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How to move on?

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This thread is a follow-up thread from this thread here:


A quick tl;dr if your too lazy to skim through the archived thread
>i break up with girl
>i regret decision
>we still talk
>give her advice on joining sorority
>vacation starts, she requests time
>give her time
>vacation ends
>i text her
>"fuck off loser" she says
>text her again cause im pathetic

The next few images are the aftermath

My question for /adv/, I fucked up. How do I move on? I haven't eaten in days. Living off of sink water. It's really hard to sleep, let alone breathe. I usually take my mind off of things by gaming but, it's not working. I have to see this person every week for the next 3 years of my college life.

I'm already aware the situation is my fault, but why is attempting to fix the situation such a bad idea? The more I ignore it, the more the pain grows. If I couldn't fix the situation, at least allow me to receive closure. Too bad I'm still randomly crying from time to time.
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Enjoy your ban
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So, couple of things. She has NEVER tried to become civil. Every instance I made an attempt to casually talk to her, say hi, anything, she frowns. Looks away. Does anything to get me out of her mind.

Yeah, I made some excuse to talk to her. That's my fault. But, at the same time, there's no reason why she is completely ignoring me. Before the vacation started, everything was chill. Some guy kept harassing her over texts AND he even bought her a gift. They weren't even friends. Who was there to console her? Me. During the time we were together, we shared everything between us. Even after I fucked up and broke up with her, I instantly regretted my decision, I broke down, and we still casually talked afterwards.

The only reason I pathetically texted her even after she told me to fuck off is because there was no reason behind it. Now that there is, I finally understand that I have to move on. But I have no idea how. Pls help.
Are you trying to act like her too? Talking shit without any reason?
> How to move on

- Remove her from your contacts, block if necessary.
- Preoccupy yourself with your interests, hobbies, anything (I would type hang out with friends yet since you are on 4Chan, I doubt you have any friends except for ecquaintances).
- Reintegrate into the social scene, attend parties, flirt with chicks, have one night stands, don't have one night stands and simply hang out with females. This type of living is vapid yet you want to get your mind off your ex so do anything.
I'll try. Guess I'll just ignore the fact she exists for the next 3 years. An impossible task, but it's better than trying to talk to her.
You don't have to pretend she doesn't exist for the next three years, anon.

The kettle is keenly scorched, all you have to do is patientially wait for the kettle to incincerate, become gelid.

Nobody can resent anybody for an indefinitive amount of time, years, hours. Eventually, they would want to reconcile and rekindle. Give her a time to self reflect, or tell her:

"I'll let you self reflect on the situation, give you a break from me and perhaps we can reconcile our differences and remain something."

She is probably reacting with emotion amd all. Y'know how women are.
I'll have faith in that possibility.
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