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So my mom is thinking (according to old retarded traditions)

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So my mom is thinking (according to old retarded traditions) that our family have bad luck and spirits in our house are the reason of that. This started after my dad's death ( 6 years ago ) and now she's bringing some kind of "spirit woman thing/psychic" that's gonna "help" us chase the bad luck from our house. Now its fucking 100% obvious that my mom is going full retarded believing in this kind of shit and bringing that scammer to our house (literally 4 days a week) and that's costing her MONEY, and we've been in a financial crisis since the death of my dad.
Guys please advice me what to do, i tried talking to my mom that all of that shit is bullshit, but she doesn't give a shit about my opinion.
The lady who talks to ghosts or whatever came today and started screaming in a "demonic" voice to really make things realistic, like she's communicating/fighting with evil spirits. And when she was done she told my mom that the situation gotten worse and told her that she'll be going all the way to a city (500km away from ours) to bring some things to solve this bad luck, now just do the math...
yes, its like she's asking for more money (probably transportation money + money to buy the bullshit things) and that pushed me over the limits today and i decided to get in action and trying to do something against this meaningless shit.
Now advice me what to do, i was thinking that i'm gonna threaten (even physically if necessary ) to leave our house and never comeback. I get very angry so if she pisses me off by not leaving i'll probably knock her out.

I work for a psychic who deals with spirits a lot, and though i wasn't really a believer before, I have to say I'm pretty convinced. i see some freaky shit from time to time.

my boss charges a 500 dollar flat rate for these sorts of spirit releases, but if the person clearly cant afford it and needs help, we always do it anyway.

anywho if you want to reverse scam your mom, here is what you need to do

>get a friend who has a hippie dippie vibe, maybe go to the drama department at your shcool and look for a chick there who would be willing to help you
>create her a fake little website for her 'psychic healer persona' it doesnt take that long, like two hours tops and just design a front page describing her journey
>talk about how shes a local psychic who got her 'gift' after a near death experience, and now helps people in the great bum fucked egypt area with their clearings
>assuming your mom isn't tech savvy this will do, but if not, write out a fake local news article and photoshop it to a news template, print it out, and show her
>Tell your mom you are concerned cuz this expensive lady doesnt seem to be working but you are going to submit to this woman
>2 days later, bring your FREE psychic over and go through a pre-scripted free seance together, where she says she definitely knew as soon as she got your email that this was serious business
>do some BS ritual where you burn a little sage, do a little group prayer, have her fake the own demonic voice, and then have her reach out to your mother
>Tell her that her husband is trapped in the void and only your mothercan set him free
>ask your mother to go get a personal affect like a wedding ring
>your psychic and your mother chant together, and channel the dark energy into something like a regular glass cup
>then your moms duty is to go outside, and destroy the glass by shattering outside of the property line
>this sets your father free so he may return to his afterlife
>the spirits, trapped in the glass, are destroy with it, while your fathers spirit (seperated into the ring) is set free

congrats, you just convinced your mom to stop wasting money on an expensive psychic. yes, its complex, yes it will take a whole two days of effort, but its better than weeks of being extorted
You could threaten to leave if you're that fed up with it.

But before you do I suggest finding cheaper ways to put your mother at ease instead of dismissing her entirely. Give this fake psychic lady the boot and tell your mom you want to cleanse the house some other way. Go find yourself a cheaper priest or clergy person or another more trustworthy paranormal investigator or psychic or shaman to bless your house and pronounce it clean without drawing out the process and bleeding your mum dry. Or go to /x/ and ask them some cheap do it yourself methods to cleanse the house on your own.
OP here, i don't think that this is gonna work as she's very convinced with the psychic she's bringing home, like she would give 0 shit if i do that, and it'll be a bit hard to find that hippie dippie vibe who'll help me...
(i forgot to add that the retarded psychic said that we need to sacrifice a cow..)
I said that my mom is stubborn as fuck and she'll never change her opinion about that psychic because its my fucking aunt that suggested the psychic and my mom trusts my aunt a lot..

well there really isnt any other option other then reverse scamming her. its easier than you think tofind a hippie dippie person, even if you have to pay em 50 bucks for it. but if ur not willing to do THAT to trick ur mom, then there is nothing you are going to be able to do to stop this. it all takes effort.
>we need to sacrifice a cow..

You have to tell your mom that this woman is evil and you need to find another way. This woman can't possibly be the only person in the world that could help you (not that you need help but your mom seems to think she does).

Exactly why is it your mom is so attached to this person in particular? Is it because they're friends? What relationship do they have and what has the psychic done to prove to your mom she's legit? Is there a way you can find someone that will show this woman up and prove they are just as good?

do it anyway. if you bring in another psychic and she turns this into an epic journey for your mom, your moms going to buy it up. moms want to feel like a matriarch. right now this psychic is making your mom a sidekick in her own house. if you bring in your fake psychic and do this ritual with the glass, your mom is going to love it and have this epic story to tell and think shes spiritually evolved and shit.

trust me, your mom is falling for this other person, she will fall for yours. just take the effort. if you cant take any effort at all you cant stop your mom.

you may not be willing to put in the time to scam your mom, but this other lady is. fight fire with fire.
Well then get your aunt to say she was wrong. Tell your aunt about the situation and ask for her help.
My mom trusts her so much because my aunt and a lot of my family members know her, and most of my family believe in retarded paranormal shit.
Another reason is that she talks very friendly (obviously everyone who scams does that).
Reverse scam isn't gonna work, i know my mom and i'm 100% she would just ignore it.
I know that my aunt isn't gonna help because she would bring a psychic if the same thing happened to her...

then it sounds like you dont have any options bro.
I really wouldn't go for the reverse scam idea, or not in such an insincere way. I say you bring in another professional witchdoctor like a priest or something that also seems to buy into this stuff, just one not as bad as this one.

Now, I'm getting that the problem is that you are so sure that your mum won't respond to this tactic, but it's at least worth a try. It's either try to do something else for your mum and then split if it fails, or leave without trying.

Also it'd be much easier if you could get at least some your family's support on this. You don't have to go at it from the skeptic angle and tell them their beliefs are bullshit. But find a way to show them that this psychic really is doing more harm for you and your mom then good. Maybe you can find at least one family member that is less stubborn than your mom, and maybe once you get one on your side more can follow.
Clearly. But your problem isn't convincing them that ghosts don't real, it's convincing them that this particular witch woman isn't necessarily the best or only solution to the problem. You need to compile arguments and evidence that there are other ways.
I really do say you go over and ask /x/ for their take on your issue. Maybe they can recommend some literature on the nature of haunting that can educate your mom on alternative means to cleanse your house, and maybe even disprove this psychic's methods.
Well, whats the point then ? every single psychic is gonna scam the shit out of her. If i convince her this one is bad then she's gonna get another one..
Mom is too scared to do that shit alone, and even if i suggest to do it for her she's gonna refuse because apparently this needs some professional person...
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>op DOESNT believe in magic
>looking for a magical solution to stop his mom that doesnt take any effort
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Do this instead
Because i'm 100% sure it won't work.. I'm just asking for another way..

bro, the thing is there is no other way. you are theo nly one who knows your mother, so if you know what wont work, how can we possibly suggest something that will? you are basically saying 'my mom is obsessed with using this and only this woman because of reasons, and wont change her mind no matter what'.

so what can we really offer?
>every single psychic is gonna scam the shit out of her

No, not necessarily. There are hobbyists that take an interest in this shit and do it for free. There are some that just charge for one visit and don't leech you. There are priests that do it for charity. You or your family could do something yourselves if you learned how. You gotta shop around for this stuff and find a more reliable provider of the service, like with any other service.
You and her don't have to do anything but you two can still learn how it (supposedly) works. This is something some people treat as a science and they've compiled case studies, theories and evidence to promote different schools of thought on the subject. Most of the serious ones will probably debunk your psychic.

I know your mom is probably going off pure emotion here and doesn't want to listen, but maybe her sensible side will see reason in educating oneself for one's own benefit.
Agreed, OP. Maybe you get your stubbornness from your mom the way you won't even consider the possibility of our suggestions the same way your mom apparently won't listen to you. We're trying to help but you seem pretty instantly dismissive without considering even trying.
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