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Moving out advice

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Can we have a general thread about living on your own and moving out and away from your parents?
I'm getting ready to be out on my own early next year and I feel like I'm not prepared
I'm trying to make a list of expenses right now and it's pretty short
>Monthly Expenses
>Rent- 900
>vitamins and meds

I've gotta be missing stuff, right?
Clothes, cleaning supplies, appliances and furniture, hobbies, going out, insurance, car if you have one, transport if you don't, savings for emergencies.
is there a decent way I can actually calculate all of that?
I'll have roommates but still
Well it depends on how much you spend on those things. You'd know better than I do. I'd suggest making sure there's a decent buffer in your income in case you have underestimated how much you need to spend
Right right
I guess I have to figure it out, at present in not actively spending money on much but I wanna budget for it so I can aim to make enough money for those things

>so i can aim to make enough money for those things

this is pretty much the root of your problem. we dont really live in a world with that sort of luxury anymore. you are handed a budget based on whatever job you can get, and you have to make that work.

other people talk about buffer and savings and such, but realistically, a lot of people are living week to week. my idea of 'going out' is once a week i can spend about 7 bucks on chinese food or really cheap sushi. so i mean i could save 28 dollars a month. everything else averages out pretty much.

my point is that there is no REAL way to budget until you actually know either A) what you are going to be spending or B) what you are making.

otherwise you are creating an arbitrary number and then hoping to find an arbitrary number to cover that.

i made that post under the assumption that you mean 'i wanna know how much i plan to spend so i can get a job that will cover that'

did you by chance mean you wanna make sure you save enough money before moving out to cover that and other moving expenses? my apologies if it was the latter.
Wait, so you don't actually have a job yet? And I mean something beyond a wageslave job. You need to stay at home for a few months once you have the job, save whatever you can, and THEN move out.
>Rent- 900
jesus christ
$900 gets you a really nice 800 sqft single bedroom here
this is California
$900 is a shitty room at that
im moving to go to school
yeah but i can get a wageslave crappy job, and then fill in the rest with unscrupulous things or sex work
my original goal was to save up, but i'm running out of time, and it's unlikely i'd be able to save enough to live off for an extended period of time anyway

so right now my plan is to
>figure out how much I NEED
>find job to make as much as possible
>supplement the rest
also knowing how much money i need now should make it easier for me to find and take a job when i move, since i can already have alternatives lined up since i know what my deficit will be so to speak
....or is that impractical?

Insurance. Never forget insurance. at the very least you should have an accident insurance (it's called in my country), if you get injured while walking on the road you will get insurance help and money, which can be critical if you are hospitalized for instance.
Also, if you accidently break a window, or some other accident, you will be covered.

Set asise money for a yearly dental check-up + tooth cleaning.

Transportation should be factored in as well.

Clothes, even a small clothes budget for second-hand is important, you will also need new bed covering and towels once in a while.

Toilet paper, toothpaste, detergent, dish-washing soap etc etc are all cheap, but it adds up.
Whatever end figure you come up with for estimated expenses, go ahead and tack on a few extra hundred since something always comes up. Living is an expensive game.

Only advice I've got is to have a boatload of cash, especially if you live anywhere urban.
ddidn't think about that i'll put that under rent then
thats my goal, hopefully i can afford it
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