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I am a 20 year old male and recently I've found myself

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I am a 20 year old male

and recently I've found myself interested in girls who are about 6 -10 years older than me.

is this a bad thing? how would one go about dating someone who is 26 or 30, while I'm 20, I know 6 years is quite some time, after all you could be in completely different stages of life and all.

any tips, advice warnings, stories?
Is not bad at all. Don't treat it any differently. She's just a girl who wants to have a good time with a boy. That is it. Dont over complicate shit, treat her the same as any girl
tell me a bit about yourself?

height, body type, basic personality type, in college or working?

all these help as you have to cater your approach to women and what type of women you are aiming for.

if you basically look like a teen boy, you got for 'motherly' women who will dote on you like a kid but still sleep with you.

if you are a big successful muscle guy, then you might as well be 26 and its nbd.

i was a qt little boy so its easier for me to attract older women who DONT have children cuz you fill that needi n them, but i was also mature enough that our interests (basically just chilling while watching TV, really relaxed after work type stuff) lined up (as opposed to trying to drag a milf to a crazy club)
5 foot 11 inches.
I'm a bit of a sperg when I'm nervous and when I meet new people, but If I know you, I'll act fine, the better I know a person the more comfortable I am with being around said person.

I am in college, technically not working, interning for a job.

I don't look like a qt teen, I guess a good comparison is Judah Friedlander, or seth rogan
complete with glasses and such.
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ew. not a lot to work with to be honest. most women dont want a young guy who looks like an ugly old guy no sirree. i mean there is always low hanging fruit, but if you wanna get girls in general, you gotta spruce up. there is literally no reason to be chubby when fitness information can be downloaded.

Yeah, I think this anon has a point. By the time they're 26-30, most single women start to bend towards either colossal fuckery (as in they still have no idea what they're doing and can't really function as adults) or have good jobs and can take care of themselves.

Either way, these women usually want a much younger guy (6-10+ years younger) only if they're lookging for a no-strings attached boy-toy that they want to chill out with. That means they're going to go for the hot, sexy Chads. The attractive, successful ones will get their Chads, too, because they have their shit together and the Chads don't have to worry about shit like pregnancies or head-games. These ladies will know how to fuck, too.

On the flip side are the women who are looking to settle down and find life partners, and they are very unlikely to want much younger men.

Either way, the issue is that older women simply do not trust younger men. The ones looking for a serious relationship believe that men much younger than they are will stray (Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, for example).
I don't see it as a bad thing. Every girl I've dated or been interested in has been 8-10 years older than me.
Woman stop developing mentally at a young age so even though she's older, her mind is still 16 years old. I once got approached at a bar by this smoking milf, but I was so shocked a girl actually approached me for once, and it was this big titty momma I kinda just stared at her in awe and she lost interest pretty fast. Looking back now I would handle that situation a lot differently.
I've always been attracted to older women. I'm pursuing one now who is almost 10 years older than myself. There isn't anything wrong with it.
How do you do the flirty thing with older women?
I do want to show interest, but I don't want to look like a young dumbass.
>start chatting with some girl who gave lots of likes on my Instagram pictures (yes I'm a normie)
>turns out to be 17, I'm 21
>suggests we go to a movie for first date despite me saying it's not great for first time
>Finger bang her in theatre discreetly
>she seemed to be enjoying
>stops talking to me the next day because I didn't talk much in the movie.
Fuck me right, I try not to disturb people by talking loudly in movies.
People are crazy.
It sucks, and shit happens, but you know what they say:
You dodged a bullet.
I'm the 20 year old that's engaged to a 36 year old woman.
Go for OP, I have no regrets at all. It's wonderful.
interesting. got any more wisdom?
Thread posts: 15
Thread images: 2

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