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Hermione Best Girl Edition

This is a general about slave trainer games, and the creation of games where women get dominated. Discussion about games not being created here is also acceptable. This Op is a work in progress.

Screaming about public favors, cuckolding and what is, or is not a trainer game will not be tolerated.

Feedback to creators is great - shitposting and meaningless criticism is not.

If you're working on a game and want to list a pastebin here speak up please.

Major Versions of the game (BT is necessary for mods):
Each of these is a standalone game, not a mod for any of the others

Mods available for BT. Install Maverick or Mo's mod (NOT BOTH):

Maverick wrote a guide for scripting. Shows how to write/structure scenes for coders. Good for idea-guys & script-writers:

Info on character generators:

Random links to content(will be updated as content is actually posted for me to add)

Rouge-like by Oni

Korra Trainer/Breaking Bat/Incredibles trainer (Anon projects not related to Witch Trainer)

Contact info for major contributors:
goo dot gl/e7VdoI
Here's an idea for a slave trainer game - Hunger Games. The idea being that you're fooling Katniss or other young Tributes that you're teaching them survival skills for the games when all you're actually doing is preparing them for lives as sex slaves.
That russian hermione trainer..is it empty? It seemed like they added a ton of shit with how it was described but right now im stuck. I cant do shit with that blonde Daphne girl, I cant ask for any favors from Hermione except to see her panties or jerk off as she talks or send her to flirt. Cant buy anything, no shop menu, cant tutor, cant do shit with the bird..

What gives, the base game when it first came out a year ago had 10x more content.

How is that other mod in the same pastebin that supposedly not compatible with the russian one?
The current thread is here:
can we stick to one fucking thread at a time? this is next level shitposting
would the real tropic

please stand up
There's plenty of content there, but it's a little challenging to find. There's a link to the walkthrough in the pastebin.

It'll get better when 1.5.2 releases.
tropic isn't real, my friend. He's a state of mind.
>more idea guys
Fuck off you attention whore cuck
there's already a thread
>>98623 (Cross-thread)
please leave
Don't bring your autism in the non-autistic thread.
Kill yourself.
Stop being retarded this is not a cult
real original reply. pat yourself on the back
I agree. That's why we should avoid the overly strict, autistic definitions that the other thread wants.
when does that release
It was supposed to be today, but they ran into some issues and haven't yet announced a new timeline.
what do they intend to add?
We haven't seen a changelog yet, but there should be a complete translation from the Russian.

Not sure what else it will include.
Give me one rational reason as to why people continue to give Akabur so much money despite his inability to deliver in a reasonable amount of time.

You can't.

Fucking gold edition when
no one else is really making trainers with fairly good art of things people like, disney and harry potter shit are popular in the west where hentai anime stuff isnt as common or in demand as western cartoons
Only once the number of donations starts to decline.
>Give me one rational reason
People aren't rational.
Thread posts: 24
Thread images: 1

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