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wonder about y'alls opinion about this: 20 yr old seeing

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wonder about y'alls opinion about this: 20 yr old seeing a 16 yr old. how bad is that
Peods should be line up and shot once in the fucking dick then an hour later once in the head.
20 seeking anything <18 is fucked up
Medium bad. That's over the age of consent most places, four years isn't that much in the scheme of things, no one would judge a 24 year old with a 20 year old or a 28 year old. But you'd have to be stupid to date a 16 year old in high school.
we're talking theoretically here. thanks for sharing though.
Its not that bad if you love each other, just don't go telling everyone. And tell her not to tell as many people as possible
Bad. It reflects poorly on you. And it is illegal, technically statutory rape, so there are concerns for both your safety and your future as a free man. Na 18-year old is not much different and would not be so foolish.
Also your odds of impregnating a 16-year-old are high considering the general lack of contraceptive and sexual-health knowledge in girls that young. They aren't terribly familiar with their cycles yet and often don't notice they're pregnant in a timely manner.

take it from a former teenage girl.
curious did u ever see older guys when u were around that age? also how much older
26 year old here, was dating a 17 year old for a while

We were massively in love so I didn't see a problem.
It ended though. I basically stuck around til I let her break my heart. Needed to be 100% sure I did not hurt her in the slightest.
It's fine.
Just take care of her, ok?
Everything good is illegal in america, and everything BAD is legal.
how long did it last?
For the most part, if you guys are really in love for the right reasons, emotional values and what have you, then it's usually okay? It's still a huge risk factor with the obvious statutory rape felony prospect but love is love if you keep it together.

I'm turning 21 in a few weeks but I met my current gf when I was 16 1/2 and she was 24. I plan on marrying her next year since I have a personal principal of dating a person for five+ years means a pretty good handling of relationships (but again, that's just me. It may not necessarily apply to every relationship since each and every one of them is uniquely shaped).

You should already know your risk factors at this point and if you really care for your partner (in crime I suppose until 18), you both would agree on the matter.

As for telling people, personally it took some time. Of all the people that knows my GF's true age, it's only my close friends and my mother. On her side, only her close friends really know too. Funny story is that one of her friends met her GF when she was underage too and there was a six year gap so a lot of repeated history echos in our relationship too.
I was isolated from boys intentionally, so no. when I was 18 I slept with a 28 year old man and he was not a considerate lover, nor were the other three older men I slept with, so it turned me off older men who are attracted to young girls. no one made me cum, or even really tried. pulled my hair and spanked me without asking; bunch of dicks. but I was naive and vulnerable to the initial attention and new feelings of lust/freedom.

if you're going to fall in love with a young girl, be aware there is a chance she will want to sleep around to "experience" things.
It lasted 2 years.
So yeah, she was 15 when it started...however, she had lied to me and told me she was 16. I didn't find out until a couple of months later.

Obviously, we were both slightly dysfunctional (me more being the older one)... Yet, somehow normal. A lot of our friends knew about each other and supported it. We loved each other. It ended because of distance, and nothing more. I'm still sad about it.
To clarify she lied about her age to me because she knew the younger she was the smaller chance I'd ask her out or something...

In the end it was not the age difference that led to our break up, but distance.

Fuck agists. If you are compatible, go for it.
Bad majority of the times. 16yr can be easily taken advantage of and become damaged goods, depending on what the 20 year old wants to do with her.

if the relationship isn't just based on the 20 year old wanting to fuck her. then I wouldn't care
but majority of the times its just him trying to fuck innocent prey

but ya go for it just don't be a prick
Fucked up.
Slow down with that edge, friendo.
It's a redflag to basically everybody that the 20 year old is immature.

Divide by two add seven, true in most cases. So 17 is your minimum when 20. Sorry OP
>that the 20 year old is immature.
not if no one knows ;)
Thread posts: 22
Thread images: 1

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