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Advice for a virgin?

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I'm a virgin and I'm going to be hooking up with this real attractive girl soon. Need help, I want to do a good job and not disappoint her. Shes done stuff before and tells me shes not expecting anything and that she'll help me along. Still though... Good advice, please.

Pic unrelated
Count yourself lucky your first time will be with someone experienced. It makes it easier, because they will genuinely help guide you through it. Just do what she tells you to do, you'll be fine. Don't watch porn beforehand, thinking it will teach you anything. Porn teaches you (for the most part) fuck all about real sex.
I guess I am lucky. I've looked at a couple tutorials but she tells me it won't work out exactly as planned. Shes nervous as I am

Avoid these. Of course it won't go exactly as those "tutorials", so just ignore them. If she's as nervous as you are, then try to relax. She won't be able to 100% know how it's gonna play out, neither will you. Just enjoy it, try not to overthink shit, and you'll be fine. And don't worry if you don't cum. It's not uncommon for people to not cum the first time they have sex. I didn't my first time, and I didn't the first couple of times years later, when I started dating a new girl.

inb4 beta, get fucked faggots, at least I can admit it
I hope you have one neat of a time, you dont want it to be an un up-to-snuff experience
any advice on giving a "clit orgasm". That's what she wants, says she doesn't want to have sex the first time. Any advice on how to do that? I'm not worried about cumming, says she'll take care of that. But I want to give her something good.
also I'm not very good at talking "Sexy" I say stuff like this all the time.
>That's what she wants, says she doesn't want to have sex the first time

...Okay, what? So, you guys aren't gonna have sex? Well, you're not gonna lose your virginity then you faggot.

Alright seriously. Different girls react differently to different forms of stimulation, so what one person (whether it's me, a "tutorial", or your mum) says might not be right for this girl. So long as you don't go full-retard mode and start, like, I don't know, poking her in the eye with your cock or something.

Shit, I don't know what to suggest man. There's millions of things that could be suggested right now that may/may not help. Like, for example, whilst you're touching her clit, use your other hand on something else, like massage her boobs/a nipple, or stroke her arms or legs or something. It's all about stimulating, so don't get lazy and think stimulating one place is enough. It might be for her, but always helps to be able to multi-task.
> full-retard mode
I'll try not too. I eventually will be fucking her but not for a while. Just Friday we are going to mess around. Thanks for the advice dude I appreciate it.
So long as you're not completely silent, then do whatever. Again, different girls like different things. My ex used to like just hearing me breathe, because it gave her feedback that she was pleasuring me. But then, she liked a bit more "aggressive" stuff, so we'd often lightly role-play shit, like she liked me saying she was my captive and stuff like that. Your girl might like it, she might not. Only way to know is to try whatever; she'll tell you whether she likes it or not, and if she doesn't tell you then it'll be pretty obvious by her reactions as to whether she likes it or not.
Well look at it this way; messing around, doing shit like that, is the best way to learn what each other likes without having to worry about full on sex. There's nothing worse than starting sex without knowing what each other likes, then basically stopping because one or both of you aren't really into it/pleasing the other the right way. Messing around = experimenting, so there's no pressure (or shouldn't be any) - just go with the flow, pay attention to the feedback she gives you (audio, such as how she breaths, moans etc; visual, such as how she moves, squirms etc.) and you'll eventually start to figure out what works/what doesn't.
I think she's into both of those things. I'll have to ask her. I'll have to get a general feel for what she likes
Nothing wrong with straight-up asking her, man. If she's experienced then she knows what she likes/doesn't like - better to ask her so that a) you know what you're doing and b) it shows that you want to do well, which will already put anything you do together in a positive light. If you just jumped in like "Don't worry babe, I got this, I know what you like" she will most likely bite your cock during a blowjob. So yeah, asking her is perfectly fine. She'll probably expect it, and if anything it shows more confidence to ask than it does to assume you know what you're doing.
thats really good advice man thanks.
Hope it helps. Good luck, and have fun you lucky motherfucker.
:D thanks m8
Thread posts: 16
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