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I can't even believe I'm asking this as a mildly successful

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I can't even believe I'm asking this as a mildly successful 20 year old male, but where the fuck do you even meet women? Besides parties and when I'm 21 bars and clubs, where are social places where the context is "expect to be hit on here". It seems like today's world is all about online shit. It's sad because let's get real guys, we all know online sites or apps=dis bitch is craaaaazy. I want a genuine chance to find some chicks I actually get along with.

And that's another thing, i feel like my standards for everything a girl is about are too high, but of course I obviously refuse to lower them. I'll fuck a girl on a lot broader scale, and that's why I keep my dating reqs more...well I'm really only looking for one type of girl. And sometimes I'm not sure if that's the girl I want. I'm in such a weird place right now and it's not that I want or need a gf but I do want some nice prospects for the next few months as we move into winter.

Anyone feel me?

Online = women in control, that is a losing game. Yes, you can get poon if you are attractive, but you would get it anyway with much less hassle offline, so you are still sucking. That said, 5 minutes of Tinder a day might get you laid. Or if you bold enough just add random qts on facebook and start chatting.

School and work is obviously the go to place as you spend most of your time there. Don't listen to stupid shit who says not to date coworkers because it could backfire at some point. That is a very negative approach.

The best candidates are come the same way as the best job offers, through friends. If one of your friends landed a qt, ask her whether she has a hot single friend she can introduce you to.
Well, I'm not a total loser, wen I say successful in my op I don't mean financially lol I'm still in school, and I'll get back to that in a sec.

1st of all believe me I rock the online options like a mofo. I have all the apps. I'm starting to notice the online scene around here is kinda dry. I live in NY, and not the city lol, so shit seems like a small and pathetic pool of less than great women. Tinder never matches me with peeps anymore, all fake accounts. And this is with the humble opinion that I'm not ugly, and at least a 7. That said, I go to a community college, and it's not for lack of trying (I have met and or hung out with a few girls in my classes or randos in the parking lot) but they never seem to go anywhere. As a matter of fact I have stories about all of them and most are just pretty cold and not interested. There wasn't any spaghetti spilled don't worry, I've slept with a number of chicks I honestly can't keep solid track of (12-17?) so I at least sort of know what I'm doing.

There's not too many parties by me, went to one on Halloween that honestly blew me away considering the area. My old college had a thriving social scene and I'd probably be continuing the trend back there - but even then not too many of those girls were dating material.

Seriously it just seems hopeless, try going to my CC and hit on some randos and let me know how it goes for you - they're cold bitches there dude. At most if you shoot them a conversation starter you get a nice quick thanks with a smile. This post wasn't made in lack of trying
never said you are not trying

If the best you can say you are not ugly, you are not a 7, sorry mate. Females perceive attractiveness by height. How tall are you? At 6'4 with a healthy BMI chicks usually flock, under that you are shit out of luck.
okay, you're trolling
wish I was, don't shoot the messenger
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you're literally just a 'manlet' troll. If you think height alone is the solution to this entire thread, you're again either a troll or hopelessly stupid. I'm sure some girls really would dismiss you for being under 6 feet let alone 5 something, but if you think that's a universal and not a preferential thing by individual, you're a cracked egg.

If you're not convinced by my anecdotal testimony, then here's an excerpt from a study done which finds that women and men actually prefer medium height, and that massive men being the dominant gender relationship masters is a myth and trend perpetuated only by other men, whether it's inferiority complex shorter guys looking to assign a reason for their failure, or taller guys looking to greedily oppress others:

"it was predicted that women's attraction to the men would be an increasing linear function of the men's height. This prediction was not confirmed;men of medium height were seen to be significantly more socially desirable than either short or tall men. This was true whether the female evaluator was short, medium, or tall; women did not differ in
their evaluations."

If you read the rest, you'll see men are the only ones who care about height as a validating factor of an individual like you think.
c'mon you know these studies are bullshit, if you ask 100 person whether they care about skin color, they would say no, probably every single one of them. Everyone is guilty not admitting of biases. But they are there.

Feeling I touched a nerve, I will assume you are of average height. Try this experiment. Set you Tinder description to 6'4, you don't need to add anything else, and observe how the number and quality of matches change.

I'm with you pal, dating is a hard problem, which needs lots of work, don't be disappointed.

My ass
Not even the height thing - I'm pissed about trolliung and shitposting on a thread i genuinely opened myself up on.

your ass what? lol
Oh I feel you. Sounds like you're terribly afraid of being judged.
>want a place where it's 'ok' to hit on women
>implying you can't just strike up a friendly conversation with a girl anywhere and see what happens
>super high standards you refuse to lower
>probably afraid of being called out for going after a less than prime girl
>unaware that it's totally fine to go out with or even sex girls of less than perfect beauty
This situation is the making of your own generation. You aren't some kind of casanova, you being able to fuck 12-17 girls don't mean that your the hottest shit - it just means that girls in vegetal are more vapid and loose these days.

It goes both ways, so many girls aren't dating material because guys enable them to be sluts.
while that's true, I'm actually pretty ballsy, I will try and hit on people, and trust me, I've been rejected. I know how it goes. But like I said, you're also right.

while I CAN hit on a chick at the mall, it's obviously not as expected as at a music event/rave, you know?

yeah of course, we create these expectations girls have to adhere to, at least in their minds, and we suffer at the same time. I guess guys are assholes in that sense. But it seems like it might be working too well. I haven't met a chick i'd feel comfortable dating in...psh...too long to remember. even my ex, the way we met, laughing thinking about it now, was i swooped right in for that bootypic. did i think id date her? fuck no, she surprised me with who she was besides that. but you get the idea anon
Thread posts: 13
Thread images: 2

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