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>go out with friends yesterday, 2 of them are friends of a

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>go out with friends yesterday, 2 of them are friends of a friend
>one of them is my definition of a 10/10, personality and all, everything I like mixed into a single girl
>showed some interest by touching me randomly, but whenever I tried to talk to her I couldn't say anything decent, and ended up looking like a generic dude instead of the soulmate I knew I was
>accidentally said some bullshit that she didn't like - too stupid to fix it
>she doesn't seem interested anymore, never looks at me
>she's always surrounded by her friends and I can't build my own opportunities as her presence intimidated the fuck out of me
>spend the whole night suffering over my stupidity, tried to get with other girls, got rejected
>she kissed my cheek when I left the party, which confused me a lot
>added her on facebook, looks like she didn't accepted


I evolved so much in the past years. Got fit, got a personality, lost my virginity, and I'm still incapable of talking to someone who's basically a clone of me. I don't even know what to learn with yesterday's experience.
I can't stop crying. I love and miss you so much. You're like home to me. I feel safe and okay and happy with you. I want to live with you so badly, but right now I really just need to talk to you. I know you got my text last night and I know you're up for work and saw it. Maybe you were just in a hurry or something but it's hurting so fucking badly. I need you right now
nevermind she did accept it, guess I'll talk to her to at least practice something
im afraid i'll never be satisfied with my life unless i end up famous

A+C+N +$ -$ ×0 = 0

Armchair psychologists in these threads sure don't know what they're talking about. Reminds me of a guy named blue and his blue cohorts from effiel 65. Yes it was a catchy song but it also covered depression as well. Over all I would recommend this song to armchair psychologists worldwide.

10 Signs that a Person has a Crab Mentality

1. They are too proud of themselves and treat others as inferior beings.

2. They panic when their comrades are happy and improving.

3. Their motto in life is “if I can’t have it, neither can you”

4. They are full of positivity for themselves but full of negativity for others.

5. They blame their comrades for their failures rather than help them.

6. They treat their comrades as competitors.

7. They don’t know a thing about compassion.

8. Yet they act like they know everything.

9. They spend most of their time talking about people rather than discussing ideas and solutions

10. They will never admit that they have a crab mentality.
I'm tired of wishing I was dead. Stop it brain.
Realizing there's a 99% chance i'll end up dying alone.
my mother died on the same day the love of my life ended it with me. now i only have my alcoholic dad in my life and hes dying, i live by myself and in a few years i will be even lonelier.
And then you still won't be satisfied.
i'm still hopeless at making the first move - i can't do it and i don't know why.
even when i see the signs i do nothing
maybe im too old for clubs and drug taking, it doesnt seem to fit with my personality anymore
i kinda wish i was one of the cool people in clubs though, everyone cool seems to be some sort of dj or producer
everyone else seems to be able to couple up at the end of the night
i cant
it sucks
and its just embarrassing thinking about what i do,
dance- > eye contact -> then do nothing.
am i creeping them out doing that? what the hell am i supposed to do
is it even worth it, why do i always focus on that shit when i take mdma

everyone in the 'scene' always seems to know each other anyway, even though their lives are drug taking and hedonism and music,
they're all doing better than me in some way, sometimes i kinda wish i had a life like that
to be part of the 'scene' even thouigh its not really my thing, but just seems they're all so much cooler cause they're part of the 'scene'
even though i dont want that life
but still i hate being mediocre

also wish i talked more at the afterparty. was it the weed and mdma that made me so untalkative? or am i just a weird guy in general.
sigh i dont know what kind of life i want but i know that im getting out of touch with this party lifestyle

i wish i was someone else sometimes i really do
Not good enough.

I know, those scammers will never learn but I think it's good enough. They're nutty enough as is.
i miss you so much
M -
I wish you would message me more
I wish we were more than just friends
I wish I wasn't so inferior to other girls you know
I wish I was love of your life
If you think I'm gonna marry you when you're texting her, lying to me when you see her, and buying her gifts - you are mistaken. I'd have to be the world's biggest idiot.
I'm sorry I'm such a weirdo.
I'm sorry I have no desire nor experience with girls.
I'm sorry I've wasted all my time on earth playing video games.
I'm sorry I haven't gone out with freinds since middle school.
I'm sorry that if given the choice I would shut myself in my room forever.

But you don't understand how badly I wish I was normal. When you make it perfectly clear you're ashamed of having a son like me, it just hurts, makes me wish I was dead.

I don't want you to miss the opportunities in your life that will help you accomplish your dreams. We can't hold on to the past and we can't keep looking back if we don't want to go that way. We have to help ourselves not hurt ourselves through reminders of others. Smile, sit back and enjoy. Time and distance heals all wounds. You will have scars but you will be wiser not to do it again.

We always will treasure the good memories we once had and only that. It's all we can do if we miss someone deeply. We just want to make good memories again.

Just with them.
Nothing matters as for all you are is a child thtowing tantrums. That's not how it works and is an indication of things to come in the future. Control yourself, take deep breaths and let go. Goodbye.
The bare honesty of the two of us still hanging around each other is just the fact we don't want to be alone and we both just want to fuck. Its never been any different of a situation, dating or not. We've always just been glorified fuck buddies, and I hate how I got my emotions tangled up in the most confusing way possible, but I feel like saying out loud that we're not that compatible is one step closer to finally closing the chapter with you.
thank you anon
i hope everything is going okay for you, wherever you are
I've been feeling like a ghost lately. I have a quiet voice, so people tend to not really hear me when I speak. This is fine, usually, because I don't say much and when I do enter a conversation its 1 on 1. But lately, even just talking to my boyfriend I feel like I may as well not even speak. Several times this past month, I will ask my BF a question as he is looking at me, then he will completely disregard what I said and begin talking about something completely unrelated.

An example from a few nights ago:
"Hey, what do want for dinner? Theres a Digiorno and some chicken nuggets in the freezer."
At this point he ponders for a minute and I think he's contemplating what he wants to eat, then:
>"You know what I love about the 80s? Everything made back then is still in good condition today! Thats so crazy, nothing made from today lasts as long."
And then he goes on a 15 minute tangent about the 80s that ranges from tech, to music, to morals of the time. And thats all very interesting, but I don't know much about it so its basically him talking to himself while I say "Uh-huh" or "Neat" every couple minutes. When I repeat my question in case he didn't hear me or try to change the subject, he blatantly ignores me again and keeps talking. Its so frustrating feeling like I'm just a pair of ears attached to a vagina, because he NEVER lets me talk. I'm not a talkitive person, so a small part of me expected someone in my life to actually just listen to me for a change. Lately I've not even bothered talking unless asked a direct question, and I don't think he even noticed or cared. When I sat him down and told him I feel like he doesn't listen he assured me that he DOES hear me, he just needs to think of an answer. But I'm left wondering how fucking hard is it to tell me what you want for dinner, or to give me some acknowledgement that you heard me, or why in the world would he start talking about something completely unrelated? I just don't understand.
>he blatantly ignores me again and keeps talking.
Stopped reading there.

Tell your man to pay more attention to you. I know you feel like a ghost. Why not try feeling like a dominant, scary ghost? Voice your opinion and slowly you will feel like a human.
I'm over it, I could finally move on too. Goodbye.
what do you want me to talk about? nothing particularly hurts me but i've only began to grasp the impact this is gonna have in the future. it's too much to take when your hands are tied up like that.

it's not about this whole internet shit, i'm talking about the long-term aspect of this. you can't be sure about anything and everything is a huge fucking deal. it just doesn't feel like such a smart decision anymore, you never know how things really until you're there and you find yourself going back and forth wondering if it will suck completely or just a little bit.

don't get me wrong, i still want to do this but i'm just more aware of the downsides and god knows there are plenty of those hahaha

didn't want to turn this into a pity fucking party but it is what it is
I'm feeling good again. Thank God.
I find that my version of self-acceptance is just accepting that I don't like myself. I'm always listening to music and dicking around on the internet instead of being productive because if my mind is not distracted I only think about how I'm unhappy with who I fundamentally am.
>have to work again tommorow
holy shit living is miserable. go to work 5 days a week, get up and hate everything, go to bed and hate everything.
I'm beyond >>>tfw no fg shit. I want to close my eyes forever
>I want to close my eyes forever
Work until you die or become a bum.
I wish I could do something to help. Though, it doesn't seem like anyone needs me at all. Guess there isn't much that I CAN do anyway.
I'm just another loser who had friends, and completely abandoned them, all for what? Look at me. Sitting in front of a screen hours even though my eyes are getting tired like hell.
Why do I keep asking for advice? No matter how good or bad they are, I never do anything, just nod and tell myself that I'll consider it.
These flips on here are so stupid. They always hate the playa not the game. That's why they never succeed. Only good at sucking each other's seeds.

Get theraphy, stop being clingy and bipolar.
>working with filming crew, traveling around the country
>Crew lives together in random hotels
>Crew parties/gets drunk together
>See the older, 5 kid dad - producer kissing the neck of one crew member
>the member is the sweetest, nicest young girl who doesn't drink
>obviously not cool with the situation
>I did nothing
I used to be pretty
Im not anymore
I miss the attention
is miss the warmth of another human being sleeping close to me in bed
the fun of waking up to people texting you and waiting for your replies, sharing their lives with you waiting for your response
the friendly heys and "hi can I help you" when you enter a store
having sex without having to pay for it
the friendly random compliments
other people asking for relationship advice

its all gone now and nothing will change
I know we were really never anything but why did you have to cut me off so abruptly? There were literally no signs of you not liking me. And now that I know I'll never see you again I realized how shitty everything else is around me.

But I'll have to keep floating on. The time we spent together meant more to me than you it appears, if only you met me halfway. Fuck, if you flat out told me you don't like me at least I would have some closure. I don't like all this ambiguity.
>shitty job
>no one else will hire me
>can't afford to go out so no qt bf
>I just want to travel and hike and buy a motorcycle and do photography and buy my dogs toys
>at a dead end
>no bf
>is a woman

try e-dating if youre poor

you can do alot of "fun" things for free, for getting to know each other

or well minimal costs, walking in parks, etc.

guys just want your pussy anyway
I know we were together for five years, but it has been over since February, and I still haven't processed it.

I live, work on me, but there is just a... void.

Some of these memories are so fresh, and seem as if they just happened. I wish I could forget.
The only "freinds" I've ever had were bullies whose abuse I tolerated because I didn't want to be alone.
One is now on trial for breaking and entering. The other 2 are successful.

I tried it
It's been a nightmare so far.
I prefer meeting people while out because they're a bit more honest in character upfront than they are behind a screen.
holy fuck i can hear my blood pounding through my ear
I fucking hate my boobs, I feel disgusting. They're small and weirdly shaped so no bra ever fits correctly. Just makes my chest be 90% bra.

When I was going through puberty I would often wish I could cut them off, and even though I don't think that now, I realize I act as if I don't have them, for the exact fact they're hideous and not something to flaunt.

I can't stand to have any type of attention brought to them. I just don't ever feel attractive so I never bother to initiate anything with anyone.
When the music stops, depression starts. Let the era of peace begin.
I like the orange starburst the least.
>tfw too young for a relationship, too old to fool around

It's like being stuck in a limbo.
It's not you, Anon, it's the people around you.
There will always be that feel that I've done enough on some things but want to do more on everything else.
What did he mean by this?
Peace means the loss of purpose for a lot of people, what's left for the younglings to do than fool around?
Life is great.
Getting a chuckle at the people in this thread who can't see the solution to their problems right in front of their faces.
I hate being me. Im so tired of being this ugly neckbeard guy with this fucking face.

Looking in the mirror seeing this guy all the time pisses me off.

I wanna die so i can start a new character.
This one is shit.

Why'd you let yourself go in the first place?
>playing MOBA
Welcome to reality bitch.
Here you earn people's respect the hard way.
Nothing is free, everything is a fight.
I'm pretty happy at the moment. I'll probably call it a night soon and read for an hour before going to sleep. I have to wake up in 5/6 hours but I've always been able to function without much sleep.
I ended up eating some of the oranges ones, but I can't stand it any longer now.
I don't feel like going to the store, either, but I just might end up going, maybe.
It'd be better for your health if you got more sleep, though.

I love the orange ones, send them to me.
I'm dreading going to work right now, I work at an aged cared facility which isn't the problem (although it's already stressful work as it is, I enjoy being a carer) except I start at 3, I'm
New, I'm in charge of the whole facility on my own until 7am (I have to sleep there)
And I only get paid for 3-10pm
But I can't sleep because I get woken up in the night from various aged care related stuff
I'm so anxious and stressed about it all because I care about the residents so much but I feel like it's so much work and responsibility :( I can't do medication, catering, caring, laundry and cleaning all in the one shift I'm supposed to just be a carer :(
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I'm afraid I won't figure out where I'm supposed to go tomorrow. The directions given were fucked, google maps gives two different places depending on how I type it out even if I make it there it's a large facility. I have zero sense of direction.

This a bit important, but I think I'll just leave early and wing it. Everybody knows I pretty much fuck up once or twice a month. No need to stress, right?
I have a tendency to lie about inane bullshit for seemingly no reason. I lie to people I don't expect to know very long, about little things, like having or having not seen movies, things I'm allergic to, stupid shit like that.

A little over a year ago, I started regularly going to a bar in town, and started to get to know some of the bartenders as more than just a bar patron. Early on, I told them I was single when asked, which is not true. I didn't think anything of it, because I thought "where's the harm in these strangers not having all the details of my life?"

But in the time since, I've actually become pretty great friends with one of those bartenders, and it's becoming pretty obvious that she's at least a little interested in me. I'm still in a relationship, and I'm too socially clumsy to either fess up or play it off like my relationship is a recent development or something.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't attracted to her, but not so much that I'm willing to break it off with my girlfriend or try to cheat.

I think I might be a horrible monster, and my web of lies is choking me.
>I'm going to use a tactic that worked before even if it hurts you just so you'll talk to me again to resolve the issues I caused myself
>I take no responsibility for any of my actions and play the victim and everyone will take my side wven if I'm clinically insane
>I do nothing in my spare time but hound men that left me so they will save me from my own lazy ass
>fuck you it's all your fault despite all my issues were there before you came into my life but ill blame you and make you hate yourself so you'll stay

I constantly uptalk my "flashy" job in the film industry to get back at people who grew up feeling bad for me and thought I'd end up being a loser.
>Most women : the post
Signs that he's just not into you:

1. Claims to not have funds to take a trip with you but books trips with his bros/ buys a turbo for his car

2. Says the girl he is going out of town with is "just a friend"

3. He never initiates contact

4. He never asks how your day was

5. He mentions how "cute" or attractive another girl is to you

6. He never comes to your house- you always have to drive to his

7. He won't even pay for your Big Mac

8. Most of the time you spend together is either having sex or he is complaining about he is being victimized

9. He takes a call from another girl while y'all are eating dinner

10. He says he doesn't want a relationship
I almost sticked my finger in a fan today... then I wanted to stick my dick in the fan.

I can't get the idea off my head HELP!!
You know what you need to do.
Sometimes I think about how my problems would go away if everyone were to die.
Oh god, I felt the pain.

I usually do it through the company I keep.They aren't part of them. They still are stuck in some infantile king of the hill competition. Slapping each other around like idiots. I ask them how they are and they keep saying oh I'm doing this and that. I'll ask them a month later and nowhere. I just go on vacations nowadays.
Im positive i started loving my wife more she loves me and it is ruining our marriage
I wish I was dead. I'm tired of loans. I'm tired of this semester. I'm tired of feeling like I'll go nowhere and wherever I turn I'm just a useless fuck.
I have a crush on someone I shouldn't... It's embarrassing and last night I'm not sure if I'll call it progress or embarrassment.
my current situation is pretty good but my childhood was awful and my dad is dead and sometimes I think about the past and want to curl in a ball and do nothing and I should be studying for an exam right now but I'm anxious over problems that don't exist anymore
My mom's all too close to dying and I'm losing it. I'm afraid for my family. I'm afraid for my future. I'm afraid of my dad dying and ending up alone like you're afraid of.

But mostly I just want to be able to make my mom better. Her mother died just this January at 93. I'm only 23.

She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in march, and she's been through hell. We thought she was going to die back then, but she pushed through. Then she fell and fractured her hip which stunted most of her independence. She couldn't do most of the things she loved anymore.

Then she had a hernia. Then a bout of double vision that thankfully turned out to be nothing. And just as she was getting confidence in walking again, which the doctors were amazed with, the chemo took that from her with neuropathy.

After finally getting through the debulking and being told the remaining chemos would finish things off for the foreseeable future, she was grievously ill a month later. And it's been a slow ride ever since.

She's in pain. She can't eat. She's lost the strength to get herself out of bed. I know I have to just let go soon, but she hasn't given up. She's desperate to live even if there's no chance.

Helping her through all of this has been the only meaning my life has ever had. I have never enjoyed living beyond just being able to sit on the couch with her and watch movies and make her happy, believing we could get through it.

But that's all been reduced to a lie and all we have left is agony.
Just say as you're leaving one day "oh i gotta go i've got a date" and rush out of there before she can ask anything. You can think of how to explain it next time, but at least get it out there. Don't fucking cheat.
There's a better way to living than the 5 day work week.

We should have a part of the population be nocturnal so that everyone can have some space and time to do things. The world doesn't stop running while we sleep and some people are just more efficient during the night.

We should be running everything on water and solar power by now...

Everyone should be treated to their healthiest peak. How else could we fight off imperfections in our genes if we can't push our bodies to their limits with a fear of paying a high price to reach or best.

Nazi bashing never goes out of style.

Weed should be legal

There should be a fruit trees all around so that anyone can eat and no one there's no excuse for starvation.

I really hope that Bernie Sanders makes it past the ides of March. Power is disgusting when used wrong and some won't relinquish it.

Can we please unite and fix this place?
Luckily my parent's generation was horny and we outnumber older assholes with antiquated ideals. Please fight the brainwashing that Demi lovatto and drake are doing, it's making you stupid and you don't know it.

More bacon for all

- Me for president of earth 2052
You're awesome. You're almost everything I look for in a girl, and you talk to me so much compared to everyone else. But why do this if you already have a boyfriend? Am I just crazy? Is it just me not getting over my ex that makes me feel like this? Why did she leave me? She told me why, but it didn't make sense! I could've done better if I had just known! Why did you lead me on for so long if I never had a chance in the first place?
I'd vote for anyone who made nocturnal public schools
I wish this bitch at work would stop talking shit behind my back and just be honest with me with how she feels towards me. She's so committed to being a victim and blaming me for her insecurities, but it's not my fault she's a lazy ass entitled princess. Sorry honey, your prettiness is NOT going to save you forever. At some point, your looks will fade and playing the damsel in distress ain't gonna do shit but annoy smart people like myself. I hope you get fired if you don't pull up your socks any time soon. Want me to stop bossing you around? How about you lift a fucking finger around the place and I'll stop telling you what to do. Also want me to be nicer to you? Then stop fucking whining to me about the littelest things you SHOULD FUCKING KNOW BY NOW HAVING WORKED WITH US FOR ALMOST FOUR MONTHS NOW!!! Your job isn't even THAT hard! What don't you understand?
what's she do? what do you do?
>had no job for longest time
>feel depressed and worthless
>get hired last week, work for <10 hours
>every negative thing goes away almost immediately

It's just a shitty retail job and I'm sure I'll start to hate it after a while but it honestly feels weird NOT feeling like shit.
I miss you so much, but I'm afraid of sounding stupid or weird if I tell you.
My shitty, long-distance ex-bf seemed to think it would be better to slowly blip out of existence instead of just breaking up with me. He was in my hometown (where we meet up) for three different weekends without telling me so he could hang out with our mutual friends there. Would take three days to respond to a "how are you?" text.

I wouldn't have fucking agreed to do long-distance if he hadn't said he was willing to put in the work. Obviously he wasn't. And he couldn't even work up the guts to actually break up with me. I had to ask him if he wanted to break up, to which he replied: "Yeah, this is really hard and I don't know how it could get any better."

Oh, I don't know, maybe if you had fucking TRIED?
Just want her to fucking text me. I was the last to message her, and the last to initiate the conversation, so I'm not going to say anything until she does. I just hope she does. I want to know she cares. Fucking hell man. This shit is painful. Been in an ongoing state of melancholy for like the last week and a bit.
I have a lot of friends and I'm well liked, but I can never shake the feeling that I fucked up when saying something or that I wasn't smooth enough with a girl.

I'm not perfect, and that makes me want to kill myself.

I have incredibly vivid day dreams of doing horrible things to people I know, especially my ex, but I can't tell anyone without being called out as edgy or mentally ill.

I feel so alone even though I'm surrounded and I can't express myself anymore.
>Nazi bashing never goes out of style.
>Weed should be legal
>There should be a fruit trees all around so that anyone can eat and no one there's no excuse for starvation.
>I really hope that Bernie Sanders makes it past the ides of March. Power is disgusting when used wrong and some won't relinquish it.

Not even saying this from a political perspective, but you are the dumbest poster I have ever seen. Your ideas are shit, your opinions are shit, and you're so indoctrinated and unrealistic that reading your post is like dragging my genitals across a cheese grater.

NEVER have an idea again.
I know a very similar feel, my friend.
You're stupid for letting that stop you
I have lost the ability to show my emotions. The family surrounding me doesn't hardly give a shit about me and that's how I like it. I can easily acquire any job I want because I am a normie on the exterior. I dream of a life where I didn't have the same quality of life features that I had growing up. I dream of a life where I can work some shitty job and do drugs all day without a worry in the world. I could live in a small town playing vidya games for the remainder of my life barely scraping by. Collecting fucking government checks, actually living my own life. However, I am bound to the normie lifestyle, I shall forever go my life in a workmen's fashion. Working until the day that I retire to only realise that all the mistakes I have made, finally caught up to me and the retirement that I saved wasn't enough to last through the medical debt. The woman that I marry will probably not have the same qualities and I won't be able to stand her, because she's a total bitch. My future kids will be shitheads nonetheless because they won't have a father figure in their life due to an extreme working schedule because fuck the American Standard of working hours. Oh wait, let's rewind this shit for a second, I am future trippin'. Current situation of life, pretty fucking good. Uni student, easy work schedule, great group of friends. I don't ever feel a part though, because I just allow myself to exist and nothing more. I spend countless hours on a mmorpg because I don't have anything else to live for. I find myself raging on more than one occasion. The girl that I have a crush on has a horrible home life and has a bitch ass boyfriend that just uses her. It's mrstealyogirl time.
Please do that cheese grater thing. Don't have kids.
More importantly, I could probably shove my foot in your ass and you couldn't do a thing about it.

More bacon
If cancer had a voice, it would have yours.

Please continue to play internet tough guy, it's hilarious.
I too have known these feels. Try not to dwell on it in the meanwhile anon, keep yourself busy!
File: 1300734843415.png (5KB, 225x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Whenever I try to call someone, and they don't answer, I always get super paranoid and anxious, because the first thing that comes into my head is that they don't want to speak to me, despite the fact that there are probably many more logical reasons why they won't answer.
I hate everyone and wish all human beings would just die. I'm desensitized to everything including sex. I've accepted my nihilistic view of the world and continue to go through life day by day wondering why things are the way they are. I would never commit suicide.
I'm puking my guts out.
Please come back to me.
It doesn't matter how much weight I lose. I'm still going to be the same uninteresting fuck I've always been. How do people decide where to go out to or what hobbies to pursue? I always feel like I'd be missing out on something else. My indecisiveness has always been my greatest enemy I guess. That and my anxiety. I don't think I need one particular piece of advice. I might need a therapist.
Anxiety and second guessing hit and I didn't go. I didn't want the job honestly and got pressured into this by family. Why am I so weak? At this age I should be sitting at my job, career in line and life on track. Instead I'm sitting in a park freezing my ass off in the cold morning air, wondering why my friends hang out with such an unemployed loser.

I'm such a fuck up and a failure. My family is going to look at me like I'm a loser at dinner and I am. I can already see my mom's look of utter disappointment and hear my sister's scathing criticism despite her never holding a single real job.

Why can't I be a normal person? Why, after holding a good job for eight years, am I unable to stay with anything else and experience this crippling anxiety? I'm just going to go home and lock myself in my room.
You always manage to find a way into my dreams
Sometimes I wonder if I should have faced the music and stayed
Sometimes I wish
babe, you need to lose weight. you'll refuse to admit it, but almost all your health problems stem from it.

you were trying at one point, and then you gave up and now you've gained about 30 pounds.

eating healthy is not smothering everything in butter and eating massive quantities of somewhat healthy food.

also related, and this is harder to say, I'm losing my attraction to you. between the sudden weight gain lately and you being so down on yourself and constantly drawing my attention to it in the least attractive ways, its just not working for me. neither is whenever you try to cuddle, it being hard to breathe.

and no, this isn't me being some entitled, asshole, patriarchy member, trying to oppress you or like, take over you're individuality by telling you what to do. I love you, its not healthy, it makes you unhappy, why not do something about it?

you know nothing about psychology or how people react when they present valid points and no one listens. yep, they get more and more agitated until it becomes "WOULD YOU JUST FUCKING LISTEN FOR ONCE, YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY PERSON WHO'S FEELINGS MATTER"

just go. stop saying you're going, and go. you wanna draw up ultimatums and shit and try to push me into a corner as what? a test? before you go? don't draw it out, just leave then. I've got shit I've gotta do. I don't have time for all the bullshit.
0_0 had a dream with the person that always ends up in my dreams last night too. she did something that, if only she had fessed up to and worked with me... everything would be different.

I didn't want to wake up from that dream. been so long since I've seen her I forgot how she made me feel. and then there was her face right in front of me in my dream and it was like we were both concentrating, trying to stay there.
lets get this straight. this is my house. you were invited, but you are not on the lease. you are not legally responsible for this place if one of the people living here fucks things up because of their pigsty lifestyle.

seriously, lets get that straight. and i don't give even half a fuck what they say. they. are. not. involved. they don't live here. they have no say in absofuckinglutely anything. they're fucking with your head, and if you let it continue its going to break us up and I'm gonna go on to better and bigger things. we've both been played. we can work with the situation we're in, or we can keep being played, or we can go our separate ways. those are the options. but you're not gonna fuck me over cause now you're scared of losing things that were never yours. this is my house. respect it, or get your own.

dunno who the hell you think you are having that much entitlement and treating me like you do. do you think I won't leave?
my dad wants me to break up with you and go back to college. honestly it sounds like a pretty enticing deal. he'll pay for the whole thing.

lets be honest, this relationship is on the rocks, big ones. you're not gonna change because you feel any change I want is oppression of yourself, rather than advancement of yourself.

I don't want to spend the rest of my life living like this, and I don't want to carry all your responsibilities.
everyone acts like I owe them shit and I'm just sitting here like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHU6ZRQJ50Q


times a comin. damn its been a long wait.
File: match.jpg (9KB, 284x177px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9KB, 284x177px
mm, yes, because we all know you have such a clear grasp of reality.

you wanna escalate this?
Yes, I am depressed, yes you won, you are the one who get away winner, laughing at me while I beg you to comeback, sending me a smile face later just to show me how happy you are while I suffer, I should have predict this when you told me you are a bad person I didn't believe it, Im trying to get over whit my dignity but Im depressed and thats all
Haven't been able to find a job since I graduated college. I feel like such a fucking loser. Everyone I know has finally been able to move out on their own and establish themselves while I'm still at home, searching for something. I'm so goddamn depressed and I haven't been this depressed since I hit a rough patch around 15-16 where I was suicidal even. I'm still applying, either getting rejected outright or after an interview.

Just screening everything here scammer. Don't bully other people because you are insecure. You attacked others, played the victim and now you cyber bully.

I know you are one of those Filipino ACN guys.
Hey J,

I know I didn't make much of an impression and I'm constantly worried that you don't know who I am, but I've been thinking about you every day since we met. I felt like I bored you at times, I'm not really sure if you think of me as remotely enjoyable. To be honest, I was rather high and drunk, so please be understanding. I was really hoping you'd be out last week, but it didn't seem like you were there. It's a shame because that whole week I was an emotional roller coaster, my self-confidence constantly bobbing. My infatuation stayed true and this was probably not the best thing. I've always prided myself on being removed and composed but life has been pretty unsettling for the past few years, definitely re-evaluating my persona.
I've confided in whoever I could, but at first I thought it was because I didn't know what to do. After every conversation, every bit of advice, I was frustrated by how everyone seemed to say things I had already thought about. I guess the real reason was that I just wanted to talk about you. The past couple of weeks have been so intense, my mind constantly feeling like a boiling pot, that the only relief I could find for myself was with thoughts of talking to you. I've got a powerful imagination but the conversations I make for myself are never real dialogues; I just want you and your essence, your thoughts, your laugh and smile, the way your voice seems to carry in the air and how energizing you are to me. I obsess over you, and I'm not sure what to do about it. I hope I can see you at K's, I'm planning on going sober (maybe just drunk) so that I can give you my best. I wish I could be more mentally stable, but we all need to have our quirks.

I'll try not to be a faggot next time,
Ugghh...... I don't know what to do. I mean I sorta know what to do. I know what to do about one problem, but I have no clue what to do about everything else. If there are other people who are having the exact same problem with the girls here as I am, then maybe it's time for me to stop trying. I know that will save me from a lot of heartache, but it certainly won't save me from my loneliness. The girls here are all just a bunch of self-entitled whores who think they deserve everything and don't have to give anything back. And I'm not the only one who understands this, either. Just ask any single guy here. They've all had similar experiences to mine.
But still, none of this changes the fact that I'm friendless. I can deal with not having a girlfriend, but not having anyone here I can even talk to? What is this? I honestly have no idea if this is my fault or the fault of everyone else. Not even the therapists here will listen! I just wish there was some way I could get my parents to understand. Every time they try to start a conversation about my social life, it goes the exact same way: they tell me that I'm doing something wrong and I should fix it and keep trying, and I tell them that I've been trying for three years and look where that's gotten me, which is why I've finally given up, and they insist that I should keep trying anyway. They just don't get it. That, and I'm pretty sure all they really want is for me to get married and start popping out grandkids ASAP.
*SIGH* They just don't care about me. Maybe I should consider moving back home. No, not where my parents are living. I mean my real home. At least there's one person there who cares about me (at least I hope she does; she hasn't been returning any of my calls lately). But in the mean time, I suppose the one thing I can do to make my time here a little more bearable would be to expose my roommate's actions to my landlord and get him evicted. Does anybody know how to open a locked door?
I just can't wipe that smile from my face - all because of you.

pls don't be an emotional vampire pls don't be an emotional vampire

>slowly touches your cape
>let me see your face
>suddenly bats

I just wanted her to smile.
I send you some of my happiness. I got that in abundance atm

:-) thx m8 u r the bestest
He deserves so much better desu
Y-you too
But your vagina is not.
Please don't masturbate by grinding on a cheese grater again
Chandler Sanchez

You know nothing about psychology.
You are not a "reall north American".
I hope you're happy with life because that's what happens when you try to fuck a stranger in the ass.
Gary and Joey want a three some with you. So do all the other faggots in that faggot workplace.
If you clapped your ass cheeks outside their door, they would definitely let you in.
Thank you for getting me fired, It was a blessing.
You're proof that closed of hicks are really stupid and can't learn culture even if they get to leave for Argentina.

>work really hard all weekend
>wake up exhausted and miserable
>can't even enjoy watching a little youtube without getting nagged about how I'm not doing enough

Just kill me in my sleep already.

Nice projection, fantasy of yours? Gay Jays never learn about harassing straights. Is your 1 hour internet time in jail over yet?
Yes, my one hour with your mom is over.

Sadly, I think we would've been great bros bruh. Then power and all the complications of human nature happened. Oh and you revealed your asshole nature. No matter how hard you try, you'll always be a shit skin just Like me
The hard dick of the law will Fuck that place in the ass.

Back to your cell.

Whoever it is you've proven that you are just a shitty person. Whoever you think you are talking to doesn't care. They moved on unlike you. Grow up kid you don't deserve friends. Your self hate leaks out and is toxic. Go outside and do something positive instead of being a troll under the bridge. Stop scamming.
Is what I told your mom
This is fun and therapeutic though!

Yeah your mom told my mom to tell you here that your internet time is over. Don't disrespect your own mother or your family. Your mom my mom and I are watching you in your cell. Your mom is so worried you are being transferred to death row soon. Goodbye bro ;_; I didn't even know why you lashed out at the world. The world loved you. Oh well.

Yeah because you got your ass fired otherwise you wouldn't be here. I'm making money sitting here unlike you.
How do you know I'm not in a better position than you? Or better than that place?
A position in which I can make posts comfortably on a Monday afternoon.

Whatever your mind conjures in this text based communication.
If you pull the plug on it it dies. Just let it die comfortably on a Monday afternoon. RIP.
You're my spirit of war. When I need to fight, I just have to think about you, and remember that one day I loved the king of the pirates. It doesn't matter if it's true or not. It helps me to stand up. I feel you inside me. The day you died was the end of the world, but it was the day I started to be who I wanted to be. I was not able to do it for myself, so I did it for you. Keeping your spirit alive, and then it became a part of me. What I loved in you, I created it in myself.
I "loved" men afther your death, but never like you. Never with so much respect. I liked them for what they did to me. But I loved you for who you were.
I hope one day I will met a guy I can respect in the same way but I'm not sure.
We have to work in groups for some courses in college and this time for a role play in Japanese I'm stuck with a girl I don't know (she seems nice though) and a guy I really dislike because the teacher decided herself the members of each group. This guy is so annoying, he tries to make sure everyone thinks of him as a genius whenever he speaks, he has a shitty sense of humor, etc. But mostly, he talks shit about others behind their backs just for fun, and it's pretty obvious what he thinks of others. I hope I won't have to see him outside of college to prepare our work together, he creeps me out so much. Especially since a friend of mine told me that he suggests to a bunch of girls to do some homework at his place.
> Be chilling with my friend while he's at work
>Spot his co-worker qt 3.14
> Moments later I befriend her and we make a group together
> My friend said a lot of in appropriate things to her
> Next day she comes up to me and asks if he is always like that and tells me not to tell hm
>Say no
>Next day realised she had a boyfriend
> Was pretty depressed after crashing from 4 coffees
> Told my friend that she said all sorts of things about her and we should ignore her
> Next day realise what I had done, she might not be good for me but still I hurt her feelings
>Friend finds out I've said all sorts of stuff to her too
>now both are ignoring me
>I have many friends but this is my most loyal friend
tl;dr Tfw you feel the world is against you even over the smallest things
Someone try and make me feel a little happier I feel really depressed for no reason
you're kidding right? over that?

we're gonna have a problem, over me eating like the tiniest bit of anything? are you serious right now babe? that reaction, was in no way proportional to the action.

why don't you come down from your high horse and look at all the shit you have all over the house that you said you'd clean a week ago. then we can ask wtf is wrong with who.
Why is my mind so fickle? One minute, I want to marry you and the next I want to break up.
File: 1446905866563.png (782KB, 490x1015px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
782KB, 490x1015px
Tired of smiling at bosses that fuck my coworkers and I over. Tired of coming in early, staying late with somebody hovering over my shoulder like I'm defusing a bomb. Tired of slaving day in, day out for guys that probably have trouble remembering my face. Tired of people and my parents admiring such 'work ethic' when in reality I'm half-assing every project and feeling empty since it's so easy and hollow.

I'm going to make a big change soon. I never wanted this and if I were to die tomorrow I'd regret all of my time spent here.
>wife cheats
>leaves me for him
>court date coming up

what should i do on my first day of being a free man
I DID STEAL FROM YOU. I WAS DESPERATE. I'm sorry... especially as I can never own up to it. I'm sorry.
Go on a trip to Spain's party island and enjoy your time
So tired of being alone.
Fap way too much.
Can't get ex back.
Thinking about ending it soon.
Life is so hard and unfair.
Tried everything to make my life better. But it doesn't get better.
Don't wanna live like this.
Should I do a back flip when I jump?
>implying i have money
Supposed to have a day to myself today for the first time in over 6 months. Roommate stays home from work. Got nothing done, been annoyed all day.

Hit up a friend and party. You're a goddamn free man! I had a buddy divorce an evil bitch this year and the first thing I said to him was: "If you can still hold your liquor we're goin' out Saturday."

I covered the expenses and we just roamed the city, meeting crazy people, drinking and eating unhealthy as fuck food. Dunno how much it helped him but it was pretty fun. If anything just cut loose and maybe make a nice drink for yourself man.
>tfw no man has ever been into me
Elaborate. That could become a funny story to tell your pals in the long run.
My boyfriend of 8 years wants to become a woman (but keep his gentalia.) I feel like my heart is breaking. I know I should be supportive but I just want totally different things out of life. I'm a terrible and fucking selfish person because if he goes through with it idk if I could be with him. I'm so damn lost
Tell her you ain't into women
no you are not selfish. you are not terrible

you are normal. you are a normal woman who is into men

he is the freak. you are 1000% justified in leaving his mentally ill, deranged ass

if anyone is selfish, it's him for refusing to take the feelings of his significant other into account
I love him so much but I just can't get past it.
there is nothing to 'get past'
he has decided to mutiliate himself and end his life as a man

never forget- it is normal to be repulsed
I'm very lonely
Me too, but not by my own choice. People hate me because I'm retarded or whatever.
Spains party island, lmfao you mean Mallorca?

You always talk to me when you're not bound by the shackles of a relationship. You come to me crying every time you need support, but the second you get what you want you leave me behind. It's frustrating knowing that you only use me for this reason and have no real interest in pursuing friendship after our relationship came to an end.

This recent breakup of yours has me craving you more than ever before, but you're gone again, and I don't even know what I did to deserve you leaving again. For a whole week you've just cut me off, and I'm lonelier than I was before you started talking to me again. I haven't texted you since the second day you stopped talking to me because I don't want to look desperate, but it's getting to the point where it's keeping me up at night and eating away at my happiness. Again. Like it used to. I've never been so alone without you since the day we broke up. 3 and a half years with you wasn't enough for me.

I miss you. Always.


that is all
Leaving out all comments about mental illness, it's very okay to not find your partner attractive anymore. You like dudes, not chicks, and honestly both of you are just going to have to accept it.
If anything, he is selfish. Had he been honest with you from the start, you wouldn't have wasted nearly a decade with him.

This is even worse as you are female, and have wasted your youth, your prime.

Not only is said time wasted, but your worth is also diminished in the dating pool; I am sorry if this comes across as cold, but it has to be taken into account. I almost feel he may have waited this long to tell you due to you now being so heavily invested, and possibly believing that you can no longer do better. Make no mistake, he has known he wanted this for a long, long time.

Even if you talk him out of it, he will always resent you for it. I am genuinely sorry for you, as this is a lose-lose situation.
I can't figure out why this coworker of mine keeps looking at me and it's driving me crazy. Logic is telling me that he doesn't like me, because I feel like I've overheard him talk about me in a negative way and it's VERY possible that he's gossiped about me. But if he doesn't like me, why does he notice me from a distance? Why does he always give me these long stares every time I walk past? No other coworker that I've noticed looks at me nearly as much as he does, and he doesn't look at anyone else for anywhere near as long as he looks at me. Sometimes when he asks me to do something, he looks STRAIGHT into my eyes without breaking eye contact at all.

I feel like I'm reading way too much into this, but if he really didn't like me, why would he pay so much attention to me? He probably thinks I'm weird or some shit.
are you a gril

p obvious he wants le vagine
I'm thinking about becoming a cam girl. My job right now is absolutely terrible so I want to move to a city 6 hours away and go to school for something else. I won't be able to work enough and go to school to afford the move so it's looking like a pretty easy way to make some cash from home to help me out. Anyone got any tips?
I'm suddenly having a huge problem controlling my eating habits. Since I've been off my birth control, I've had this fuckin' MONSTEROUS appetite, I'm not shitting you. When I start eating I can't stop, I feel hungry all the time. It's like I'm losing my ability to feel full.

I was watching what I was eating and everything, but now that I've started eating so damn much, I'm gaining all the weight back that I've lost (I lost around 20 pounds from exercise and diet). I've completely lost all motivation to exercise for one reason or another, I've almost completely fallen out of the habit of it.

Somebody help me please, I don't want to undo ALL of my progress.
But he talks to everyone else but me, and he's a really outgoing, funny guy. I feel like he'd have talked to me by now if he wanted to get in my pants.

Then again, I am really quiet and super socially awkward, and he's WAY older than I am.
>sexual harassment lawsuit
>just fantasy
>possibly married
>possibly just a strategy

i mean, here you are talking about him. would you be doing the same is he walked up to you and asked if you wanted some fuk?
File: good for you.gif (950KB, 500x383px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
good for you.gif
950KB, 500x383px
Today I'm feeling a bit better. I gues you can say it was a good day. I talked to a girl on the street, to bad she said that she got a bf. The rest of the day been alone and have not spoken a word. I watched a movie "Partisan" 2015 with Vincent Cassel, but I did not pay much attention to it. The movie was no good. I did not like it. Tomorow I have to go to work again. I hate tf. But at least at work nobody bothers me and often time flies by.

It's strange, that I can't feel complete without having a gf. I don't understand this feel. I want a female soulmate a waifu. But I think all the waifu's knows that I want that so they won't gove them selfs to me. At least I think it works this way.
I'd totally fuck him for sure. But I think he's got a girlfriend and I don't have the charisma to get past anything other than "acquaintances" with him. I want him to be happy.

Plus, I think it's safer to assume that he's not interested. I don't like getting my hopes up.
Fucking try to listen for once, lady. You're over 60, don't you fucking know, or can't you fucking tell, that you're not always right, and it's completely human to be wrong? Instead of making such an asshole of yourself, why don't you try to just listen to what people has to say, instead of just ignoring them or shuting them up because they're not agree with you, or because they knew a little something you didn't?

Fucking listen to them, woman, they're your daughters, for crying out loud!!!!!
see i need to find women like you where i live
Is there something as a happy depression? After I had it for serval years and kinda got over it by getting a bad example (as in,being friends with a depressed one) and cut off ties with that guy,I felt better having him not around anymore. Nobody really wants to hear the same depressed shit every fucking day. But nowadays I'm showing some symptoms of depression again while I don't feel like dying at all. Am I just being a lazy shit or am I broken beyond belief?
Uh, why?
do a 900 mister hawk!
why does it matter
First, we need pics; underwear is fine. Seriously. Those of us that hit up camwhores can give you a decent idea on earning power.

Second, what would be your soft, and hard, limits. In relation to what you would be willing to do on cam.
I'm an idiot for wanting to take you back, because even though you cheated on me I still love you too much.
Hang out with a close friend, either go out to dinner or stay in and play a videogame. Hell, maybe you can play Fallout 4 and forget about your problems?

Try nude modelling instead. It's more respectable.
You should learn that literally every single human is a horrible piece of shit, including yourself. We are all scum. Don't EVER pretend that we are anything more than animals.
So I have a problem. People think that I have Down Syndrome. I look retarded and constantly have a dumb look on my face. I get fucked with in school and at work constantly for it. But, I'm not actually mentally handicapped. Quite the contrary. In fact, I consistently outperform my peers at work and school. This makes some of them extremely extremely extremely angry. Like, I've had my car keyed with the words piece of shit and I have been intimated at school by various tormentors and even pushed around (I'm a senior in HS). They really hate to see someone they pegged for mentally handicapped show them up I'm assuming. Besides laughing at them (not to their faces of course), because I find it doubly amusing when they react so harshly to being beat by a "retard", I really have no way of dealing with this. I'm about to go to college, and although I bet that it will improve, I feel like I will face bias for my appearance my entire life.

About the dumb look, I believe it is a product of being introverted or light ADHD, but I don't know. I do it when I'm thinking, which is basically constantly.
same anon. thanks
I just cannot message her. I just keep panicking about what to say and how to start.

care to share? what should we do anon?

I bumped into her again I almost got close to asking her to hang out in the future, but a strange fear gripped me and I just couldnt ask. Fear of rejection I guess?

Now this time for sure I'll never see her again. I feel so bad, she was such a nice person to me.
I know the feeling, except I'm waiting on him to message me.
just get it over with. i used to agonize over that shit but after a few times of sending an invite out and getting ignored/blocked, you just want to get the rejection over with.

doesn't help that i am real bad at picking up signals
I'm overworked and undersexed. I could really use some head right now
Gorillaz - The Fall
File: leaving.jpg (344KB, 1000x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
344KB, 1000x1000px
I have no idea how to get over my anxiety regarding life and death and it's starting to get really shitty

FUCK SHITTY PARENTS. You think if you just hand your 13 year old kid a laptop, the latest fucking iPhone some money and other stupid bullshit, that's good parenting? Your kid is fucking lost, and has no social support, so she goes online to get validation from strangers and it's disgusting. Fuck you, you dumb cunts. You're supposed to be there for your kid and teach her about the dangers of this world, not let her raise herself.
she a stronk independent WOMYN that dont need no MAN!

everyone knows WOMYN are smarter and mature much, much faster...

stop oppressing me, you fat, neckbeard, shitlord!
Haha, I know that feeling when another person gives a late reply/action and you stress out and misinterpret it.
Trust me, it's not as important as you think. I feel this every time. The more you wait, the less likely you will go through. Try the three second rule.
When will I be ready to go get a girlfriend? I don't feel like I could handle that dedication, but it's not like I have anything better to do.

Fuck off dude, I feel absolutely disgusted.
I miss you Max.
Text me sometime. I know when I tried contacting again.. The conversation was so short and casual it hurt.

I still am in love with you, and I just want you to know that I am here in your darkest days.
>the same boat in a sea of feel
I'm worried about the girl I've been with for two years ending because I'm her first proper boyfriend and shit. It feels completely illogical since she seems happy and still wants to spend time with me.

But I don't know, I think I've just got too invested in this and I'm afraid.
I will do everything I can to make sure my younger brothers don't end up as lonely and miserable as me.
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