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Hey, /adv/. I hope you guys are having a nice day so far. I'm

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Hey, /adv/. I hope you guys are having a nice day so far. I'm coming here from /r9k/ (please don't judge) because I really need some help.

I'm exactly what you'd expect of a typical robot--I rarely shower or brush my teeth, I smoke like a chimney and I drown myself in fast food and soft drinks daily. Every goddam day I promise myself--and others--that I'll stop and get my shit together, but never do. I'm fucking sick and tired of lying to people and myself, it's driving me crazy, but I just can't seem to stop. I hate the fact that I can't trust my own word.

I want to stop spending all my money on stuff that's killing me and making me miserable, but no matter how many times I've decided that 'today's the day', nothing ever changes. I really want to know that I'm not alone in this. Have any of you been in the same situation as me? Were any of you able to change? I assume at least one of you have managed to quit smoking at least.

Do any of you have any advice for me? If you managed to fix even one of these problems, how did you do it? I have no willpower, motivation or discipline, and it's literally killing me. I'm so depressed and there's so much I want to do with my life but I feel that fixing these things is a necessary first step, but I'm struggling to take it.

Please help. Every day I'm more miserable than the last and I don't know if I can take this much longer. There's so much I hate about myself but this is what's really getting me down right now.

Thanks, guys. Even if you don't reply I appreciate you reading my post.
Hey buddy,
I have been there at one point in my life. I was feeling so miserable, that I started smoking and drinking. I've had thrown up so much, hoping that I would just suffocate from it.
One day I just couldn't take it anymore. I don't know why and for what reason, I just felt like this was enough.
So I started being more social, getting /fit/ and just try to feel something again. Slowly, but steady. One of the few things that kept me going was knowing that I could do so much better. Knowing that I don't want to waste even more time with useless shit on my not infinite life.
I don't know what advice I can give you, but it's good that you realised you want to change.
I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart.
Btw, fast food starts to taste like shit, if you get used to healthy food.
Thanks for the reply! I appreciate the encouragement.

Also, yeah, I managed to cut the soft drinks out once for about a month and it was way too sweet and sickly when I tried it again. Same for smoking, tasted horrible.
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See? You've already managed to do that. So you do have enough motivation in you to take it a step further. Go for it buddy.
hey bud, here is how i turned my life around the key was simply scheduling.

you've probably had a million days where you go to bed at night and say that tomorrow you are going to...
>quit smoking
>eat healthy
>work out
>Walk the dog
>clean the entinre apartment
>apply for a shitton of jobs
>call your mom
>go out and make a new friend

or something to that affect, yeah? and some days you wake up and only do two of those things and feel like shit. thats a no good. what you need to do is create a long term goal schedule to try and adhere to. but we'll get to that.

the best thing you can do for yourself is get an accountabilibuddy. it sounds retarded, but finding someone like yourself is great, even just roping in your roommates or parents or SOMEONE to encourage you is great. you both sit down to gether and you make a list of all the things you want to do. and then you do one big thing a month, then one small thing.


so, lets assume you are starting today, this very month. get a giant piece of paper, (Wrapping paper helps cuz you can make it long)

at the very top, write 'november' and then make a list of one big goal amd several little goals. the first is of course, quit fucking smoking. its hard, it sucks, its the worst, but its the most important. why?

well if you tried to quit eating junk first, then quit smoking, you'd have no vice to distract you from smoking. so november is smoking month. have a friend hang out with you as much as humanly possible, or even your mom or dad or brother or ANYONE maybe someone else who is quitting smoking. and just hang out together and whien and rant and complain and binge until the addiction is out of your system.

now it is.... December. junk food month. thats right. you are going to quit junk food. this will be hard, but thanksgiving is over, and december isn't as junk food intensive as october or november was.

the first week you have NO junk food. then from there you can decide your rate. but not utnil you go a whole week without junk food. for me, i allow two sweet snacks a week. for me its not about calories cuz im thin, its just about limiting things that change my body negatively. so i can have like one piece of pie, and one soda a week (though i tend to only drink soda 4 times a year because it makes it an exceptionally delicious treat.

in the first week with NO junk food, experiment with fruits and veggies. if you thikn about it there are probably lots you havent tried. try them all. i found out i loveddddd plums and not really loved regular apples (though i love fuji apples). try all the different recipes you can, and dont eat out unless its with a friend or family.

so now its january. whats january? well its whatever you want it to be. you make the list based on what you like and want. but lets assume its fitness. you now dont smoke, you eat healthy, and you want to have glutes for the sloots. alright. this month you etiher start a gym, start p90x or start to jog depending if you need to bulk or cut. use the sticky on /fit/ for more details, but make sure you stick to health food with your diet, even if it is a LOT of meat, it can still be healthy.

then you get to february. what is it? hobby month? career month? do something big. sometimes you back slide and need to adjust your schedule, its fine.

but the best thing you can do is make a big list, corresponding certain things to do with certain months, and crosss them off as you go along. because NOTHING is more satisfying then crossing something off of that list.
Thanks, dude. Cute picture.

That's what I'm going to do. That's perfect. This month is smoking, next month is fast food and the month after that is going to be going outside on a regular basis (I am on disability and don't leave the house often, sometimes not for weeks at a time).

For this month my small goal is cutting down soda. No more than three cans in a week (this is very little compared to what I normally drink). Next week it's two. Week after that it's one. Then for the first fortnight of December it's 1, then after that no more than a single can per month as a treat. I'll also do the same for showering and stuff. Shower at least once in the first week, then twice in the second, then three in the third and so until until I'm able to do it every day.

I hope I haven't misinterpreted your advice, but I think I get it.

Thanks a lot for the reply. I'll have a good read on the /fit/ sticky for the diet advice and again in a few months when it's time to start lifting and doing cardio.

Thanks, friend.
I'm no therapist, but shits really gotta change.
You won't be able to change immediately, but gradually you will. Start small and gradually get bigger. Maybe start walking around your block then start walking further until you're confident enough to run.
With food, don't reward yourself with junk, it'll just make it worse. But don't stave either, be around 80% full when eating a typical healthy meal. Also you gotta need the mentality to keep on going on. If you give up, then it's GG RIP. You just gotta fight on. Try joining some clubs, and walk there.

you got it pretty spot on but i urge you not to quit soda this month.

when you quit smoking your need for soda and junk food and other things will rise in general. desu i would make smoking your only november goal, especially since we are only one week in.

good luck though. if you would like someone to send 'progress reports' to and get occassional motivation from, i would be fine adding you on facebook or giving you my email.
You're right, it was pretty tough last time. I'll save soda for the fast food month. It'll feel good enough to have quit smoking as it is without anything else.

Thanks again. Emailing could be cool, my address I use for 4chan stuff is [email protected]


of course it is. ill send you one now so you ahve it if you feel you need it.

yeah smokings a big one so heres the thing. you should go form now until december first without any cigarettes at all, but if you can at least go from the 14th to december 1st, you win. cross it off. and do make sure you have the list and cross it off cuz thats important.

if you want you can even put at the end of every month "still havent smoked" and cross it off again, just to remind yourself of how far you come.

so if you can go at least two weeks, you win, but if you go three weeks, find a reward. like if you can go three weeks, you get some extra decadent final feast before you start health food month. just pre-define the goal, the reward, etc. so you know. deal?
It's a symbolism thing. It'll feel awesome to cross it off knowing I actually accomplished something. Maybe that one soda I allow myself from time to time could be the reward for not smoking once I've quit fast food.

Deal. Thanks again. I really appreciate your help.
yeah and you should smoke a cigarette every once and awhile as a reward for not having fast food.

I was going to suggest letting the soda be an end of month reward in general. i used to drink soda so much that it was just any other fluid at some point, but after not drinking it for long periods of time it becomes the most savory thing ever.

but for your first month of nosmoke i would go a little bigger. either way good luck man
It sounds like you also suck at basic planning. This advice is good, but it amounts to planning skills.

Make sure you include in your efforts that you work on your planning and organizational skills, will help you alot at the beginning to succeed in little goals
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Thread images: 2

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