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What's the point of improving looks if you are not able

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What's the point of improving looks if you are not able to reach ideal?
nothing in life is all or nothing.
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"ideal" is not one but in most cases some people achieve it. In wanting to be rich, there is a level when you are 1% and therefore objectively rich. Same with looks
you do it to keep your self-confidence from stagnating, you need to just improve yourself so that you can leave the house and interact with people confidently. as you get older, you'll realize that perfection is all a fraud, the guys do too. so don't worry about it.
and i mean look at this woman, they seem to have it all but their lives are just as complicated as the plain jane's, they just have different problems. think huge expectations, worry about subterfuge by other women, and in today's age of the fedora tipping manchild, whose characteristics have surreptitiously seeped into mainstream male consciousness, finding one who's mature, respectful, and ambitious is next to impossible. But she's constantly bombarded by them, like watching a herd of buffalo go right over a cliff and she's the ground at the bottom.

yeah it chalks up to piddly first world problems but all we truly know about suffering is the suffering we experience, so keep that in mind. grass is always greener, etc, etc
good job putting a picture on a pedestal
try to grow up a bit
>putting a picture on a pedestal

I did what now? I assumed that OP was using OP's picture as an example of perfection if not close to it. It's probably because OP did not specify if it was a female lamenting her inability to reach the aesthetic ideal of the picture or if it was a male lamenting his inability to get a woman like in the picture.

>try to grow up a bit

You first.
oh whoops! i made one of those generalizations that only guys are allowed to make.

and i think i hit a little close to home... my bad.

*tips fedora*
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Yeah but as you said they have "different" problems, I would gladly exchange mine for their.
but this is offtopic, I don't really put them on pedestal, I just don't understand trying to look better if I won't be able to achieve objective success.
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>It's probably because OP did not specify if it was a female lamenting her inability to reach the aesthetic ideal of the picture or if it was a male lamenting his inability to get a woman like in the picture.

OP here: female
stagnating of self-confidence is actually a good point, thanks.

I don't believe there is one perfection but for me there is a group of people considered as "10/10s" and objectively attractive for majority of people- and I won't be able to achieve that even with improving all I can.
Because an attemt that makes you look better is still worth it.

In my opinion, "the ideal" does not exist. What most people refer to as "the ideal" is what i consider "many attractive traits bundled into one body". The chances of meeting someone with all of these traits are next to impossible.

Hilight the attractive traits you have, and ignore the others.
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>"the ideal" is what i consider "many attractive traits bundled into one body"
yeah and I agree on this. Still, it doesn't change the fact that some people have highest number of those 'attractive traits' and others don't and no matter what they do, they won't get them.
You have to accept the existence of someone who:
Has more money than you
Have more friends than you
Have more fun in bed than you
Is more attractive than you
Who has a better job than you
Generally is better off than you

The sooner you accept this, the sooner you'll be content with who you are.

And now, for the cliche part. Cue the pop songs with suitable lyrics. You're beautiful in your own way. Make that shine.

My life got a whole lot better when i stopped giving two shits about others, both how they look, how little they care, and what they think.
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>You have to accept the existence of someone who:
Of course but I see it this way:there is no one person who is most attractive of all times- there is whole group of people and once you are in this group it is irrelevant that "someone is more attractive than you": you are already in 1% of best looking, no need to think about other people in your group.
Like all pics in this thread" every girl looks different, maybe for some people one will be more attractive than the other but it doesn't change the fact that they all are in 1% .
Most men will put up with a lot of bullshit for a chance to sleep with an 8/10, while women generally don't tolerate much bullshit even from a 10/10.

This makes things easier if you're male, because you don't HAVE to reach the ideal. All you have to do is reach the point where it's clear that you are not neglecting your well-being, and that's good enough to hit the big plateau: further improvements won't help you very much until your looks are off-the-scale good. Once you hit the plateau, you can worry about other aspects of the labyrinth that is the dating scene.

Women have it tougher, because there's no plateau. Every improvement helps your chances, and your competition in the dating market knows this. There's not much choice but to join the arms race, unless you can somehow get out early (which happens from time to time, but has never been common and is only getting rarer).
The 1% of the best looking have the same going on for them as the 1% richest people: They stick to their own, but that doesn't affect the rest of us in any single way. Us "Normal" people actually have lives outside of what goes on on "reality" TV shows, and I for one prefers that. Sure, it'd be nice to be rich as hell, but i'm happy where I am. Being envious of an unrealistic ideal never helped someone.

The pictures appeal to the general sexual proletariat, the same group who drools over the 1%
But when it comes to beauty, the majority have shit taste, in my opinion. That's how skanks such as Miley Cyrus and Jessica Alba become popular. They're someones type. But my type might be you. And if you make an effort to make yourself shine in your own way, why should the aforementioned 1% matter?
And no, i'm not hitting on you. I'm just pointing out that "the ideal" is not the ideal for everyone.
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I think 1% of richest is quite a different thing- they stuck together because of rich activities, parties etc. Most attractive are not only famous models or actors. Many have quite normal lifes, there were some of them in my schools and now in my university and majority of people drool over them.

Also- cyrus is bad example, hardly anyone finds her attractive. But say- could you say that any of girls posted is unattractive for you?
I'd be lying if i said they weren't attractive, but why should I care? I'm sure you'd be just as attractive with a million dollar makeup artist and a matching stylist and photographer. Also, i had a closer look at each of the pics, and found at least one flaw with each.
Nah the "it is only makeup and stylist" thing is bullshit.
Also- what kind of flaws are that?

kek, which ideal? Everybody has their own 'ideal', some don't even realize it until they see it.
Looks like her hair is the only thing holding her face in place. If she loosened up those braids, she'd look like a a bulldog.
Plastic skin

Wig, too skinny, and plastic skin

OK, she's actually OK.

Blonde, too skinny, plastic skin

Blonde, no tits, no "special" traits/features

Blonde, too skinny, and she has that face that always look like she's bored.

I can't put my finger on it, but something about her face says "unhealthy" as if she's anorexic or something

She likes Italian football. And probably has the sofistication of the primadonna-players or the dudes she goes there with.

Simply put:
I don't like blondes (I'm scandinavian, by the way)
I don't want them too skinny (to show off a feminine body, curves are needed, not bony ridges)

I haven't got a way to explain this without a cheesy analogy: If you take all favourite colors of people, and mix them, you don't get a "super-color", but you're left with something boring grey-ish. The girls you posted are OK, but nothing about them stands out.
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Don't be stupid like me waiting for the ideal girl.

Date the most attractive girl you can find at the moment even if it's not the ideal one.
Once you find the ideal girl, dump the other one.

And like with money, having a little more can make your overall life quality improve even though there are people to whom the difference would be change.

Are you sixteen? There will always be people who have a sweeter life out there, that has nothing whatsoever to do with how much you enjoy yours.
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So most of the time those "flaws" are different hair color and putting on some weight? Those things are so easily changed that they shouldn't count.
Thats my problem with guys talking about their "types"- generally they mean same important features (eyes, nose, chin" with some minor variations like different hair color, different dressing style etc. And this is bullshit
I am girl so it only makes me feel worse, thanks
know what you mean, op

im like, somewhat nice looking with a nice body but (needs work but i have a good frame; good sized tits, big hips, etc) but still ill never be 10/10, so why even try? and this kills me inside

it takes away my drive to get fit/look good completely

my stupid fiance-man tries to tell me all the time about how he only ever thinks of me (sexually) and whatnot, but i don't believe the motherfucker

it doesnt matter what i do, how good i am at this or that, or how personable i am, because in any moment, he can look at a passing hottie and want to plow her

i hate being a woman

but it really doesnt matter op because all of these girls will get old and guys will want to fuck younger women and we cannot win and why even fucking date anyone i should really just be alone kill me now someone please

id love to invert your dick and pour sand down your pisshole
You are correct, but missing the context. I do not know anything about them other than how they appear in that picture, so i can only go by those minor details that can easily be changed.

I once dated a girl who most would consider the standard 10/10 you see in shots like that. But she wants a complete cunt, and lazy in bed. So yes, this is bullshit, as you're focusing on something that is only a minor detail in a much bigger picture. Physical attraction catches someones attention at first, but it's not what makes someone interesting.
WAS a complete cunt.... shitty typo
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Yeah it makes me very depressed too and I have exactly the same thoughts you mentioned
do you date? tbh, these thoughts are getting so bad that i'm thinking of backing out of my engagement

im incredibly paranoid

it's so shit knowing that any of our achievements can, in almost all cases, mean jackshit compared to a hottie

men are disgusting, honestly, and even if we land a good guy, at some point or another, we'll they'll have the thought of trading us in/wanting to (even if they can't feasibly land a hotter girl)

men arent subject to these thoughts

its different with wealth/power/talent, all of which can be achieved and don't rely on 100% luck
I am very pesimistic about dating, my experience isnt best and I don't think it will get better honestly.
Yeah and again- all things you mentioned in post are things I feel bad about too.

I dont deny others things are important too but here I am talking about looks only. Nothing else.
There is always a chance that you are the ideal girl for someone else.
Even if you are the dumped one, you just move on to another guy that will truly appreciate you. Unlike the one before.
No chance for that. I might be good enough but I don't lie to myself with "you are someones ideal" thing
Why bother doing anything if you can't be the best? Why bother going to school if you aren't the smartest person in the world? Why bother showering if you're just going to get dirty again?
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You have a very important decision to make in your life:

Do I want to be happy or do I want to be a sad whiny cunt?

If you choose to be happy, know this: Fuck being sad about things you canĀ“t change and fuck what other people think of you.

Just do whatever makes you happy - find a hobby or work that fullfills you and stick to it.

You want to find a "good man"? Go out there and date your ass off. The more you do something the higher the chance of success.
I`ve never used this before but 10\10
Thats a very good post anon
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It all comes down to personal preference.

Example: Emma Stone same person different hair colour.
If given the option to choose i would go: redhead > blond > brunette. (And she's not even a natural redhead.)
I realize that they are all the same person and have the exact same personality.

Some girls can dye their hair and pull it off but others can't.

The weight is true, a heavier girl can become a slimmer one.
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