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>girl approaches me outside of an art event at museum >we

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>girl approaches me outside of an art event at museum
>we talk for a bit, she gives me her number
>she kisses me on the cheek when I hug her bye
>text her a full day later, no response
>she was 8/10 and I've never been approached like this ever

Please console me and also explain why
Dude it was an art event. Didn't you realize you ended up being part of performance art?
Women are cruel. Did you text her too late and now you're a dick who plays games or too early and you're desperate. Did you compliment her and it was seen as trying too hard or did you not and she sees you as disinterested.
Text her again in two days. Do not be pushy. Ever.
Wait 2 or 3 days and call her.

Never try again if that doesn't work.

It's better to wait an extra day or two rather than contact them the next day. Hot girls are used to guys flipping their shit and going after them. It makes you surprising. Similarly if you call her and cooly propose that you go somewhere fun (be specific) that also surprises her and sets you apart from the wishy-washy texting hamster-men.
Does this really make that big of a difference? I figured if she was attracted to me, she'd have been happy to see my text. Brad Pitt rule, you know

So not replying the first time is part of the game? She gave me her number on Friday night and I texted Sunday afternoon
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I saw your first thread. I have a lowkey feeling you're one of those self loathing Chinese guys who thinks Asian=shitty looking

if that's the case get over that mindset

secondly, you texted her yesterday. It's been a day. I've gone weeks without a phone. Any number of things could be going on, she's busy, her phone broke, read the text and forgot to reply.

I've done all those things before. Wait a few days then text again. If nothing leave it.

The fact that this is such a big deal for you leads me to think you're a virgin or something. You should be hitting on girls yourself, if you wait for them (especially if you're not overtly social) you're going to never get action.
Thanks, Anon. I'm pretty autistic with women so I usually don't approach first. I realize I look pretty pathetic, but I'm actually not a virgin and I've had two long-term girlfriends. A year of being single has dampened my spirits some

I dunno my advice is "pussy is pussy no need for the chase" - Plato

If you drop her a text in a few days and she doesn't reply, whatever. There's literally nothing you can do so why worry?

You're going to die some day anyways, nothing really matters so just throw yourself out there, especially with girls, you're just wasting time if your self doubt stops you from talking to girls
If she doesn't reply or answer your call in a few days post her number on here and we'll find out why she's being a bitch
You're right, Anon. I gotta get myself out there

Lol thanks Anon, but that's not a good idea

didnt you post about this a few days ago? you were smoking outside and she came up and talked to you then kissed you?
Yeah, now it's over. This'll be the last thread I swear

no its cool. then you were wondering if it was a joke if i remember correctly.

anywho wait it out, ask again in a few days, see whatsup. if she gives her number out a lot it might help to send a pic of you with it to remind her. im constantly asking guys to send a face pic in texts cuz i cant remember them by name and sometimes even context
Thanks for the input! I just texted her saying "Hi! This is Anon from the thing, how's it going?". I was gonna follow up with asking to hang out again. What's an appropriate thing to text a second time? Just hi again?

pretty much anything. a hi and a reminder of who you are. one thing i like to do is wait a week, then text them saying "sorry i was going through my phone, who is this?" and them wanting to be remembered generally makes them respond, send a pic maybe, and then they of course try to figure out who you are.
Is there any reason you like to amass so many guys? Aren't most of the ones who reply beta, because they weren't confident/ good-looking enough to make an impression on you, yet try anyways?
Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 2

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