests with the people around me, and i don't like making small talk about how my day went and meaningless things like that.
i have a couple friends that i appreciate (although sometimes i feel like i don't fit in) and i'd like to find a bf (never had one). i hope you can help me.
Maybe try and get your good vibe on before you get to the bar/club. Talk to everyone, make jokes. Do everything that entertains you and make yourself laugh. You don't have to completely give it up, you can still drink like a couple of beers to feel loose but just don't go overboard and get complete fucked up. You'll get the respect of your brother back too if you can control the urge.

You can also try looking for groups on facebook for people who share a similar interest in your city. They seem to be pretty comprehensive now. Look for board game shops and ask about any groups that are around. They'll usually point you in the right direction.

It's all about the willpower dude. If you want to get /fit/, you have to make yourself believe that what you're doing is best for your body. This is a huge subject so get on over to /fit/ to learn more about "mind over matter" and all that good stuff. One tip: Make small changes that you know you can maintain. Replace one food with a healthy food substitute. Go for a run twice a week. Little steps make a big difference over time and it'll make it way more likely that you'll stick with the change. JUST DO IT, ANON!
Love ya OP, you're a real nigga man.
I don't think bars would work for me. I'm a woman and I get the feeling if I went to one people would assume I'm looking for a relationship or ONS instead. I'll try to find some clubs that might interest me though.

What about meeting other women specifically? I don't have any female friends online or otherwise, and the last time I did I was in kindergarten. Having someone I could talk to girly things about would be great.
Being social is something that really comes with practice. From what you've said, it sounds like you're having some self-confidence issues and you're not sure how to express yourself? As you talk more and learn about how other people put themselves across, you'll start feeling more confident in yourself and your ability to contribute to the conversation.

Don't completely dismiss smalltalk as it's not about the content of what they're saying, it's how they're saying it. You learn about where they're from via their accent, how they're feeling at the moment, what's happening in their life etc etc. You can then lead the more interesting conversations about your favourite anime and stuff! As long as what you're talking about is important to you, people will enjoy what you're talking about.

Finally, remember that everyone else is just as insecure as you! Take a deep breath and chill out, crack jokes and have fun!

Hm, I guess you would just try and find a club or an event that has a feminine following. I know for a fact that feminist groups are extremely tight knit and look out for each other. Just an idea. I'm absolutely not an expert on this haha!
How do we know it's really shia?
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>you don't.
Right. Bed time chaps. Been kind of a short thread but I'll continue this tomorrow night if the thread is still alive (most likely not).


Bye qt
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