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I can't tell who my friends are

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>tfw in highschool and you go on your facebook and see pictures from your group of friends throwing a surprise birthday party for someone else in the group

They didn't even ask me if I wanted to be involved. I know I probably sound like a whiny bitch but I'm legitimately hurt. They even invited someone who's only hanged out with us for like a month when we've known each other since fucking elementary school. What the fuck!? I thought we were friends.
Have you talked to someone from your "friends" group about this? Did they came up with an excuse?
Are you a guy or a girl?
I didn't get invited to my best friend's 30th birthday party even though everyone else from our group of friends from school did.

Worst part one of the fuckers was smug as fuck about it. I actually considered our entire circle close as brothers at one point.

It hurt as fuck, now I just moved on. Luckily I met 1 other person I feel I can talk to just as well as I could with them. Still quiet the shame to lose a connection like that.
guy and i only aw the pictures like 20 minutes ago so i didn't talk to anyone about it. I don't think i want to

i know that feel bro.

>be me
>always the new kid, 5 highschools
>be at 5th and final highschool
>make some nice friends
>manage to be there for a full year
>we have a christmas party
>next week i find out that they had a second christmas party
>the. very. next. fucking. day.
>it was exactly the same except they traded presents nad i wasnt' invited

i was pretty hurt. im an envious person in terms of friendship. becuase i moved so much i never really had a 'best friend' everyone else knew each other since middle school. i was always just the new guy.

I dated a lot and got that out of my system so dont even care about romance. but im 23 years old and foolishly pray that one day ill get my best friend that will ask me to be the best man at his wedding.
Want to know something incredible?

None of this shit happens at college so long as you don't act like a creep. Hold out until then and enjoy life.
sorry man, they're not real friends.
Find out who was in charge of inviting/planning- it's their fault.
The other member of the group who were invited might like you and assume that you had been invited.
It really could just be one dude
This doesn't necessarily means they don't like you, but it is a shitty move to not invite you.
Maybe that particular friend whose birthday it is didn't wanted to have you there. But I honestly have no idea. I would suggest you talking to the one in the group you feel the closest to if you've calmed yourself a little.
i love how all these people are calling OP insufferable for keeping his feelings away from his friends and just venting through an anonymous forum about his insecurities.

are we just not allowed to have any at all anymore?
Yeah, that could be right. I don't know. I actually took a good look at the pictures and there were a couple of people missing. I've had bad experiences with friendships growing up and since then, I've been afraid of loosing friends.

that is likely the case. can still feel bad, envy being what it is, but it softens the blow for sure.
i guess but now I just kind of feel bad and guilty that I'd just assume my friends would do that without even questioning it first
>getting left out

You don't have to hang out with them.
Sorry, they're not your friends.
Same thing happened to me, group of "friends" suddenly started to always leave me out, never told me about any of their plans for holidays, parties etc. They only contacted me when somebody dropped out of a holiday that I knew nothing about and they needed someone to fill the space.
I said fuck that, I want nothing to do with these people anymore.
I experienced the same thing.

Don't let it get to you, party when your in college or uni, now is the time you want to shape that young brain of yours, so by the time you know yourself (around 25) you'll be able to do all the cool shit you might have missed out on in a more clear state of mind.

Life gets better as you get older, chicks get hornier and smarter, the drugs get better and you really learn to love yourself.

Whilst they're getting brain damage, you can study, get smart permanently and then be drug fiend raver when you got your shit done.
When is the last time you invited them to something? If you don't do your share of reaching-out, others will just conclude that YOU don't like THEM, and they will respect your wishes by not imposing on your privacy.

Also, don't THEY get annoyed when you DO share something about YOU?
Thread posts: 17
Thread images: 1

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