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Ways to commit suicide that will pretty much guarantee death? I don't plan on failing and ending up a vegetable. It would be preferable if this doesn't involve a lot of pain or endurance. I have no access to guns or pills that are actually potent enough to harm me.
Shut the fuck up dude. Either kill yourself and get r done or actually grow some balls and deal with problems. Nobody will understand what you're going through, and 99% don't care. Life sucks, but there's good stuff in it if you actually put in the effort instead of whining like a bitch on advice forums. No sense in wasting a perfectly good human body. Put it to use.
exit bag dumbshit
jump in front of a full speed truck on the highway

100% deathrate unless you fucking miss

place head on train/trolley tracks in the middle of a bend/corner so that it can't see you from far away and cannot slow down in time. you can also jump infront of this thing too

you can also just go to a shooting range, and kill yourself there. if you have no money, steal it.

you can also go to the grocery store, steal/buy bleach and drink all of it.

if you have a car, park it in a garage, turn the engine on, close the garage, make it as airtight as possible, and die of carbon monoxide poisoning.

prepare yourself a hot bath, slit wrists ALONG your forearm, not across the wrists and bleed out. not actually that painful, plus as youre sitting there, waiting to die, you can make sure you actually want to die. this is my method if i ever end up actually going through with it.

helium exit bag method (google it, fairly inexpensive to make, no pain)

hang yourself, an easy way to do this is the place a thin leather belt around a door handle, and around your neck, slouch with your back against the closed door, and wait to pass out from lack of blood to your head due to compression of arteries
I've already tried, and all that happened was me ending up in a coma for 4 months. I've tried hard enough and there's really no point anymore. I have B's in all my AP classes and no decent college is going to want to accept me anymore(so no future) The tuition would have been too hard on my parents anyway. I want them to save it for my brother. I'm positive my boyfriend is cheating on me. I'm determined to commit suicide by the end of this month so I just wanted to find one that didn't involve mutilating my body or something like that.
I was going to do something along the lines of drinking bleach as I have a lot at home and the helium exit bag method sounds solid. The others sound too violent but thanks.
Do you actually want to die or are you just concerned that you are unwanted/unneeded and possibly suffering from depression?
I want to die.
Bruh I didn't do amazingly in AP and IB and I'm in college doing well. College is when it gets amazing. Don't kill yourself off from ever experiencing it.

You can use this website to receive a nitrogen canister that is the best for suicide. You also need a regulator to avoid blowing your lungs out and a mask so that it does not fall of you when you pass out, both can be purchased cheaply on that site or amazon. Nitrogen asphixia is very painless because your lungs do not sense a lack of oxygen, you just get sleepy, pass out, and die. You need at least 15 minutes were you won't be found but the cannister, regulator and mask can be transported easily to an isolated area. Sites that support euthanasia for like terminal diseases are the best for info about painless suicide. Nitrogen asphyxia is one of the methods most commonly suggested in areas where assisted suicide is not legal. So you know it is painless and works well. But make sure to get a good regulator, a good mask and research. You don't want to fuck up.
Bleach is a terrible way to go. Hideously painful.

Your determination to commit suicide is an extremely selfish act. You get to die and don't have to live through the anguish, suffering and emotional pain that is inflicted on your family and friends.

If it was just you, a loner, unloved, living in isolation and whom nobody would even notice missing then your suicide doesn't affect anybody. Your situation sounds different.

Why are you so determined to die? Tell us your story.
I don't think that would matter much. I'm 17, female. I have bpd. I'm supposed to be the fucking smart one, and everything was supposed to lead to me getting a scholarship to an ivy league. I had straight A's all up until this year. I took 3 Ap classes last year and had all 5s on the tests. I got really stressed and had a handful of my grandma's pills and i was in a coma for the last month of school and over the summer. I started the school year late, and everyone knows what I tried to do. I won't deal with this anymore. Noone looks at me the same way anymore and I'm already a disappointment, and I'm done with this.
So hold on.... is that all this about? You aren't suffering unbearable chronic pain? You don't have degenerative fatal diseases? You aren't about to commit a heinous crime upon society?

You just didn't live up to you own expectations? Yes?

Well, all that means is you have to work a bit harder and find an alternative path to what was planned. It sounds like you made a dumb mistake before with the pills, so don't repeat it and make the same silly knee jerk reaction as you did then.

Have you looked at the alternate paths yet?

Firstly get over yourself. So you're not perfect. Nobody cares if you aren't. Second, go and talk to your parents about how you feel. They will want to help you..... let them.

Lastly, why are you measuring yourself against these benchmarks? There's a lot more to life. You could be the rockin goddess of r9k for example and have lots of admirers.

Suicide is a valid option when no others exist. Otherwise it's crueller to loved ones than your continued existence.

This stop being such a whiny fag. You're being so ridiculous it's absurd.
Howdy, some random 3rd shift cunt here to say that this guy is speaking some truth. He might not be all that gentle about it (which I find perfect, but some folks don't), but he's right.

>Lastly, why are you measuring yourself against these benchmarks?

Is a very good point. Comparing yourself, or comparing other people is instinctual and not always a perfectly conscious behaviour. But such a comparison does not have good validity; we are all far too unique and varied to even begin reconciling those differences for a weighted or adjusted true comparison. You must develop a system or framework in which you generate core beliefs that dictate your actions; not what other people are doing.

>Suicide is a valid option when no others exist.

Mostly agreed, but I'd like to add to this.

When I was 17 (oh god here we go BACK IN MY DAY ETC), I fucking hated to get called out on my age. Like, you assume because I'm young that I'm incorrect? Fuck that, I can't help that I was born after you, right!?

Sorry. No really, I'm sorry. But you're too young for this. I fully support the option of self-termination as long as there is rational, strenuous, and long-term thought behind it.

>Noone looks at me the same way anymore and I'm already a disappointment, and I'm done with this.

I've never been in your situation, but I have been very intimate with the very situation before. Unfortunately.

So I understand more than the average person what it is like. I know how you must loathe the pity, the constant fucking concern over you like you're made of porcelain, the "is she ok?" look that people give you without even thinking about it.

Get it, I know. I've sat and watched it happen to someone and been able to do NOTHING. Not a fucking thing! Someone I loved so dearly, and I couldn't do shit!

Anyway, I'm starting to rant about an irrelevant past turbulent situation of mine.
And it ain't as if AP tests are an insanely rigorous test of academic prowess, but getting all 5s, especially on the "real" classes like chem or bio is something to be proud of in HS. It'll save you TONS of money and headache. That shit is invaluable, and I didn't even take Spanish, Chem, or Calc.

The very worst thing you've got to deal with is the way some people are going to treat you after the silly thing with the pills. You should have no concern over this affecting your academic or career goals at ALL.
The first quarter just ended.... when I returned to school I had to make up a lot of work, and I was so messed up and unable to do any work. I have an F on my report card, and Its going to bring down my GPA and affect everything.
Everything was going good until this year huh... just some months of pain and already planning on killing yourself... this >>16440745 and this >>16440703

If this situation is hard enough to break you, then you need to change. Life is full of shit, so it is required to overcome adversities.

Why change? Well, apparently you want to be someone successful. Sooner or later life would throw some shit at you, this is a fact. If you cant deal with it properly, then it wouldnt matter if you went to the best college of the world. You would become unseccesful as soon as some shitty event happens.

Another thing, even if you do not go to college, that doesnt mean you won't be succesful. Just look at Bill Gates. It would be stupid to think he isnt succesful. Bill Gates is just an example, there are tons of people who achieved great without college, just search a little.

Well I hope you are still on this thread, and please dont harm your innocent pretty body :(
Swan diving off a 3 story building hasn't failed me, that's probably a good place to start.
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