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How do i cope with possible cancer? I went to my doc because

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How do i cope with possible cancer?

I went to my doc because i had a lump and other cancer symptoms. She starting checking it (Poking and feeling it) and looked genuinely concerned and grew more concerned when i told her I've had it for years and the other symptoms. She told me to get back in 2 months for another check.

This was about ½ a month ago now, and it's agonising. I can't help but feel my death is near, and i randomly stop whatever i'm going and do a thousands yards stare and just think that my death could be near. I've several times been on the brink of crying.

It's also making me rethink my current lifestyle. I am spending so much time on an education i don't want and will never use, while leaving almost no time or energy for working towards my goals.

Whenever i tell people about it they either.
A) Dismiss it to talk about themselves more.
B) Telling me the second check will come back negative and even if i have cancer it's jut an operation and some treatment.

I don't want any more positive predictions, since they aren't doctors and they don't know anything about cancer. I normally never tell people about any of my health concerns, so they don't think i'm an hypochondriac.

All i want at the moment is just someone to tell me they get i am going through something extremely emotionally difficult and that i am not a weak person because of i'm feeling this way.

This is a cry for help /adv/ this cancer scare is tearing me apart.
This week I realized 4chan is totally useless for real pain and they don't understand shit besides the pain of self imposed loneliness and no gf. My dad and I are quietly flipping our shit because of his cancer scare. I've taken to reddit to cope with my feels, find him recipes he can stomach to eat and homeopathic shit to lessen his pain. Please try to keep laughing despite the scare and hope for the best. I will be thinking about you, anon. Please go to reddit for people who actually give a shit, this shitty place can't help you.
There really isnt anything you can do, try to stay busy, do something new and fun. all you can do is wait
Start to save up 2300 $/€
Travel to China
Live the rest of your life traveling Asia and the rest of the world, on foot or illegally by train.
Why I said China specifically? There is one answer, the Himalayas.
Once you're seen and lived the Himalayas, your whole perception on life and death will change.
Travel south to India and if you are still alive by then, go back west to Europe.
Travel illegally, have nothing on you but clothes and bare necessities which should include bushcraft tools mostly.
Only spend money on the initial trip to China, then on cheapest food you can find.
Only buy when you absolutely have to eat and have no other choice.
Those money should last you until you die of your cancer or you decide on the existence of dukkha.
If the later, die in meditation under your boddhi tree, or on the slopes of Everest.

Trust me on this, but I doubt anyone here has the balls to take this trip of life and self discovery.
That actually sounds wonderful.
If the doctor didn't specifically tell you it might be cancer, you shouldn't freak out yet.
Doctors don't keep secrets about conditions from their patients, especially with something like cancer. Cancer needs to be acted upon immediately and if she was realistically considering it she would have scheduled a biopsy.
Of course you're not weak. Your feeling and fears are valid; however, they just may be misplaced.
As a cancer patient myself, terminal, I know how you feel.
Last year, in April, I was told I had stage 2 colon cancer, or ass cancer if you will and it's stage 4 now, it spread to the left lung and I got another possible case, a tumor, growing in my knee.

It's scary shit and it's terrifying because the what if's keeps popping up.

But if it is cancer, you can't let it control your life or let it drive you into the ditch. You NEED to keep moving on, to live your life as you always have but perhaps enjoy the happy moments more, save them, make them memorable.

I know I'm dying, I know millions of people die every day, but what makes life worth living right now, is the fact that I have people to live for and to fight for. And miracles do happen.

Listen, you're alive right now and you have people who loves you. Whatever this is, don't let it win, beat it, fight it and cherish this one life you've been granted, however long you may have - that's what I do.

I may not graduate, but I'm in college because that's my dream. I may not get married or fall in love again, but I remain open to it. I may not have children of my own, but I often dream and imagine what it'd be like.

Live, anon.
Inquisitive anon here. What's so good about the himalayas? I don't know much about them
Everything, from the sights, to the monasteries and small villages.
There are many lakes and springs with water better than you'll ever have on your tap.
Once you're out there, surrounded by nothing but empty nature, knowing you'll probably get lost and die in the wilderness, shit just gets real.
But if you don't stray from the known paths, you'll prrrooobbbaallyyy not die unless you want to.
I already know that when I'm nearing death, I'll go back and climb the everest, to eventually die on its slopes.
>dieing of cancer
Get a grip OP, get some treatment and continue your life.
>Doctors don't keep secrets about conditions from their patients
Think about it, Cancer is such a scary word and "You might have cancer" is enough to make someone have a mental breakdown. If the doctor suspect OP might have cancer they are almost guaranteed to just not say anything and make them come back later to confirm it.
I am a medicine woman and Cannabis oil cures all forms of cancer even brain cancer...If you belong to the Native American Church. (exception: may not cure if there's been too much damage from radiation or chemo treatments) You can join one if you hold the same beliefs "respect nature and respect your fellow human" then you qualify for membership. Blood percentages do not make a difference otherwise it would be discrimination. :O)
We use Sacrament in bonafied healing ceremonies and it's completely legal in the US. The only thing to fear is those restricting the cures for disease (ie. the medical industry). It would compete with their treatment programs that only serve to treat not cure. Makes bad for business if everyone's healthy. Not sure if I can post more info on how to become a member here or direct you to get the right holy medicine but I did want to let you know there is hope and you can get better even if you do have cancer.
Not come back in two months without performing a biopsy first. Hell no. Cancer can metastisize in that amount of time, no responsible doc would take the risk.

For what it's worth, my mom's a dermatologist and I know the medical field's current approach to cancer is better safe than sorry (to an extreme).
>>15256727 here again

It's also not cut and dry as "omg cancer you are gonna die, OP!" A tumor can be malignant or benign, actually 90% of the time they're benign. A doctor would tell that to a patient with a tumor or the possibility of one.
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