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Help me

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Help me.

>be me
>19yrs old with bad childhood
>bought 2 cats since i have no family
>everytime they growl On me i get aggresive and hit them
I cant controll it
>i hit both rly hard till they bleed of their eyes and mouth

Then i stopped . I tried to controll myself

>they got 2 kittens
>both rly cute
>today the babies went the trashcan and. Tried to eat trash
>i saw an took my water pistol to teach them
>one is hiding and runs past me and hides again
>i let her in peace
>5 min later he runs back there and does it again
More rage
>try to grab him
>he scratches me
>i take him and smash his face to the ground
Plays dead.
>still alive but bleeds from mouth and eye

I dont want to do that but everytime something intimidates me or hurts me i get a freakout and dont know what i do.

Anyone can tell me whats wrong with me?
Shamfull selfbump.
OP I'm not even kidding you probably have autism
Why do you get pets if you can't even love them. Just get a rock and go see a psychiatrist before you end up in jail because you clearly have some serious issues. But it might actually be better if you end up in jail, people like you disgust me
Nah i dont think so. As kid i was the kindest and friendliest guy on earth.. but i still got bullied , beaten up and taunted at.
Asking for advice -> taking everything personal.

I am good to my pets but if they hurt me i hurt them back. The problem that after is get hit i loose controll . It doesnt matter if human or animal.
The problem is that after i get hurt*
What kind of advice did you expect? I'm a medfag but I'm no psychiatrist and you need professional help, you obviously have anger management issues. And take your pets to the vets.
I forgot to say that i'm a poor guy^^
Vets are way to expensive.
Atleast its an advice.

Yes it could be anger issues. The reason i asked /adv/ is that i thought there might be people with the same problems.
The only people in 4chan that are like that exist in /b/ but they don't consider it a problem.
I do consider it a problem . I asked /b/ but noone has answered so thread got pruned.
Go to a psychologist.
Smash your cats' faces against the ground harder. Fucking kill them already, it's better than living with you.

And kill yourself as soon as possible, too. You're a shit person and the world is better off without you. That's something most people can sense, you know, that you're a piece of shit. So they'll keep ignoring you and treating you like the piece of shit you are. Nobody is going to show you kindness, because you do absolutely nothing to deserve it (on the contrary, you do things that make you deserve disrespect and bullying).

Make sure you kill yourself in a very painful way
probably bait.
you should kill yourself anyway
Are you a NEET? Do you have friends? Chances are if you're a social outcast that's where your problems come from. You're probably frustrated or something that even your cats don't like you so you take it out on them. You can only fix this by therapy, you could really get in trouble someday
I think every human gets born the same but formed by others. No i wont kill myself , sorry. Also i see no reason to kill my cat since it is a part of my family.
You are very mean , mister. Also you (allmost) hurt my feelings :<<

Somehow its true. I was the half of my life a social outcast. Then i started drugs and ive got a lot of people. 2 months ago i quit (fully) . I also realized that they never were real friends. Only drug connections. Now i have only my brother.

I know this may get me once into trouble but people have done way worse things to me and they didnt even got a punishment. Is the life of a animal really more worth then the life of a feeling human beeing? As i see no.
Cat's can't be used to sniff drugs, find bombs, track escaped criminals, perform complex tricks or many other things that dogs are useful for.

Do you know why cats lick themselves after you pet them? Because the smell of humans literally disgusts them, and they are trying to get it off. Fuck cats. Hit them harder. Teach them some humility, snide little shits
Even tho this is serious this made me giggle somehow .
What if i just bought the cats to fill the void in my soul ?The void that grew because i never had someone. And maybe i get angry because the decline me like everyone else did.
OP you are committing a crime every time you abuse your pets. You are a shit human being and I you should immediately attempt to find safe and loving homes for the cats. I really think you should consider getting help because animal abuse is a precursor to being a serial killer.
OP you're a violent and angry person. I suggest you change that.

I mean, hitting anything is not okay and if you believe even the slightest amount of physical abuse is appropriate you need to kindly remove yourself from society and any living being you may endanger.

I mean, fuck. You come off as a faggot who would abuse their girlfriend because they suspect infidelity. You come off as an abusive father that hits their own kids because they don't know any better and misbehave.

The first step to getting better is to accept that what you are right now is disgusting. You've already made the initiative to address the problem, but you can't change yourself unless you really want to.
Keep making excuses you sorry sack of shit. There's something seriously wrong with you. Get help or kill yourself.

I am what i am.
I had no easy life like you did. I tasted blood as soon as i was old enought to masturbate. Ive learned that every life is worthless and there is only one thing that is more worth then everything:
My life.

Have you seen your best and only childhood friend die in front of you?
Are you a social outcast because of poverty?
Do you live without heat and warm water in 5℃?
You live a life full of illusions. You wouldnt survive a single day in my body and even when.. you would suicide in the end of the day.
I am what people made me and now i should be responsible for that?
Monsters are not born .. they are made by people. I will make sure noone will forget me .
This is my last response.
I would say that some of you are allright and shouldnt go to school monday but i hate all of you. Enjoy your life
Plenty of people have tough childhoods and know not to abuse the helpless and weak. In fact I'd say most do. You aren't different from them, except that you use your story to justify acting selfish in the highest degree. In the end, that excuse won't hold up in court, won't get you pity, and will cause anyone you try to get closer to to loathe you.

You're still a faggot. A little baby who found a way to act fully self-centered and blame it on something else. Little shit.
You sure are making a lot of assumptions about what we have and haven't been through. I was engaged with a pregnant fiance in a wonderful relationship and with no warning or no hint of any sort of issue. The night before she was talking with a glow in her eye about how she was excited about the wedding. I got home from work the next day and she was gone and all her stuff was gone, was days before I could reach her and it turns out she freaked out, got an abortion and bailed.Did I punch my cat in the face? Did I abuse anyone? Hell no I am not a bitch like you are OP. I dealt with my shit without blaming the world or having resentment.
>I tasted blood as soon as i was old enought to masturbate.
Are there people that don't? Chill out edge lord.
I want to smash your fucking face in you scum bag. Give the cats to a shelter and live alone until you can control yourself. You fucking monster. They are animals, doing what animals do if you can't handle them with patience. You need to go sit in a corner and beat the shit out of yourself to see how it feels. You autistic fucktard.
>I had no easy life like you did. I tasted blood as soon as i was old enought to masturbate.
that's not normal you should see a penis doctor about this
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