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Hey /adv/, why did no one do anything when I was bullied as a

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Hey /adv/, why did no one do anything when I was bullied as a kid? Like not even the teachers. I could go up to them and tell them what was happening and best case scenario they'd tell me essentially to fuck off, and worst case scenario I'd get punished for tattling. And what about the other kids, obviously I wouldn't expect them to help me fight the bullies but at least one person could have reached out to me and tried to be my friend.
because you're a runt and pecking orders exist within every group of animals and it isn't the job of others to elevate or save you; save yourself
People used to believe a lot more in handling shit yourself. The current alarmist climate is really quite an aberration and even as recently as 15-20 years ago when I was a kid there was an attitude that was a lot more like "figure your shit out and fit in, your mommy isn't going to around forever". Which honestly probably wasn't all bad at all.

It was actually probably extremely normal that you experienced bullying and isolation. I did, everyone I'm very close to enough to talk about this shit with had some similar experience as well.

The thing that makes it so sucky for you is that while bullying may be kind of a normal phase if still shitty and inexcusable, usually people have someone to go to.

I think that's likely attributed to that you may have not had a large variety of people to turn to. I went to a small private school age 5-13 and experienced near total isolation there. It was very competitive and clique-y. Then at age 14 I went to a very large high school and it was a revelation that there were every type of group and that this variety also made it so that no one was brutally competitive any more, everyone was friendly except the black girls.

Or if that doesn't sound like it may be the case, the other thing that may have been is you may have unknowingly created your own sphere of isolation. People don't like victims. Watch every bit of media ever, the kid getting picked on NEVER heartwarmingly makes his first friend while crying or tattling about it. Universally nearly underdogs gain comradery and empathy when they're going on with their lives taking it on the chin.

I know that sounds unpleasant and I don't like it but reality is reality.
Just how it is.

For whatever reason I was never bullied as a kid except maybe once or twice. I was a geek, small, and kind of different. From what I hear, I can only guess, I was just too disciplined and serious to fuck with or something (grew up years of martial arts and the credo's stuck with me). I had a lot of sympathy for people who were. So when I did see people around me get bullied, I did try to help. And people usually backed off if I intervened.

But I remember there was this one kid that, as much as I wanted to help him... he was just such a massively clueless idiot and and a total asshole sometimes that I just said, fuck it. Every time I did try to help, he'd pretty quickly do something to that would make me face palm, and make me regret trying.

I'm kind of ashamed to admit that I maybe peer pressure dissuaded me from trying harder, but at the same time, he didn't make it easy, and did a lot of things that make me think he just wasn't a good person. There is only so far that a persons goodwill can stretch.

I ran in to him a few years after high school. He fully transitioned from a kind of blunt, clueless, and assholish nerd, in to one of the biggest dude-bro douchebag's I've ever come across.

TL;DR: Maybe you didn't make it easy on anyone.
That's childhood for ya.

In my case even teachers bullied me (no, not exclusively verbal, they even punched and kicked me) and when I told them that a dick from class stabbed me with a pencil, that dick simply told the teacher that I "provoked" him.
Then the teacher was like "well, you deserved it then".
Fuck school, fuck teachers, fuck kids.
The most important thing about anyone's childhood is that anyway it's over now.
>Watch every bit of media ever,
tv and other media is not real life

And yet here we are all observing that it is true and that complaining to the teacher never magically made the bullying stop. Sadly, media is a very faithful portrayal of human society and it is only how terrible that that truth is that causes anyone to try to deny it.
The world changes and society slowly gets smarter. It used to be acceptable to teach kids gender stereotypes, for example, and teachers with the best intentions would tell girls not to want to be doctors but settle for being nurses.

And it used to be thought that bullying was just innocent and harmless horseplay. It really is only within the past decade or so that the world has woken up to how very harmful childhood bullying is, and there are still many teachers and even parents who haven't got the message.

Things get better far too slowly, but they do. Only a generation before you, it was thought acceptable for teachers to beat students to help them learn.
Because no one gave a shit in the 80s to late 90s. Bullying was an individual problem and you were usually encouraged to stand up for yourself
The sad truth is that most people are cowards.
That's why selfless people who help others are looked up to as heroes, because most people wouldn't do it.

Your teacher probably thought that it was easier not to deal with your bullying.
maybe he/she didn't like you, and so thought subconsciously that it was fair to let you go through it as a sort of punishment.

please know that you were just unlucky in which people you ended up being surrounded by growing up. Bullying is not okay, and there exist places in this world where people are classy and don't tolerate such behavior.
Because you can't trust anyone and any group you're part of can arbitrarily decide to turn on you. Avoid social interaction all together and you won't be bullied.
This is my biggest takeaway from it in adulthood. It's impossible for me to trust or get close to anyone. Not that I don't know there are nice people out there but it's the only defense mechanism I have.
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