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::Life Plan Thread:: A thread to see /adv/'s aspirations

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::Life Plan Thread::
A thread to see /adv/'s aspirations
What I plan to do in life
>Learn french during my final year of highschool
>Go on a Tour De France (probably by myself)
>Apply for ADFA (Aus Defence Force Academy) and hope I get in
>Study for whatever for a year or two
>If like it i'll stay, if not they pay me about $40K p.a :D
>Move to France and use money to study something at low tuition fees
>Find a qt 3.14
qt 3.14, fall in love... do whatever from that point on

As a stoic, I can't really see much else to do
I have no idea what my life plan is

>Have been single my entire life because apparently I just cant get into a relationship
>Studying something at Uni I only have a passing interest in
>No real idea what I want to do later on in life

To be honest
All I really want out of life is a nice girl to settled down with
And the freedom to explore some shit. Go to some different countries and stuff

Thats it. Other than that Im just taking it day by day although Im really struggling to see the point of life at the moment
I'm you but 7 years older.
>Not glorious regs

You know that once you're in, even when you go to the dark side, you'll have a ROSO of 4-8 years, yes? And there's also a lot of fine print about "paid uni courses" that they don't tell you. ADFA is also a bit harder to get into than normal.

Trust me, better off joining as a general entry, a digger/airman/seaman, and then doing stuff from there.
>become writer
Couln't care less about anything else.

writing, getting getting better, more writing.

Other than that, trying random jobs and traveling to get life experience. Studying to get statemoni and more writing.
>grow my game dev business
>find some place to live out in the boonies. As long as I'be got good wifi and I'm with my girl everything's good
>have children. Preferably a boy then a girl. I want 2 kids but 2 boys would suck and 2 girls would suck even harder. The boy has to be older than ther girl so she's got someonw to look over her at school and stuff
>join the mile high club with my gf
>marry my gf
>be me
>stuck in shitty home, put up with it anyway, work go to college do everything right.
>end up hating my major, school kicks me out cause a grant didn't go through owe like 1200 dollars.
>everyone else goes to school for free and does nothing with it. I actually try and have to get less then everyone
>realize I hate my major ad my living situation decide to move
>stuck in small town, look for jobs for 2 months
>find literally nothing stuck with $1000
>want to run away to miami to become music producer now

I'm 28, been in the army for 10 years, planning on finishing my 20. I'm in the guard now. I had aspirations to be a doctor some day, but I have to deploy again soon and I still have two years to finish my Bach degree and get into medical school. So that whole thing is probably fucked.

I'm thinking about becoming a fire fighter (already a paramedic). Or going onto nursing and working on becoming an ARNP.
>Become more proficient at chinese
>phd in my major
>take over father's company when he retires
>backpack alone in foreign countries
>marry a woman, and raise a family

That is it for me right now. Not the most ambitious person ever, but I get by.
Complete my degree.
Discover some sort of self-happiness.
Realize that this fucktard of an older man wasn't the love of my life and I was just "the other woman".
I'm saving up money right now to move to Tokyo for a year

I'll be working on an art portfolio digitally when I'm there

Just gonna see where that takes me!!
My game Dev nigga

>Donate sperm to as many sperm banks as possible
>Find a way to steal several million and live off the interest
>Keep myself busy till I die
>have my own house by the time I am 30
>pay that house off, buy another and rent the first one out
>start my own business doing home inspections and energy auditing
>probably buy more cheap houses to rent

I live in a very low cost of living area so a 2br house in good shape can be had for $40k. Rent for that same house is in the 500-600/month range. I am handy enough to do just about anything as far as home repairs go.
File: mighty sloth.jpg (132KB, 960x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
mighty sloth.jpg
132KB, 960x600px
went to technical school and i'm practically stuck to doing backbreaking work in metal industry at shitty wages for the majority of my life

>try not to get fired and save up some money
>keep playing and writing music because i like it.
>aiming to save up enough cash at work and on the side to buy a small property somewhere nice and have an early retirement (unlikely)
>easy life from there on.. become hermit living on my own property in the woods, grow powerfull narcotics and enchant the finest women from miles away with magic tunes from my stack of amplifiers to come over and put my weewee in their mouths
>Work intensive manual labour periods of utter sobriety and frugality
> Save enough to travel, constantly move around trying new things
> repeat until decreptitude or some disability finds me, then shoot self
>Finish getting /fit/ and /fa/
>Get job
>Become financially independent
>Move out
>Work on being responsible, and independent in other regards
>Maintain a loving relationship spanning many years
>Qualify for visa to the UK, emigrate
>Live there, naturalize
>Have enough money to become home owner in a nice neighborhood and travel at least once a year
Maybe not exactly in that order, but that's pretty much the entirety of what I want out of life.
>finish bachelors in psychology
>get English teaching certificate
>mutually break up with bf
>move to south korea to be an english teacher
> send money to parents cause they still need raise my younger siblings
> stay few years, save up money
>move back home, get a master degree in social work, find work
>see if old bf still wants me, if so become wife and have babies?
>continue saving up
>do season in ibiza, not shitty bar job, something music journalism related
>come home, acquire decent job
>online degree - paid for by Government
>Find somewhere to be a real journalist working for a legit news outlet
>Somehow find some time/ cash to travel the US of A, especially Alaska
What I plan to do
>kill myself once i get the courage
>if i never get the courage, graduate from college and become a deadbeat teacher who'll never succeed in life or be happy whatsoever and will hate her job
>finish college
>get into uni of choice
>do drug ressearch
>play in punkrock bands on weekends
>meet QT blonde
>have kids
>write and publish fiction for funsies

is this reasonable? it seems so unobtainable right now
>get a diploma that could bring money to the table
>spend the rest of the life dreaming about being an Egyptologist or working in animal park, taking care of the elephants, monkeys etc
>marry my internet crush
>die and get reincarnated, cry for 2 years for losing everyone from my previous life
It'd be nice if I could go to a good college.
pretty much this

>useless bachelors
>waitressing for decent money
>live with loving boyfriend and dogs
>saving for... something?

was gonna go teach english abroad but these dogs are holding me back big time. maybe I'll marry my bf and get another degree though.
Have absolutely no idea what I want to do.

> be 24
> college grad, degree in game dev
> be in great long term relationship with woman, think she could be "the one"
> doing one of two things

Plan A:
> putting my relationship, friends and family first
> traveling around with her for a bit
> moving in with her
> doing game dev with my game dev friends from college
> play in punk rock band on weekends (she and I are sort of folk musicians but only as a hobby)
> neither of us want kids so probably a lot more travel and fun

Plan B:
> putting my education first
> going back to graduate school to study embedded systems
> basically doing that for the next 5 years
> who knows what'll happen when I get out
> I'll probably end up being paid a lot more though
sounds pretty shit
>If I were you i'd just travel, only good thing in life besides love
>keep my job and find a better one eventually
>marry my girlfriend
>have kids with her
>make my kids have a happy childhood unlike me
>be a better father than mine ever was
>be happy in general

That's really all I want, obviously there's minor stuff like learning tango with my gf but it wouldn't really count for ''life plan''.
>Living only to play latest video games
>Once I lose interest in that I'll probably kill myself
>Just landed a $50,000 job, will cap out around $150k in a few years.
>Live in home that's paid off.
>Work my ass and save.
>Open exotic car sharing business here in California.
>Run company while working.
>Pull in money and save.
>Retire ~45-50.
>Take money and open hostel in South America.
>Surf, fuck hot women, snort blow till I die.

I already have the capital for my business idea, but I'll wait a few years until I implement it.
Right now, i'm 22. Three classes away from getting my associates. Trying to sign up for the Air Force, but that's having so much trouble due to "ADHD". I'm at a loss of what to do. I'm a shitty college student and all I ever wanted was to serve in the military. Now, my recruiter told me I can't work out with the others because i'm not in DEP. Hopefully the SG approves of me and I get to go to MEPS.
>apply for money that's owed to me by the gov
>look into unemployment for extra $$$$
>take spanish classes
>go on big southwest trip with my friends
>attend wedding
>chill in CA for 2 weeks
>go to Mexico with parents
>spanish immersion course
March-April OR August-September
>get the 5.5k that's owed me by the gov
>go into Americorps
>move to the northwest like the hipster asshole that I am
>get experience in social work / service
Next year
>apply to MSW degree programs or public health maybe, idk
10 year plan
>get decent job (35k-ish) in the public service / charity / community sector
>buy cheap land with lots of fruit trees on it
>and a hot spring
>build hot spring bath and eat fruit
>garden of eden for life
15 year plan
>hubby and I are semi self-sufficient
>he is the handyman, I'm the gardener
>due to frugal lifestyle we can afford to travel frequently
>fuck in all major cities of the world
>drink homemade wine and fuck in our hotspring garden
30-50 year plan
>get by doing the 15 year plan until my parents die
>gonna be at least 500k inheritance, already smartly invested
>live out the rest of our lives in comfort
>Junior at Liberal Arts School (tuition waiver scholarship i wasn't eligible for until I was 22)
>Majoring in Writing, PoliSci and Broadcasting
>Plan on going to grad school for either film, graphic design, music business
>Live poor and write scripts and non-fiction constantly, design websites and journals
>hopefully become a successful (as in sustainable) screenwriter, producer, art director or music supervisor
>if no grad school, travel and make mini-docs of cities around the world
Many people here choosing career over family huh.

To me ( >>14989880 ) family only would become a realistic factor if and when somebody enters my life. For me, I've affirmed that I wouldn't want someone who would be dependent/make me dependent.
All I need is a job to get by and mantain my future family, but I guess I'm the minority here.
don't you have some vision of how that family's going to live?

I see myself with an SO, but I can't count on that- it's out of my control. So I just included it in passing.

Don't really want kids.
Oh yeah of course I do, all I'm saying is that I don't care about being a millionaire or something, I'm fine with an ordinary job and an ordinary family.
Probably a boring and unoriginal vision but it's all I want to be happy.
Fulfillment is everything, anon.
Indeed, but I understand that others need more in life to be fulfilled, and it's fine.
be able to leave the house and show my face in public
>finish M. Sc. in chemistry and get some internships abroad
>dump current gf around this time
>get PhD in material science
>apply for jobs and get job
>get new gf maybe
>idk what to do from this point
Try to get through each day without killing myself
"but if we love each other we will get through anything"

>3 kids
>both parents have minimum wage jobs
>live in trailer park
File: 1405463937102.jpg (279KB, 600x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
279KB, 600x800px
I ain't got a life plan.
I haven't had any sort of plans in years, and I have mostly just been doing basically nothing towards anything.
My "plan" is to basically continue my neet life as long as my parents let me live in their household, and once I am kicked out, use what money I have as long as it lasts, and then kill myself.

Apathy and depression are hella strong drugs. I don't give a shit about basically anything anymore, and I kind of wish to die in my sleep every night. I haven't seen any point in life in years, and to me, wasting effort, or struggling for anything in life, is utterly pointless. Right now, easiest solution for me is to just drift along on the ride as long as it lasts, but once life gets too hard, it becomes easier to just kill myself.

I gave up years ago.
>being this American
> advance in my current career
> get married
> have kids
The usual
I'm not even American bruh.
what are the pros and cons of having kids?
Boy it feels good to be European and work to live and not the opposite!
>Biological sense of fulfillment
>Cute at certain ages
>They can be fun
>Pride, if you make a good one
>Break shit
>Always the chance your kid could be a complete tosser, especially if you yourself are one
>get some self confidence
>graduate from college
>lose weight/improve my appearance
>get a job in robotics or something developing new computer hardware
>travel the world
>have a small cottage to live in
>above cottage would be mostly self reliant (garden, own energy source, etc)
>marry/live life with bf
>if above bullet doesnt happen, get cats
Learn programming
Learn other languages
Go through my massive backlog of video games and films I have but haven't seen/played
Get physically stronger
Get into reading books
Learn to cook
>Get a degree in either Culinary Arts or Criminal Justice
>Move to the west side, probably either San Diego or Seattle

From there I have two plans:

>Culinary Arts
>Get a job in a really popular restaurant
>Preferably not a fine dining establishment, something a little bit looser
>Get good enough at Street Fighter to play competitively (getting close)
>Win a major
>Write a novel
>Get married (As time goes on, the less I want this)
>Own my own restaurant

>Criminal Justice
>Join the metro PD of whichever city I choose
>Probably will be too busy to play SF competitively
>Move up to the detective bureau
>Maybe get married, might be selfish of me
>Write a novel

See, with culinary arts I feel I'd have a much more fulfilling life, but detective work is my number one passion so it'd definitely be a more fulfilling career.
I want to become a clinical psychologist. Right now I'm in business school for HR since it's similar to psych and I can actually get a job with HR at the 4 year level.

My question to /adv/ is, should I become a psychologist if my beliefs could lead to illegal actions?
>I thoroughly believe that if someone wants to commit suicide and they aren't hysterical and have thought it out, I don't think I should stop/report it like the law says.
>I think if requested, records should always be available. To hell with "thinking it may/will harm them", it's their records
>similar ideals
fuck a girl until my balls dry up
None of it sounds too bad, though perhaps because I share similar beliefs.

Keep in mind that there is no "right way" just some more accepted actions and less accepted ones. There are many professionals who support euthanasia.
>finish degree
>soul crushing yet decently paying job while moonlighting as a stand-up comic/comedy writer
Either way, I don't plan on reproducing.
If you're reasonably attractive, you could try to marry rich.

Most marriages are loveless and job satisfaction is at an all time low, but if you don't have to worry about money and you're fine with dealing with kids, that's a popular and viable option!
And so many choosing suicide over both.

It's almost like we're on 4chan.
Just become a hedonist ignostic stoic possibilianist... Then life will seem less bleak
All the femanons on this thread have better aspirations... just saying
>finish undergrad
>Johns Hopkins med school
>work for rich people for a while, then offer my services for free to people who need it
>kill myself at the age of 50

Preferably no husband and no kids.
>female, 26
>marry bf
>have children
>educate children to become the next great fascist dictators
>beam proudly as they rule the world
>becoming fascist
Sorry, you can't have both.

i'll be your husband

Damn I'm already in love
>Go to local Honors College
>Major in Astrophysics
>Hopefully work in space industry
>Find wife along the way, maybe have kids
>Commit suicide before Alzheimers inevitably gets me
This, but less autism.
still looking for that SO.

post your plans.
Who want's to help me become a teacher? No age preference I guess. Also no real subject preference though I am a fan of the idea of being an English literature teacher. I don't really know where to begin. I'm a senior in high school and I've been accepted to Tennessee and Alabama. Any advice helps
>Save up enough money to move out with S.O
>make enough cash to live comfortably, not extravagantly, while still paying off loans throughout life
>Own cats. Name ridiculous names like Puddin' and mister flufferton
>Have space to begin collection of old nostalgic vidya
>Mini Cooper
>Marriage, 2.5 kids.

My dreams aren't very big. I just want my independence. I have a good job right now, but would like to move into something more stable feeling. ( right now in stable contract work, freelance graphic design) I feel like that won't happen. Seems like companies are moving more towards contractor work.

As long as I can live independently, I am A-OK with everything else.
>Never applied myself
>Smoke too much weed
>Plan on community college
>But i make it into a Cal State

Current life plan:
>Absolutely tear it up in college (nigger, who would have thought school would be so easy if you actually studied?)
>Getting a 3.6 GPA as Mechanical Engineer
>Plan to transfer to better school next fall semester
>Be as proactive as possible to find a good internship
>Get mucho experienco
>Try to get into a studied abroad program somwhere in South Africa/Costa Rica
>If not, do some volunteer work somewhere across the world
>Graduate college and find a job
>Move to somewhere along the coast (SD, Newport, etc.)
>Surf every day
>Work my ass off until I get the job of my dreams
>Continue to live the properly managed financial life I do
>Save up for surf/travel trips every few months
>Pray that I can continue to live on the coast of Socal
>Continue to surf
>Start a business with my brother/market my own product/etc.
>Retire off of a life of hard work
>Make crybaby faces to all you whiners who don't know how to work hard for anything
>Continue to smoke weed and succeeeeeed

Inb4 "I doubt your dick is really 9 inches"
File: 1413792989689.png (19KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19KB, 1280x720px
>18 college student
>Get a Masters in Geology/Bachelors in Petroleum Engineering
>Study abroad in Australia or NZ
>Work for Shell, Chevron, etc.
>Make 80k to 150k a year
>Raise puppies as my own kids
>Vacation a lot, see the world, visit family
>retire when I'm 50
>Read novels, fish, smoke weed, continue to travel
>Die peacefully, knowing I've seen and experienced the world on my terms

You guys like that plan?
>Living on the coast of Socal
>smoke weed and succeed

I like you.
The story of the woman who chose to end her life before her cancer made her life more of a living hell has brought the concept of assisted suicide into the spotlight. If youre in America, it seems theres a shift away from rigid religious thinking and more acceptance for suicide to end suffering. Not sure about emotional suffering, because theres still alot of people who disagree with that. but you never know.

Opinions are shifting. They always shift. Just dont do anything that will get you in the news.
I really want to start my own business. I'm just graduating now and it's my goal to spend the next decade or so building my industry network and gaining the right kind of experience. That's all I really want to do currently besides mess around with my hobbies. I have a nagging feeling in the back of my head to look for a relationship, but I'm worried I'd be too distant to make one work. So I guess my aspirations for the next 10-20 years are:
>set myself up to be in a position where I can start a business
>be a better, less-selfish person

I also have a little bucket list of things I want to do/learn to do
>Learning Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue is on the top of my list
>Graduate in May
>Take a year off from school to work full time and focus everything I've got into pursuing a musical career
>Grad school after the year is up

God damn do I hope the music work out. I don't see myself being happy doing anything else.
Is it bad that I aspire to literally become someone else. I don't want to be me.
>finish police foundations
>work private security
>hopefully get into OPP
>one day find gf who wont ruin me more
Well, in four years, I would like to be in medical school preparing to take the USMLE and doing my clerkships and whatnot.
In ten years, I would like to get my M. D. and to be halfway done with my medical residency.
In fifteen years, I would like to be a fully licensed surgeon doing things on my own, having a nice place, car, etc.
In 20 years I would like to have at least a thousand surgeries completed. 5,000 in 25, etc.
Hopefully all those surgeries don't involve the same people so that I could change thousands of different lives by the time I'm 40.
Stop wasting my cash on twinkies and shotgun ammo and save up to by a van. Move into van and get laid.
Australia uni fees are the highest
fuck a french girl named orianne
finish criminology degree, perhaps do honours
join Australian Federal Police
I smoked pot with Johnny Hopkins
The most legit plan I have read so far
>get over my depression and other emotional issues
>>if I don't, kill myself before turning 25, so three years to go.

>build a hobbithole in some countryside, country not decided upon yet
>live off the land, be selfsustainable
>find someone to love and be loved by
>repay my debts to society
>die after fighting a bear, happy that I made it out of the darkness and knowing someone loved me

But I think the first is more likely.
>captcha 911
I'm you. Like right now. Fuck.
I'm you one year earlier. For now I distract myself with vidya during free time.
> be me 18
> just started college
> forensic science major
> gonna work for NYPD or any other police department

Other than that I'm not too sure. Might even take up physics and do R&D for the military later in life.
>buy a condo in ~1.5-2 years time
>get married and have at least two kids (boy and girl preferably)
>get motivated in drawing again and work on comics in my spare time
>visit Sweden and Germany

I already got a pretty good job so I'm set with that and my girlfriend wants to visit Japan so I might try and surprise her with that in a year.
>Become the #1 app game dev
>Implement the world biggest e-sport on smartphones
>Establish an e-sport scene bigger than any "real" sport scene
>Become the #1 overall game dev
>Establish a new gaming smartphone brand
>Establish a world wide EDM radio chain
>Maybe a food chain too
>Travel the world while doing this
Seems pretty modest
>be 18, first year at shitty uni

>do laundry
>read journal to do essay on friday
>fireworks tonite
>dont fuck bf's bi friend
>.... graduate with a 1:1?
>Save money for grad school with current job
>Fuck grads school, use money for booze rent and travel
>Get a job as CEO of a chocolate factory
>Get bitches get laid
>just got in college
>talks about success
Underage is strong in this one.
>Software Developer
>Preparing to emigrate to Japan
>Want to marry soon
>Want 3 or 4 kids
>Want to lead a large development team
You sound like an accomplished guy, what the fuck are you doing on 4chan, a website inhabited by pathetic NEET virgin 20-somethings who obsess over computers and anime?
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