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are you in your senses when drunk? do you have control over yourself?

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are you in your senses when drunk? do you have control over yourself? ive never been drunk as ive associated alcohol to partying since my uni days and neither have ever interested me, but now i want to experience it but i am scared, and dont have to confidence the buy it from the shop because its looked down upon.
There's no clear line for "drunk." You can become intoxicated enough to have no clear sense of your surroundings or actions.

Don't drink very heavily on your first few goes. Start with beers, then mixes like rum and cola (you can look up ratios), and then ease into stronger mixes or straight shots.
it depends on how much you drink. i've drank a little and had a good time and been completely in control. i've also drank so much that i got lost when the whole time i was two turns away from walking home. take things slow. drink one drink, wait a while and see how you feel. beer, cider, and wine also make me feel buzzed quicker than other types of alcohol
is this alot for first time?

how much is 1 drink? also beer smells to me im more interested in vodka or whiskey mixed with cola
Depends on how drunk you are.

>A little buzzed

You're more or less you but with fewer inhibitions. You might be a little bit more talkative and pay a little bit less attention to stuff.


You aren't in complete control, but you may feel that you are. You are, however, capable or recognizing this fact and taking steps to mitigating your own stupidity. You aren't going to be very coordinated at this point either.


You're going to do stupid shit because you don't realize or care that it's stupid. Your capacity for reason and logic is so diminished that you cannot be trusted to do anything. Your coordination is utter shit. Don't get drunk, because you're probably going to wake up tomorrow buzzed or tipsy.


Some people say that they "black out and don't remember" this point, but that's mostly bullshit. Usually they're just embarrassed about what they did while drunk. Because at this point you lose control over even basic muscle functions and it starts to fuck with your involuntary muscles. Stop here or die you stupid fuck, not that you're going to be remotely reasonable. Enjoy your hangover asshhole.
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which stage is when you cant control yourself from talking shit? thats what im most worried about
It really depends on your own being, if you ate beforehand, if you've dranken recently, are you pacing yourself, etc.

Its like there's different kinds of drinking.
>drinking and being able to function normally with little to few funny mistakes
>drinking, not realizing it, and making an ass of yourself
>drinking, blacking out, but friends say you did nothing out of the ordinary there
>drinking, blacking out, and doing a horrible mistake you find out the next day

For me I'm usually the third option.

Define talking shit.

>wanting liquor over beer your first time

Don't do that. You have no idea what your tolerance for alcohol or reaction to it will be, and liquor is stronger and likely to get you drunker faster than you mean to be compared to beer. For all you know you're an angry drunk, find out slower than faster.
One drink is a shot of liquor in however much mixer you feel is appropriate to enjoy the taste. Remember that you should still enjoy this. Don't drink something that tastes awful only for the cool factor. That's dumb.

Try raspberry juice or lemon-lime soda (or just plain seltzer if you an abide the taste) with vodka. Whiskey and cola is fine, though I recommend going with Coca-Cola or a similarly less-sweet cola. Don't use Pepsi or some random off-brand. Sweetness together with liquor might not sit well.

Don't have any more than one per hour and more than three on your first go. If you feel weird with an empty cup, just fill it with plain mixer. No one will notice or care.
start slow your first time. beer can take some getting used to. wine is tasty, cider is tasty, wine coolers are tasty. vodka can mix with anything, but I'd say only pour a shot of vodka in with your drink. this is just for the first time, it's okay to refrain from shotgunning beers and chugging. gotta know what things make you feel what way in what quantity, so just take things easy and spread out experimentation over multiple nights instead of saying "let's drink all the things and see what happens"
you know like my neighbour when he is drunk he starts yelling racist shit even though theres no people of other races anywhere near where we live so nobody complains about it, but obviously thats a secret inside him, i dont want to be talking about my secrets or how i feel about certain people etc
just do it pussy
Nigger how old are you and where do you live?

One of the favorite tactics used by spies is to get their targets to drink alcohol before getting them to feed them info. It isn't a good idea to drink if you need to keep your cards close to your chest.
not black
mid 20's
They say that kids and drunks are the only ones that tell the truth. With that being said, its not like you're spewing out secrets once you black out or anything. From my experiences, once you reach that shitfaced stage of drinking, you're just very loud, uncoordinated, talk to random people, find little things funny. I remember one time my friend go so drunk at a bar he started yelling, top of his lungs...HAS ANYONE SEEN A WHITE RABBIT?!......IM LOOKING FOR A WHITE RABBIT.
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