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Quick details, I'm an 18 year old dude, I guess. I can provide

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Quick details, I'm an 18 year old dude, I guess. I can provide more info if you'd like, just ask.

Pic related, it's me.

It all started on a school lunch time.

It was around 2 PM, I was heading back to school with a recent acquaintance I met at school (we've only been together twice and he's 18 I think).
That's when 3 men said hi to him and approached us. He asked us if we had cigarrettes which I replied "No", since I only had rolling tobacco, stupid of me, I know. But in my country, we call cigarrettes and rolling tobacco in an extremely different way, and he asked for 1 cigarrette.
I said I had rolling tobacco though, he took it from my hand and said thanks (it was a full bag). I told him that I was giving him enough for 1, like he asked.
That's when they stopped walking and gathered around me. And then, they didn't say anything at first, they just pushed their chests against me.
What was I going to do against 3 gang members? Yes, I forgot to say. They're from a local, but big and agressive, gang called "Gangue da Torre", from a place called Torre (duh).
My "acquaintance" got him to give only half back and that ruined my day, but I thought it was the end of it.

Sadly, it wasn't.

Today, the same happened but there were about 7 people and only 2 approached me. They tried to take my money but they gave up on it when I asked them "Are you seriously going to take my bus and lunch money as well?". But they told me this. "Next time, if you don't give us everything you have, including your money, you'll be left bleeding, passed out and naked on the floor."
I've been suicidal throughout my whole life, but I just started getting meaning in my life and straightening it out. I think I'm done. I think this is it for me.
4chan is probably my last chance for advice. If not.. Then, I'm out of this forsaken place.
Police never, ever screws with that gang, just so you know. And even if they try, it might back fire and get me hurt, stabbed or even killed. I don't know anymore.
Go to their house and gut them, one by one.
Become A hero.
Now that I looked at your pic, forget it, you're juat some emo pansy.
Learn a martial art overnight and kick the shit out of one or two of them. You also might want to bring your samurai sword in case of additional attacks. Then go do the same to the police to show what a bunch of pussies they are too.
You gun them down, obviously. If you don't have a gun, carry a knife on you. They're obviously arrogant enough to get chest-to-chest with you, and is a perfect opportunity to stick them.

Stab the shit out of the guy immediately in front of you, push his body towards the other guys and rush them down and stab them to death. When police come, what they're going to see if 3+ gang members initiating some sort of contact with a single person who defended themselves.

No cop is going to consider that some guy with a knife is going to engage 3 gang members who could very well be carrying guns, but if you start the blood bath first then they're left trying to react to your assault and it's a no-lose situation.

Man the fuck up and kill someone.
Dude either get the authorities onto it, or if they dont give a shit/take you seriously then you're gonna have to take things into your own hands. If it comes to the situation (which it sounds like it will) where multiple members approach you with malicious intent, then you're gonna have to be equipped with a weapon (strongly recommend knife or sharp stabby thing). Now what you you DON'T want to do is strike first, you want to read their body language and at the first instant you think they're goning to strike you, SHIV EM. If you can conveniently have a witness at the scene this would help very much. Make sure you act quickly and go straight in so you take them by suprise. I realise this is a gang so you will have real problems after this.
Carry a bit of money in your wallet and the rest in your shoe. Give the small amount and don't worry about getting fucked up over a couple of dollars
My opinion is that if they were going to beat you senseless they would have done it without the "next time" bullshit.
I say just carry on as you are, don't give them shit. If they do beat the shit out of you at least take some comfort in that it's not as bad as it looks, and you'll be stronger and less fearful in the future after it. Don't kill yourself at 18, that's fucking stupid. Millions of people have survived worse than what you're going through and if nothing else you'll have a story to tell and a little less fear of violence.
See where they hang out and how the behave. I would have not leave them grab shit from me if they were a bunch of punkass retards, but you need to measure what you've ended in. Retards will be retards, there is a point where you cant just go and think you can do whatever the fuck you want just because you feel like a punkass bitch, so even gang are not going to go full retard and take fucking town for themself unless you are living in a complete shithole like parts of Brazil, Argentina, etc, where people don't give a shit and smug cunts would kill you for a pair of shoes. Don't try to be friends with them, act though with them, but if they see you like an easy target, they are going to use you for fun or anything like that, you are better off trying to not get in their way if you can't handle those punks, but most of the time you are better off just letting them fuck people that is not you. No muscle will save your ass in a gang fight unless you know that they can't do shit against you (you will not know) and even worse if you fall to the ground. If you are in small place where people know everyone, you can get muggled of fucked up if you mess with them, they might even go against your family if they are those kinds of punks, so dont play with them. Try to evade them as much as you can. Know how shit work in the street and you can make easier for you.

White weapons means jackshit when you are surrounded, go fire or stay at home if you can't prevent problems.
Even police can be the shitties part of the equation, so don't feel like they are the only way for you to prevent this problem, because most of the time it means nothing. Try to see to what point you can stay away of those problems, and see where you can get the fuck away to because I know about shitholes where nobody do nothing besides getting stabed and asking for justice just so they can have a patrol for a day or two before they go the fuck of the town and never do anything again.

There are different things that I could say about your suicidal thoughts and your desition to use 4chan of all places to look for help, but it will be better if you talk more about you so it'll be easier to give you a hand or some insights that you could use.
Probably be ready to die or be severely beaten.

No joke. This shit was rampant in my neighborhood growing up. If the cops don't fuck with this, it's probably because these guys may or not be willing to kill you for "disrespecting" them. If you fight them, yeah, you'll probably feel good about defending yourself, but this is a fucking gang you are talking about. They will tell their homies and you'll be a target since an attack on one is an attack on the entire gang. They don't understand fairness.

>Learn where they congregate, avoid.
>Never be afraid to run. As much as they may yell about you being a pussy or whatever, they aren't exactly fighting fair with numbers either.
>Addendum to running: learn various escape routes. Never lead them back to your house or your car. DON'T RUN INTO AN ALLEY OR SOME SHIT AND GET CORNERED.
>Travel light. Going shopping in a notable gang area? Preferably, find another place, but if you can't avoid that, then bring just enough cash to get what you need, or perhaps a debit / credit card so that you can call to cancel it quick if they mug you for it. Consider investing in a cheap prepaid cellphone and only put enough for a few weeks worth so if they actually bother to steal it, you won't lose much.

I would honestly get rid of the ring on your lip if you plan on going out. These fucks aren't above ripping it out of your face if they get rough. Just like long hair, that shit is disadvantageous if you are being assaulted and asking to be abused.

kek, if worst comes to worst, invest in some pepper spray and a knife and if they try any shit, spray em and kill em. You are probably dead anyways if you fuck with them, so you might as well go out with a bang. If they chase you, just bring them somewhere secluded and finish them up. No witnesses. Pepper spray is a nice crowd control device and deterrent against groups, as no one wants to get maced. You can get it easily anywhere.

Of course, if they roll with firearms, you are fucked.
All in all, I think you're right when it comes to getting a pepper spray and a knife.
It's not hard to get a carrying license either.
As long as I don't start the fight or have proof of not starting it, his "demise" wouldn't be mine since cops hate them and they hate cops.
Self-defense is pretty fair here and even if I was charged with first degree murder (which I wouldn't), 25 years is the max sentence I could get.
And I've seen a case of a murderer who killed multiple innocent people, and, if I'm not mistaken, he didn't even get the full 25 years.
I'd probably get a pat on the back and a cheer.

Sounds like you have an idea. The only thing you have to rethink is the "Self-defense is fair here". Gangs demand respect, and even if they fuck with you first, will take any form of offense against them (even in self-defense) as grounds for retaliation.

Understand that you will be making an enemy of an entire gang and will live the rest of your (possible short) life watching over your shoulders. However, you can take solace in knowing that, if you do go down, you made the world a bit better by taking some of those fucks down. Nothing hurts them more by knowing that there are people in the world that stand up to their fear.

And if you end up prisoned, you will most likely die as it seems you life in South America. They'll probably alert their imprisoned gang members to kill you or something.
You hace no idea what you are talking about, and I don't either because I don't know precisely what kind of group you are dealing with. It's noy about you getting a pat on your back what you are "risking", it's your family and people who know you getting a stab in their backs. That's always a posibility, and if you are in jail, you are going to be near people of that gang, so guess what is going to happen to you there?. And don't think that a single person can make a difference if the core group is rotten, you are not going to start a revolution just because you died by a gang, that shit happen all the time, even if you kill two or three of them, nothing will change and some of them might end up killing your family as a revenge. Some of them already know what killing is like (does not matter that they did not do the killing themself), so don't think that people acting on their fear is going to stop jackshit unless the whole town has guns and that's just asking for problems. Just see the ways people have deal with those drugs wars, you are out of really if you truly think that the guts of a single person is to solve something of this magnitude. Don't do anything stupid.
Black american /adv/isor who has lived in some fucked up neighborhoods in us and abroad.

Op, this is sounds like one of two extremes. Either these guys are making you their bitch, or you are already dead. I've been in that situation once before, but it was a different time in America and I was well under 18- it was relatively easy to fight back, get beat up, and move on. What you are describing does not sound like that. I think these guys mean business, but are more trying to have fun with you or use you as a source of income of a sort before either dropping you or fucking you up good. Due to the lack of police interest in their activities and their age (American bias I know, but still), I would say they want to get what they can out of you before putting you in the hospital.

The advice you got thus far is damn good avoid them when you can and for fucks sake lose the lip ring. Do not be alone when walking around, make sure you have buddies with you no matter where you go, that could turn a thrill kill into a standard beating and save your life in the process- I learned that the hard way. Still keep living your life, being happy despite what's going on may make the depression lift. But if they come looking around for you, and only you specifically, then don't take chances - assume they are out for life's blood and be ready to defend yourself. Don't go looking for a fight or to beat the shit out of one of them if you get them alone- that shit is for movies and junior high school level bullshit, the last thing you need is them having a good reason to come looking for you. But yeah, be ready to make them work for their entertainment by putting up a hell of a fight and not being the easy target you were before- that could be something else that saves your life..or just pisses them, but it's better to not think that way. Don't try to live a day as a lion, but if they do come for you, be ready to make them know regret.
Ahah, I actually live in Portugal but it's not like they're the meanest gang in the World who kills everyone they see but I've met people who dealt with them and it doesn't usually end well.

Something I noticed about this gang though is that they are not quite "brothers", they have small groups of people but, normally, they don't help each other. They're just separate divisions, which is really stupid if you ask me but we all know how stupid they are.

The only thing that hurts me isn't the "bullying", or losing money, or my tobacco, or whatnot. It's the fact that I've had my share of struggles just like the next person but it seems like I can't really get on with my life. Something always holds me back.
I've been diagnosed with severe depression and my anxiety is so "hardcore", that, according to my doctor, the heart condition I currently have is due to my anxiety.
They see me as a target but not because I'm a pussy, but rather because I'm just only 1 person and given the fact that I'm an anxious one, they just seem to notice how they can "win" every encounter if they're greater in numbers.

Anywho, another defense mechanism would be to hang around with some friendly, crazy motherfuckers to back me up. Since their faulty divided group system is in check. As long as the gang doesn't see that as a threat to it as whole.
I've never had a problem with something like this before because people seem to not see me as an easy target.
I never said I intend to stop anything but that one confrontation.
I don't really care if more come, I'll do my best to get the better outcome.
I'm not running away from this, I might die but I've always hated people like them. They're just purely stupid and uncompassionate, they barely know anything about life. They're trash who makes other people's lives worse.

So, to get back to your statement. Yes, I won't stop them or their gang or "movement".
But one less punk on the streets is at least one less person to have their day(s) fucked up.
If they try to take lunch money from an 18y old kid, they must be piss poor.
This doesn't sound like a successful gang..but rather a bunch of wanna be tough retards.
Tell them that you will call the cops on them if they touch you.

If they are in any way dangerous:
Writte a letter to your school, to Police, to the mayor's office
If this didn't help and they really mean danger to you.
Go and buy a gun
Sadly, cops are barely paid anything to care enough desu, the whole country is still in a really shitty economy right now. And the gang has had fights with cops in the past. They've even been on the national news and newspapers.
I'm still tempted to try the cops though, but that can generate so many possible outcomes.
If that comes back to haunt me even worse, I'll obviously regret it.
It's still really interesting, although very unfortunate, that there exist people like these kids and amazing, special people as well.
I was just really caught off-guard by them, since I found a happy way to live, I've been ignorant and naive when it comes to the existence of close-minded, stupid, desperate people like them.
And even though I'm usually versatile and effective when it comes to speeches/conversations. I was amazed when I noticed that they're too stupid to change.
I just don't fully understand why because I used to believe, that, most people are equal when it comes to intelligence. I believed that everyone could be good or bad if thoughts were put into their minds. They're either mentally challenged or incredibly ignorant and stupid.

I just try to be nice to other people out of pure compassion and I usually expect the same.
Miserable days we're living in, I guess amazingly stupid people will always exist in large numbers.
I've never said that you were trying to solve every gang related problem in ther world, just that the advice you received about going all out could be the worst desition of your live and you might not even live to see the repercusion. You are going to help more people following the advices of learning how to prevent shit from happening in the first place than killin one or two of them, that could lead to even more people joining in, don't understimate the fucked up head of some of them. Just to give you an idea, some people are born in crap, steling and such, and some of them said that they don't want to improve in the same way other people do. They would talk about the next big thing, like trying to steal a cash truck or bank, crap like that. Others are just for the image and false security that comes with having a gang that could, teorically, get you out of problems while letting you act thought about it. Don't think that shit like a dying son or brother is going to affect others (not involved in the gang) more than knowing how to not make easy for them to fuck around the town. Is not as easy as it sounds, OP. I live in a "neutral" place but I've seen and experiences all kind of shitholes in my dialy life. Some people out there are beyond fucked up to the point they se jail the same way another person could see their school.
Doesn't sound like the situation is that bad. I mean they didn't take your money because you guilted them out of taking it right? The nasty threat they said as they left was likely them saving face in front of the others.

While I support standing up to those that oppress others, I don't think their actions so far warrant violent defiance such as you've been recommended and/or are planning.

What's a couple of hundred bucks? Grow up and move out of the shit-tier area you live in. That's the only way you really win in situations like this.
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