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>be a guy >like receiving anal sex >don't like

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>be a guy
>like receiving anal sex
>don't like other men
>not sure what to do about it

do I just give it up, can I try to find a gril who's into that?
Yes you can. There are women into pegging, some quite fetishize it. And even more would be willing to stick a finger back there now and again.

This is sort of off topic and I'm not criticizing you but I'm always terrified to try to do butt stuff on my guy because I'm worried he would prefer it to vaginal sex or want to do it every time and I just wouldn't want to do it most of the time. How important is butt stuff to you? Do you prefer it to vaginal and would you want or need it most of the time or is this more a treat beyond normal?
Naw man this way when you bust a bit in your girlfriends post she can strap it on and keep fucking you until you busy all over the be sheets again. It'll be great.
that is an interesting question, it's actually something I've wondered myself
I was worried if I had a gf who was into pegging that I might not b able to have normal sex with her

for me it's not really a fetish, it's more a physical preference if that makes sense
I like it just because it feels good

personally I find receiving anal sex de-sensitises me, I can go for hours for the few days after I cum anally; this is much to the pleasure of any woman I have sex with withing that window
so I would still have predominantly normal vaginal sex with a woman, but that's just me I suppose

I cant take anal sex after I've ejaculated, it has to be anal first
>do I just give it up, can I try to find a gril who's into that?
Do you have any idea how many women are into pegging? I practically had to beg my guy to let me peg him, and now we take turns receiving. There are many girls out there that are sexually adventurous and love to please.
There's not a lot out there
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Yay! You're back! I would totally shitpost with you but I have to go to work. I'll see you tomorrow afternoon.
This would undermine his masculinity in the long term thats for sure. I wouldnt advice it for the common straight couple. If your bf dont give a f about masculinity standards and its bi then its ok. But it can be quite traumatic for the average joe
Have a good day UMR-san!

ive eaten my bfs ass before & liked it. we havent done it since because he was raped so it made him uncomfortable. if he asked me to i'd like to use a dildo on him while giving head, or maybe even peg him.

It would be really nice with the stamina but otherwise that's exactly what terrifies me. Maybe it's a silly preoccupation with arbitrary thoughts but the idea that my vagina wasn't the best means of orgasm for my guy would be very upsetting on a personal level. But at the same time, she wouldn't ever have to KNOW precisely that the physical sensation was better and you're probably not foolish enough to say that specifically to her. And therefore it would be a harmless secret fact.


Well I think a lot of women would actually be okay to do some butt play some of the time, I would if my boyfriend ever legitimately asked we explore it because it would be close minded not to try and unfair to refuse to do it.

But someone who legitimately is into it and is open enough that you can search for them based on that criteria, probably only on places like fetlife or a burlesque bar with a ton of lesbian and bi chicks because I imagine bi chicks would both possibly be into it and certainly be open to that kind of thing.

Slightly fatter or dumpier girls are eager to please, as well.

And probably among women who pride themselves on being open to things and not quick to prejudice. Like hipster edgy gals with dumb hair colors but take care to not dive so deep into the social justice warriors that you've come out the other side too far and they end up actually considering all PIV rape.

Whether it's on a fetish website, amongst a bunch of gays or a bunch of feminists I can see there would be problems running into annoying people at each but if you're selecting via sex act I don't think you can avoid the chance of annoying people.

I think the best thing to do is to date normally and unless the girl is a selfish cow she will endeavor to make sex work for both of you.

And if she is a selfish cow well what a relief you identified her as such so early.
I am honestly surprised by that
how do I get an indication if a girl is into it or not?
because I imagine it could be a real turn off for a girl who isn't, and t might make a lot of girls feel uncomfortable or think I'm gay

It would probably be easiest to avoid girls who are uptight, extremely traditional, or otherwise seem conservative. That and trashy poor people tend to also be really xenophobic. And entitled girls. I think the only segment of girls who would be likely to be totally unwilling to give it a go are girls like that. I think the average girl would be game to give it a try once your comfortable.
>but the idea that my vagina wasn't the best means of orgasm for my guy would be very upsetting on a personal level.
I actually get that

but I find that the two types of orgasm arn't really connected in a direct way, receiving anal sex doesn't stimulate my penis at all, the vagina does that the best by far

I would have a but plug in during normal sex all the time if I could, let it be said

but at the end of the day I'm considering quitting anal, not women; which demonstrates where my priorities lie
but how do I break the ice like that?
do I ask a girl during sex, mention it beforehand, afterwards?

I'm sure you could see why I'd be anxious about it, I'd also be concerned a girl would tell everyone, and while it's not something I'm ashamed of, it would be a nightmare

my male friends would be uncomfortable about it, gays would bother me more often, older people would think I was a degenerate etc etc
Dude here.
GF isn't against anal at all, and actually enjoys it a lot (In her own words, it's on the same level than vaginal, just different.), and I am balls deep into it (I'd even go as far as to say that it's one of my main fetishes), I love when we do it.
But thing is, even if we both like it, I tend to turn it down most of the time because having shit on your dick, when it happens, is very unpleasant.
Sure, there's ways to make it clean, like enemas, but doing this is really fucking tedious, and it somehow breaks the heat of the moment. It's very inconvinient.

I guess it heavily depends on your BF, but yeah, even if he likes it, I think he won't ask for it everytime. But in my opinion, every couple should try it at least once, with proper preparation (Enema, LOTS of lube, and gentleness from your man.)

>but at the end of the day I'm considering quitting anal, not women; which demonstrates where my priorities lie

That's a very good way of putting it and if I was getting in a fuss about whether or not my bf was adequately into my vag vs. anal and he made that point it would cause me to immediately calm down so you should keep that in mind if it ever comes up to say to her that if it was anal vs keeping her pussy around you'd pick her pussy but that you just find anal to additionally and separately be quite stimulating. All in all after talking to you I feel a lot less alarmed about the whole thing. I get it entirely, I experience an entirely different sensation between clitoral and penetrative orgasm.


Yes I would be quite worried too. In my hypothetical situation of you asking girls to do this I really only see you doing it successfully after you've been having regular intimacy with her for a month or 3 before ever broaching the topic. Not because you should have to wait but specifically because like you said if it happens to be some ridiculous chick and she blabs to everyone that would be really awful. But 3 month into dating and you'll have a good idea if she is a level headed person at least somewhat sexually open and you'll probably even have already gotten over a few minor awkward moments without anyone being an asshole. Although I think it would generally go okay if you brought it up sooner I would be unwilling to be less cautious than that.

And the when you're at that point I would suggest mustering the courage to just casually but directly bring it up. Keep in mind no matter how open minded she is this very naturally may cause some initial shock. Don't panic, stay calm and let her mull it over for a second.
theres these sites where you both fill out a form of fetishes you like and check y/n, then the only ones that show at the end are the ones you have in common

I've taken it up the ass myself but to be honest I really don't care for it at all because it leaves my asshole uncomfortable for days so it really is kind of a rare thing I do only to be a good sport. So far no guy has ever suggested I do it to him and I lack the i initiative or real desire to bring it up myself. I know if a guy asked for it that I'd be willing to do it for him at least sometimes. Im just paranoid because I'm totally ignorant of it, I'm sure. Just in this thread I've learned way more about guy butt stuff than I ever knew before.
it seems to me like girls never keep what happens in the bedroom to themselves, some brag about how good sex was, some complain, all tell their friends "if it was big"
that's girlfriends, casual partners, one night stands, all of them
it does not generally concern me, but in this case it would

as a man I have never understood the relationship between a clitoral and a penetrative orgasm
when a girl is on her way to a penetrative one, clitoral stimulation seems to ruin it sometimes, one girl even had a clitoral orgasm and was angry at me because she said it ruined her penetrative one
some girls can't handle their clitoris being touched
but then many girls can't seem to orgasm with penetration alone

I find this very frustrating, as I can't enjoy sex if my partner isn't and girls can't seem to give me a straight answer
maybe I should move on from my aversion to online dating/hookups

I just don't know how it works, there seems to be different rules
>This would undermine his masculinity in the long term thats for sure.
Not necessarily.

>If your bf dont give a f about masculinity standards and its bi then its ok. But it can be quite traumatic for the average joe
Well, he's definitely not bi. I've always told him that if he wanted to experiment with a guy that I'd be 100% for it, as long as he talked to me about it first. He's just not interested, but I don't see what that has to do with pegging in the first place. We're both oddballs in that, while he's very masculine and I'm feminine, we really don't give a shit about those standards.

As for it being traumatic, I think that's absolutely ridiculous. If you know what you're doing and you're not being forced/pressured into something, it won't happen. If anything, it's strengthened our relationship.

There are, trust me. A lot of women would love to act on this but simply don't because they're afraid of freaking their partner out. Then they worry about others finding out and judging them.


>but how do I break the ice like that?
When you start dating, get her opinion on a bunch of things. I think there's even a website where you both fill out things you'd be interested in, but the result only shows the things that you both chose (so that your secret is safe forever).

>do I ask a girl during sex, mention it beforehand, afterwards?
Well, it depends on how you feel. You could either mention it early on, if she seems sexually open, or you could slowly steer her in that direction and hope for the best. I personally think you should just be upfront about what you like, without making yourself out to be a buttslut, and stop caring about who finds out. Date out of your circle if it's such a big deal.

Yeah, girls talk but if you have a girl that likes you then she probably won't talk about the "weird buff stuff" you do because she won't want to be judged either. And if you break up she absolutely may tell all her friends you liked it up the ass but no female will take what a girl who just left a guy or got left says seriously for a moment.

The worst thing about the different orgasms and the vagina are how close the two areas are vs on a dude. And many girls have a hard time cumming at all. Plenty only get off from one. And the ones that get off from both all work different. It's frustrating. That's why it's very rewarding when you have a decent long term relationship imo, you get better at fucking that person specifically.

My own idiosyncrasy is that I can't stand direct clitoral stimulation at all from anything but my own hand which is how I masturbate but if a guy does the same it is so sensitive it's painful. Weird shit.
Well, I'm not into recieving anal (I experimented alone, like most men, but most won't admit it), but there's a huge difference between teasing and full penetration.
My GF actually pleasantly surprised me when, during a blowjob, she went down my balls with her tongue and ended up lightly rimming me for a few seconds. That was a pleasant surprise.
The tongue is way softer than the fingers, so even if he reacts badly to fingering/teasing, it may be a good idea to give rimming a try, if you're feeling like it.
Sticking your tongue there is kind of a psychological challenge, but if your man isn't a dirty sweatbag, you'll be fine. You can also take a shower with him and make sure he's clean there using subtle ways. Just use your imagination.

Oh yeah, I do enjoy that sort of thing. On my boyfriends birthday we got drunk and he ate a piece of his cake off my asshole and it was quite nice. Id really like to do it again but I don't think it's an everyday sort of sex act for us. I'd lick his too but we only experimented that far a few weeks ago. I do enjoy gently sucking his balls into my mouth and sort of rolling them around in there and his asshole can't be any more suspect than his nutsack.

I only ever felt kind of weird about butt stuff when it got in the territory of competing with my vagina in my mind.
real talk, thanks anon
So you're concerned about oral too, then?
I know my GF can get me to cum in mere minutes by using her oral skills (She's actually trying pretty hard, using her throat and thing like that. Plus, she has a venom piercing, which makes things even more difficult for me to handle), but she doesn't take the fact that I last way more when we do vaginal as a bad thing. On the contrary, she enjoys the fact that she can actually enjoys it for dozens of minutes (Well, unless I get tired).

As a man, it makes me rock hard to rim my GF, but she makes sure she has no hair in that zone, and she takes extra attention to cleaning herself in the shower before we go to bed.
Hell, I even managed to make her experience an orgasm only by licking her down there and rubbing her nipples.
Also, if you do it to your man, don't do it for too long. Alternating between sucking, balls fondling/licking/sucking and rimming is the way to go. If you insist too much, there's a chance he'll feel uncomfortable.

Haha, this is good fun to talk about, don't you think? It's amusing to imagine the picture of weirding him out by focusing too intently on licking his asshole. I like to wonder how that discussion would go afterward.
Well, depending on your man, he'll either enjoy it and ask for more, tell you gently to focus on something else, or be internally creeped out, and will try to avoid you doing it again.
Messing with a man's asshole is litterally messing with his manliness, and a lof of men will repress any positive thoughts they have about that to keep their masculinity.
If he, like me, thinks that sexuality is a spectrum, and not something set in stone, he may take it in a good way, and you'll both laugh it off. But beware of the manly man when his manliness is wounded!

Luckily we've been together for 8 years now so we are a point where I'm certain he would just be like "hey, you sure are licking my asshole a lot". When we did the eating cake off my asshole thing it went exactly like "can I eat a piece of my cake off your asshole?" And "sure, go get a piece" *removes pants* haha.

I think the biggest issue would probably that my bf's asshole is pretty hairy. I don't shave my asshole but I am pretty naturally sparse. It would be more psychological than anything else. Asshole hair puts you in the mind of like dingle berries. And the idea of him shaving his asshole specifically so I can lick it is unappealing. I guess I'll just give it a little finger stroke next time and see if that's interesting.
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>this thread
I dont know not critizing you guys fetish or anything but man is it weird to hear about peopl's fetish and what they do outside of porn like I know porn are real people too but wierd to hear when regular people do it. how to describe this feeling?

on an unrelated note if you have adbloacker you can;t post in 4chan apparently.
My first girlfriend was really into giving me anal, after a few experiences I decided I wasn't into it but she would still try to coax me into it me like a guy would pressure his girlfriend...

So there are definitely girls out there who are into this.

It's advice specifically, the blocker associates /adv/ with /advertising/ and blocks it. Just disable it on the board specifically.
addblocker interferes only with /adv/, because it thinks the "adv" is a shortening of advertisement
you can whitelist the domain, and that solves some of the problems
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