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/aco/ General Drawthread

This is a red board which means that it's strictly for adults (Not Safe For Work content only). If you see any illegal content, please report it.

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File: 1497774640153.png (160KB, 650x924px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
160KB, 650x924px
>Provide references and keep them to one image/post.
>Requests may not be related to content that isn't western origin
>Be patient and take it easy! Don't forget to check the boorus first to see if your request was fulfilled.
>Drawfriends, don't hold back.
>Keep art critiques short.
>To make the new drawthread, wait for page 10 or Image limit.
>No one is entitled to a request delivery.
>Don't fight spam with spam.
>Have fun!

>Collection of Deliveries:

>Drawfriends Gallery List:

>Previous thread

>OC thread
File: exotic.png (2MB, 1487x661px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1487x661px
Requesting Izabella Dehavalot (from Jungledyret Hugo, or "Go Hugo Go" in English) showing her thirst for some sort of exotic penis.
File: Canyon Finn.jpg (305KB, 1785x995px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Canyon Finn.jpg
305KB, 1785x995px
Requesting Finn licking Canyon's pussy.
Requesting one of the Cool Kids, kissing and groping Dr. Maheswaran, like in the image on the far-left.
File: edda.jpg (91KB, 325x717px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
91KB, 325x717px
Requesting Edda Burber as a dominatrix.
File: HoneyLemons.jpg (577KB, 2228x1324px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
577KB, 2228x1324px
Requesting Honey Lemon giving a thighjob but from an upside-down angle, like the bottom pics. I like to think she's lying in bed pleasuring her guy, when she decided taking a playful selfie.
File: nanilifeguard.png (3MB, 1840x2292px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 1840x2292px
Requesting the Lifeguard arching he back as Nani licks her pussy like the two girls on top. Or vice versa if you prefer. Also I'd like for the lifeguard to have tan lines from where her swimsuit is.
requesting Yang xiao long from RWBY sleeping on a couch in the nude
File: 1496083472257.jpg (233KB, 676x466px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
233KB, 676x466px
Requesting Blue Pearl dressed as a maid spreading her legs and saying the text in the ref
File: 1495595835674.png (1MB, 1280x2316px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1280x2316px
Requesting the bottom image with Summer and Wendy.
Regular clothes or slutty cheerleaders.
Requesting Shantae spreading her legs invitingly while nude, but still retaining the ears and tail of her monkey transformation.
File: mantis bate.png (304KB, 922x920px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
mantis bate.png
304KB, 922x920px
Wondering if there is more done on this wip?
Are you a new drawfag?

We have a problem with a poster that has a history of stalking, threatening to kill, scaring off artists, spamming the thread/index, avataring, replying to himself/talking in third person, derailing, etc. He goes by the name Speedy05 and has been permanently banned on most sites with active moderation including /loli/, /furry/, and multiple MLP communities.

He primarily requests Yin, pink rabbits, cat and rabbit milfs, futa horse cocks, geometry porn, and oppai loli/paizuri. When in doubt ask the thread or lurk for a bit. The original list of identifying features was deleted by the faggot who made it, so you'll have to make due with this stalking log: http://pastebin.com/rvUiPd5j

A few choice words from a moderator involved with the stalking incident:
>He thrashes about if he doesn’t get his way, then acts like he’s truly sorry to get sympathy when he knows he won’t be able to resume his stalking.

>He exploded in IRC over the one week he originally had to serve, swearing at us when we told him to stop harassing blunt-whiskey. He said he’d leave her alone for 6 months and if she didn’t forgive him, he’d harass her again.

>I’m usually pretty forgiving but this person has proven more than once that he is highly irrational, unstable, and cannot be trusted with the ability to communicate with others.

>Bye, speedy.
>Get help. Seriously, I can't imagine how much happier you and the rest of us would be if you got a good therapist

Current Request:
File: cowgirl lindsay.png (1MB, 1270x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
cowgirl lindsay.png
1MB, 1270x1000px
Requesting Lindsay sitting in a guys lap riding his dick while he squeezes her huge tits.
File: IMG_5066.png (757KB, 1136x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
757KB, 1136x640px
Requesting Aquamarine and Lapis Lazuli both with huge breasts, kissing and giving a double titfuck.
File: 1497532445284.jpg (507KB, 1348x1736px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
507KB, 1348x1736px
Requesting Atomic Betty(wearing ref outfit) in a similar pose of the reference
Requesting Pauline possessed by Mario masturbating and playing with her (?) tits.
Oh wait, just realized it's eastern? Not anime, threw me off. Ah nevermind.
File: IMG_5300.png (686KB, 1136x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
686KB, 1136x640px
Requesting the same situation as the left pic but with Annetta Fish and Ursula, both of whom are from Rayman.
Requesting a spirit healer getting raped or gangraped by undeads
File: flash_2.jpg (678KB, 1024x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
678KB, 1024x1024px
Requesting Breakfast Princess in this pose from Flashdance getting a syrup shower. She's nude except for bacon leg warmers ( and possibly small fried-egg pasties. ) Maybe one hand slipping between her legs?
File: ana cock sucking.png (880KB, 984x747px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
ana cock sucking.png
880KB, 984x747px
requesting Ana sucking cock in this position so you can see her ass sticking out. If colored, orange or blue lipstick and panties
File: 1496858990257.jpg (550KB, 982x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
550KB, 982x800px
Requesting the Pepsodent Girl being fucked as she brushes her teeth. Based on this commercial:
File: PBmaid.jpg (208KB, 856x944px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
208KB, 856x944px
Requesting Princess Bubblegum dressed as a maid and having anal in the pile driver position.
File: 1497651907516.jpg (66KB, 703x1136px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66KB, 703x1136px
Requesting Drew Saturday fighting a giant tentacle monster. Have her have her clothes ripped open with a tentacle wrapped around her about to penetrate her as she makes a comment about how she hates Japan. The monster should look like it had a few tentacles cut off by her sword.
File: luke-rey 2.jpg (230KB, 1215x820px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
luke-rey 2.jpg
230KB, 1215x820px
Requesting Old Luke fucking Rey doggystyle, with their expressions from the left pic switched. He's got the look of strained focus, and she's got the X3 smile. Preferably with her hair down like in the Last Jedi product art.
File: Mummy.jpg (94KB, 533x691px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94KB, 533x691px
Requesting the Mummy from hotel transylvania unraveling her wet bandages under a tree after getting caught in the rain, complaining about having to walk back to hotel naked now
File: 1497843932778.jpg (612KB, 1202x1102px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
612KB, 1202x1102px
Requesting a remake(redrawn?) of the bottom right image with Linda Belcher as the milf and the teacher in the top right as the teacher in the...bottom right.
File: IMG_5413.jpg (55KB, 472x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55KB, 472x1200px
Requesting Smash Girl getting fucked anally in the doggystyle position, from the guy's POV.
>Finding Bob's Burgers characters arousing

What the fuck is wrong with you?
File: 1497744215885.jpg (806KB, 1550x864px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
806KB, 1550x864px
Requesting Marie Kanker whoring herself out in a school bathroom
Hey if fuckers can find SU characters arousing anything can happen.
File: IMG_5375.png (381KB, 1268x1920px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
381KB, 1268x1920px
Requesting Rhodonite getting gangbanged while wearing these clothes.
at least su characters have chins my dude
File: Germaine titfuck.jpg (873KB, 3571x2160px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Germaine titfuck.jpg
873KB, 3571x2160px
Requesting Germaine giving a hand free titfuck, where her tits completely cover the dudes dick.
That's the faintest praise ever.
Requesting KO's mom, Carol from "OK KO! Let's be heroes" wearing nothing but a bikini and high heels while anon is cumming on her tits.
File: Pepper Tony.jpg (482KB, 1892x1944px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Pepper Tony.jpg
482KB, 1892x1944px
Requesting Pepper and Tony mutually masturbating like in the reference.
File: fdfs.jpg (103KB, 703x950px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
103KB, 703x950px
This girl, standing on a bathroom scale weighing herself
Can someone do a pic of these two showing the appropriate "sisterly love" (like scissoring or one girl grinding her knee into the pussy of the other) possibly in an Egyptian setting?
File: go.jpg (145KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
145KB, 1280x720px
Requesting Teen titans go girls having a lesbian orgy
Also while in a kneeling position.
File: bald beauties.png (3MB, 2248x1170px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
bald beauties.png
3MB, 2248x1170px
Requesting Jack or Asajj Ventress pressed against a wall while the other kisses and finger bangs her
File: parasoul.png (213KB, 447x555px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
213KB, 447x555px
Requesting Parasoul from Skullgirls getting thighfucked or hotdogged from behind while leaning over a desk, clothed.
File: 1497364298141.jpg (153KB, 600x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
153KB, 600x800px
Requesting Ramona Flowers flashing her breasts while lewdly glaring at anon's erect dick
File: Sexy Beach Girl.jpg (266KB, 1723x967px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sexy Beach Girl.jpg
266KB, 1723x967px
Requesting the woman in the left pic, who is a one-time background character from the 1989 Paddington Bear cartoon, wearing the same bikini and doing the same pose as the girl in the right pic.
File: arch3.jpg (885KB, 1024x1325px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
885KB, 1024x1325px
Requesting the Archie genderbendt girls having a lesbian threesome please.
File: Harl.jpg (534KB, 2280x1704px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
534KB, 2280x1704px
Requesting this version of Harley in her nurse outfit spreading her cheeks to reveal jizz pouring from her vagina.
File: 1496626634398.png (1MB, 1056x647px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1056x647px
Requesting Lord Dominator being impregnated
File: Trollhuntersclaire.jpg (173KB, 1304x733px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
173KB, 1304x733px
Requesting Claire from Troll Hunters in a after sex image with used condoms and the like
File: 1495340102390.jpg (1MB, 1720x1566px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1720x1566px
Requesting any thicc and hot Wendy like this way.
But please with her striped socks.
File: 1497572836301.png (3MB, 818x875px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 818x875px
/r/ Topless Lynette Guycott getting fucked roughly while covered in cum
Requesting Jackie Lynn Thomas
playing with her pussy, sitting on her skateboard wearing cosplay of the North American Sailor Moon.(or really any magical girl)
Asking "Who's your manic pixie dreamgirl now Marco?"
File: kyla_ytlife.png (515KB, 810x463px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
515KB, 810x463px
obscure as fuck, but requesting Kyla from the game Youtuber's Life in a similar pose as pic-related
Requesting Kate Bishop in her school uniform and based on this pic, but replace the phone on her hand with Peter Parker's Spider-Man mask and have her look in a seductive face

Add this dialogue:

Kate Bishop: Come and web me tight superstar
requesting Kali Belladonna getting creampied while riding the viewer's dick with an ahegao expresssion
File: 1497801856582.jpg (203KB, 690x926px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
203KB, 690x926px
Requesting Tia from Galactik Football getting fucked by one or all three girls from team Paradisia with a double ended dildo.
File: Way Bad fuck.png (761KB, 2128x808px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Way Bad fuck.png
761KB, 2128x808px
Ben running to fuck the Way Bad girl.
File: tbxj9.png (583KB, 1024x838px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
583KB, 1024x838px
Requesting Tiff and Brit fucking Jenny with strap-ons. Or just futa if you like that. Some school scenario would be cool, like a bathroom stall, or the gym lockers. And implied blackmail with some text bubbles.
File: Audrey Request.png (2MB, 1400x1167px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Audrey Request.png
2MB, 1400x1167px
Requesting Audrey Belrose from HuniePop, clothed in either of the poses, looking back at the dude's massive cock dripping with precum with an expression that's a mix of excitement and shock. Maybe dialogue along the lines of "That's it? I guess it'll have to work." trying to disguise her obvious excitement, with an additional thought bubble wondering if it's all going to fit.
File: hildy incest.png (244KB, 588x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
hildy incest.png
244KB, 588x960px
Requesting Hildy Gloom from The 7D (right), getting her shirt lifted and her breasts molested by her mother (left)
The scene on the left, but with Volcana (the redhead) in his lap and Livewire resting her ass on Superman's head.
File: Francine.jpg (178KB, 882x726px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
178KB, 882x726px
Requesting lewds of Francine Smith in her "Burning Man attire."
File: 1497737313859.png (1MB, 1267x585px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1267x585px
Requesting a nude pin-up with Lindsay and Beth from Total Drama island. Lindsay is confident. Beth is nervous but still into it.
File: Brown ass on glass.jpg (339KB, 1460x2368px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Brown ass on glass.jpg
339KB, 1460x2368px
Requesting Nani pressing her ass against a window while she fucks a dildo stuck to the window.
damn which artist is this
File: aubrey.jpg (716KB, 862x1436px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
716KB, 862x1436px
Requesting Aubrey from Worst World in a sexy spread eagled pose
File: 1496908179711.jpg (259KB, 780x620px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
259KB, 780x620px
Requesting Ripley from Lumberjanes being collared and fucked from behind on someone's lap. Have her clothes be on but torn please
File: Nomb.jpg (983KB, 1175x1719px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
983KB, 1175x1719px
Requesting the Nombrils girls pleasuring a single guy or girl together
requesting these MILF versions of Dextra(Rule 63 Dexter) and Dee Dee having a threesome with Action Hank
File: schoolgirlpanda.jpg (215KB, 1212x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
215KB, 1212x960px
Requesting Panda Delgado wearing a sexy schoolgirl outfit with the shirt completely unbuttoned and her panties around her thighs as she lifts her skirt to show her pussy. Maybe have her pubes shaved into the shape of a heart.
Requesting Karma Lee from Temple Runner getting buttfucked in this pose and with the skullropes tying her up, but naked.
File: 1410211639724.png (3MB, 2523x1752px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 2523x1752px
Requesting Eiger and Glory from Shadowrun Dragonfall reverse spitroasting a guy.
The guy doesn't need to be enormous but his dick should still be really big. Eiger (the one on top) should be a little bigger than the guy and muscular and Glory should have heart pupils and maybe drool a little too.
File: IMG_1304.jpg (649KB, 2765x1577px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
649KB, 2765x1577px
Requesting Koshka in the position of the right image
Requesting these girls from Whomp flashing their tits at Mardi Gras
File: 1434146166552.jpg (705KB, 2296x1912px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
705KB, 2296x1912px
Requesting one or more of these girls from the show Kim Possible making a selfie wearing an open bathrobe like the reference. Comment would be nice.

Also extra internets if the body is a bit wet, like she just came out of the shower
OR here, nothing wrong, just curious.
Here you go anon hope you like it
File: slaveahsoka2.jpg (321KB, 2142x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
321KB, 2142x900px
Requesting slave Ahsoka tied up like the girl on the right, except with a ring gag instead of a ball gag, with cum all over her face and either a defiant look on her face, or one that makes her look like she is loving this
Oops forgot the picture
File: 1497383288220.gif (1MB, 600x427px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 600x427px
Elsa pulling down her collar so her tits are exposed.
Requesting Amalia in the bottom pose, still wearing her clothes but no panties
File: 1497748457518.png (1MB, 2156x1656px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 2156x1656px
Requesting Attea losing control of her tongue
as it gains a will of i'ts own and fucks her pussy.
File: Betty_1497860857674.jpg (279KB, 1232x1196px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
279KB, 1232x1196px
Requesting a similar pic of Bettyjuice lifting her skirt and with her panties slightly pulled down. Some small tentacles are coming out from her pussy, and she's telling the viewer "I'm a full girl in this form... maybe"
File: Gwen.jpg (213KB, 1000x1294px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
213KB, 1000x1294px
Requesting some Gwen from TDI, I feel there is a lack of porn of her, the world needs MOORE!
File: Eva_TDI_Rank.png (547KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
547KB, 1024x768px
She's already the TDI character with the most r34 and the one that most people fap to. She has more than enough.

You know who hasn't? Eva. Let's get some fucking Eva porn.
File: 20170514_162535.jpg (435KB, 1920x970px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
435KB, 1920x970px
Requesting a haydee masturbating a shota while he lactates through her suit
did you have a stroke, lad?
OR here. I have admit, that made me smile.
Well that is because the rest fukkin suck, My request persist as it is. Qt emo girl deserves more.
Yer waifu's just as shit as everyone else's
File: 20170207_192246.jpg (2MB, 1917x2160px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1917x2160px
Thanks for pointing that out. I really need to look at my phone more and not just trust it not to autocorrect me to hell

Requesting D.Va with her arms tied to a bed as Mei rubs an ice cube on her nipple
requesting her lezzing out with luna lovegood ripoff
File: Susan request.jpg (350KB, 1773x760px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Susan request.jpg
350KB, 1773x760px
Requesting Susan Strong in the pose on the right, wearing only her hat.
File: Cb71COib.jpg (155KB, 1000x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
155KB, 1000x1000px
I like to request Velma dressed up as Deborah Kim from the Friday the 13th video game and Shaggy dressed up as Jason Voorhees having role playing sex.
File: 1497764220910.jpg (503KB, 1612x680px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
503KB, 1612x680px
Requesting this here fusion of Frankie and Wendy in the Kanker pose revealing a set of pearl lingerie with the pearls in the cleft of her pussy
File: Creepy_Susie.jpg (395KB, 1032x649px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
395KB, 1032x649px
Requesting Creepy Susie being led around in public on a leash sitting with nip piercings and a pair of soaked panties hanging off her leg
File: ice queens.png (1MB, 1023x806px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
ice queens.png
1MB, 1023x806px
Requesting Evie from Paladins fucking Mei with a strap-on, doggystyle. Or vice versa. I'd take either one at this point
File: edda dom.png (106KB, 523x787px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
edda dom.png
106KB, 523x787px
great work
File: MOverkill.jpg (449KB, 2204x1624px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
449KB, 2204x1624px
Requesting Scarlet Overkill giving a clothed buttjob, her skirt slightly hiked, and the dick rubbing against the pantyhose with the panties visible underneath. Pretty much like the reference, please.
File: Alette_Request_2.png (2MB, 2246x1118px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2246x1118px
Requesting Alette from Banner Saga based on this pic. She wears her crown
File: Karisolo.jpg (113KB, 656x940px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
113KB, 656x940px
Requesting Karine from The Bellybuttons with a big futa dick, masturbating. On-model if possible.
File: kp4c.jpg (607KB, 792x1140px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
607KB, 792x1140px
Delivery! Tough break, Kim.
File: image.png (863KB, 1366x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
863KB, 1366x640px
Requesting the right image with Joy.
File: MegPatRutEst.png (714KB, 852x544px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
714KB, 852x544px
Requesting Meg and her friends Patty, Esther, and Ruth in a well fucked heap after a consensual gangbang/orgy. Just 4 ladies splayed out with happy, exhausted ahegao faces and covered in cum.
Requesting these four-armed ladies groping each other, or just posing seductively together.
File: 1479539353304.jpg (500KB, 1408x1273px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
500KB, 1408x1273px
Requesting Shego making a selfie like Harley in the ref. Runny mascara and facial would be highly appreciated. The guy tied up could be Anon or Ron.

If you do decide to go for Ron, add a caption mocking Kim
File: 3107.png (2MB, 1640x1158px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1640x1158px
Requesting Morgan and Jane having lesbian sex.
Dildos would be welcome addition.
Morgan being the one tied up.
Kek, not OR but this is good stuff Gan! Kim needs to be cucked.
Requesting Kamala nervously touching a smaller-than-average dick. Bonus if tiny Spider-Woman/Captain Marvel are fucking or flashing their tits or something and complaining about what a wimp she is.
File: IMG_5410.jpg (190KB, 891x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
190KB, 891x1280px
Requesting more of this really THICC Wyldstyle
there must be a good reason why your dumb waifu has no porn and no drawfag here want to draw her
that's a tiny ass cock, senpai
File: kk_request_14.png (1001KB, 1668x1216px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1001KB, 1668x1216px
Requesting Kamala Khan based on this pic. Wearing the same clothes as in the ref pic
File: 1497854777837.png (530KB, 671x904px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
530KB, 671x904px
The Same thing, but without Harley Quinn's Suit
File: 1496301402681.png (161KB, 2500x1406px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
161KB, 2500x1406px
Requesting Marigold from QC with the top of her maid outfit pulled down, revealing her tits. She's embarrassed, but still smiling and saying "Will that be all, sir?"
File: anne_cumface.jpg (208KB, 1198x1356px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
208KB, 1198x1356px

This was from a past thread where they asked for Anne Maria, and here's it.
File: sma 2wo.jpg (1MB, 2900x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sma 2wo.jpg
1MB, 2900x1200px
Brown Girls....
Requesting Malina and Chel making out, tribbing, fingering, going down on the other in a temple or with some sort of hint stone carving/ statue in the background?

Can you keep most of Malina's clothing on (Aztec /Inca stuff ) And add the red tribal band across Chel's eyes?
File: tim.png (145KB, 418x697px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
145KB, 418x697px
File: AlyaMariAd.jpg (990KB, 2728x2072px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
990KB, 2728x2072px
Requesting Marinette, Alya and Adrien having a threesome. Something more bisexual like the references, with one girl getting fucked by Adrien, while also licking the girl on top. Adrien and the top girl kissing would be great too.
They're also playing with legos so they're probably a child.
OR here.Excellent job man, thank you.
File: AmerDadSideBy.png (464KB, 380x722px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
464KB, 380x722px
I would like to request Francine and Hayley side by side getting fucked senseless by their husbands, Stan and Jeff. Bonus points for messy hair, drool, askew headbands, and Hayley being slightly hairy.
File: 1493945418377.jpg (712KB, 1608x1800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
712KB, 1608x1800px
You mean like this?
File: maggie.jpg (496KB, 598x1297px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
496KB, 598x1297px
Requesting Maggie Pesky being gangbanged and enjoying the hell out of it
furshit isn't allowed, brodie
OR here. Yes that, but I would like it to be finished
File: sarah request.png (3MB, 2314x1312px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sarah request.png
3MB, 2314x1312px
requesting sarah from twokinds (girl in the left two pics) getting fucked in a cowgirl position, maybe getting her tail pulled during it too
wrong pic :v
File: 079_Beli_Lapran.jpg (1MB, 6000x2600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 6000x2600px
Requesting Beli from Huniepop, in the hairstyle furthest to the right, stroking off a pair of cocks and having them cum on her face and tits.
File: 1497388674059.jpg (453KB, 1040x479px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
453KB, 1040x479px
Requesting Grieve-tan being impregnated
Requesting a shot of classic April O'Neil of the TMNT, almost completely nude except for the belt and bandanna that match the rest of the turtles, belt initialed "A" and bandanna colored yellow.
I want to draw sexy ladies (and maybe traps) but I suck.

Is there a breakdown of particular books or websites to use to get good?
File: 1485680338569.jpg (69KB, 666x615px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69KB, 666x615px
Requesting Velma and Daphne wrestling in these outfits and ripping each other's clothes off
Not that I can think of. Just use references and keep drawing, you'll stop sucking eventually.
Study Andrew Loomis and Adam Hughes. That's a good place to start.
OR here.
I don't like to see Kim crying, but I'm fully happy with the Shego Ahegao
And I imagine Ron's got a great view.
Don't jump right to people. Start with simple objects around you to learn form. Draw a mug, a pencil, etc. Study how light bounces off the objects, the shadows they cast. Then move onto more organic things like fruit, leaves, flowers. Those are geometrically simple but very diverse and detailed.
Then you're ready to work on people. Draw realistically before you go cartoony as you'll have a better grasp on what to exaggerate/diminish. Start with the skeleton to practice proportions and how a body can bend. When you are comfortable with that, look at your hands, feet, face, or any part of your body and draw the basic shapes, adding detail as you go. Then start drawing full bodies.
If you can't go to a life drawing class, find videos of dancers, pause, and draw whatever pose they are in. Ballerina's work well because of their form fitting clothes.
Practice regularly, then you will draw the sexiest of ladies.
File: 14487330328911.png (946KB, 1068x1920px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
946KB, 1068x1920px
Requesting a busty eldar farseer lady getting vigorously titfucked.
File: colette-req.jpg (185KB, 1167x921px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
185KB, 1167x921px
/r/ Colette having happy sex.
File: 1496984297351.jpg (635KB, 720x1113px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
635KB, 720x1113px
Requesting a follow up of this with a forced boobjob/blowjob while crying
File: Ashi's mom.png (1MB, 1974x1444px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Ashi's mom.png
1MB, 1974x1444px
Requesting Ashi's mom without her mask heavily pregnant with another set of septuplets. an outline of pussy & lactating nipples clearly visible
File: HB4.jpg (2MB, 3352x2232px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 3352x2232px
Requesting Raven giving a gloved handjob in the nurse outfit to the right of the reference.
File: She-Hulk.png (2MB, 992x1488px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 992x1488px
Requesting the grey skinned & green scarred She-Hulk riding a guy in the amazon position with a smug grin on her face.
OR here, nice.
Not OR, but I love this.
File: Twogag1.png (4MB, 3988x3988px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4MB, 3988x3988px
Requesting a wardrobe malfunction with Guy from Two Guys and Guy
Requesting the followup to this gif (doesn't have to be animated), like Jake fucking Juniper hard in the pussy while holding both her legs like a wheelcart. He doesn't have to be in dragon form.
that you Zst-Xkn, cause if so, do you have a particular site you use these days after your previous one died?
File: buttstack redhead.jpg (1MB, 1700x2000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
buttstack redhead.jpg
1MB, 1700x2000px
Requesting a redhead buttstack with Vicky at the top, Frankie in the middle, and Wendy at the bottom.
File: Marie_Kanker (1).jpg (199KB, 620x405px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Marie_Kanker (1).jpg
199KB, 620x405px
Requesting Marie Kanker coming up to Edd and asking him if he wants to see her new piercing with Edd saying no, that he thinks piercings are unsanitary as Marie flashes her tits or pussy making him stop mid sentence.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (227KB, 1096x980px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
227KB, 1096x980px
Requesting Jessica Cruz taking a one-finger-seflie-challenge pic
File: omother.jpg (805KB, 3694x2410px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
805KB, 3694x2410px
Requesting Other Mother sitting on Coraline's real moms face like the two on the right with them wearing the outfits on the left. Also give Other Mother button nipples and have real mom's legs held open with a spreader bar.
File: 2046x1440.jpg (391KB, 2046x1440px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
391KB, 2046x1440px
Requesting Morrigan after some wild dicking : breathless, half-naked and covered with cum
Something like that : http://i.imgur.com/SZh9Fws.jpg
wow, look at all that green text.
clearly this post is trustworthy and doesn't require any proper citations or evidence whatsoever! I'll just read this pastebin link and read this 5000 word novella and assume it is 100% gospel!

I'm not a new drawfag, so as far as I'm concerned, you're all problem posters. At least this asshole is good enough to tripfag himself so I can filter.
Requesting Third Sword from Necropolis being fucked in a position of the ref with the invisible cock and full view of her pussy
File: soshanna.jpg (256KB, 1057x1486px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
256KB, 1057x1486px
Requesting Shosanna lifted up and fucked by the Breadnaught, making her stomach bulge from his baguette cock. Have her making an ahegao face or otherwise show that she is loving it.
File: 1497444903127.jpg (410KB, 1439x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
410KB, 1439x720px
Requesting Skinny Jeans DJ in a bottomless pussy showing pin up
File: marigqc.png (360KB, 900x1324px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
360KB, 900x1324px
File: Velma.jpg (369KB, 932x656px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
369KB, 932x656px
Please draw Velma relaxing in the beach, naked but with tanlines of her swimsuit which could be a bikini or a one-piece.
I really like this.
Requesting Honey Lemon getting a double anal fuck plus a dildo up her butt for a triple stuffing. Also some tape covering her pussy with "still virgin" written on it.
It would be nice if she's enjoying it, but rape or mindbreak is good too
File: 1496881632322.jpg (449KB, 900x1273px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
449KB, 900x1273px
Requesting the oracle from TW:Rome getting some dick in her pussy or mouth, willingly or not. Either case, bonus points if she's flustered.
File: cb3.jpg (442KB, 1401x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
442KB, 1401x1000px
Requesting Squigly revealing herself in this outfit in the ref pose, with stained panties between her legs
Requesting porn of this vampire chick from the Darkest Dungeon DLC. Something focused on her face and tits preferably.
File: Miss B.png (731KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Miss B.png
731KB, 1920x1080px
Requesting Miss Baker from Clarence sucking dick at a glory hole.
File: 1497650707297.jpg (206KB, 1482x874px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
206KB, 1482x874px
Requesting Ben getting fucked cowgirl position by a Xenomorph with Ben looking surprised as the Xenomoprph shoved it's "tongue" into his mouth.
File: Bi3scoob.jpg (304KB, 1020x1264px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
304KB, 1020x1264px
Requesting Shaggy, Velma and Marcie having a bisexual threesome. Something like the reference would be great, with Marcie getting fucked by Shaggy and licking Velma preferably. And also like the reference, if you could keep them mostly clothed, with panties aside, skirt lifted, etc, it would be much appreciated.
I'm interested in doing this but I won't be able to start until sometime tomorrow.

Is there a specific color palette you'd like?
File: ref.png (609KB, 1280x968px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
609KB, 1280x968px
Requesting one of the Daughters of Aku (or maybe more then one if you're feeling it) sleeping in the woods ass up, revealing that their asshole is uncovered by the tar. It'd be nice if you could make the pussy noticeable or also uncovered.
>feeding zoopbooploop
File: gwenpool.jpg (346KB, 961x388px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
346KB, 961x388px
Requesting Gwenpool getting fucked like in the Reiq pic
File: 1497894203125.jpg (27KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27KB, 500x500px
Requesting these two lovely ladies scissoring any way you like.
Actually, regardless if that's Polter, or not, dude's been spamming my request for a long time. I made that request when an anon was asking for Kamala requests a while back, and I actually didn't get it, until someone kept spamming it. So yes, that request has been delivered, using that same prompt, and image ref.

These threads are weird.
File: sinlustrequest.jpg (765KB, 1344x887px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
765KB, 1344x887px
Requesting Lust from "Sins" the webcomic being fucked from a pov shot
File: hanako.jpg (936KB, 900x2100px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
936KB, 900x2100px
Requesting this hologram Girl from sex swing prostituting herself
File: kamala front.jpg (221KB, 850x1153px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
kamala front.jpg
221KB, 850x1153px
/r/ Kamala revealing that she is using her stretchy powers to keep a 2 foot long dildo inside her pussy at all times.
File: primeass.png (1MB, 1230x954px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1230x954px
Miko with her shorts down to show off her ass. Could include more of her so her face is shown, maybe teasing an offscreen Jack.
File: 1395587983460.png (126KB, 631x880px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
126KB, 631x880px
Requesting Frida Mofette on her knees with an open-mouth gag and excited eyes.
Requesting Phantasma Phantom getting deep creampie with her being just transparent enough to get a x-ray shot of an anon cumming inside her womb
File: 1497387074273.jpg (929KB, 2218x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
929KB, 2218x1200px
Requesting Fem Skeletor masturbating with a skeleton arm
File: 1494541950181.gif (4MB, 584x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4MB, 584x480px
Requesting Starfire laying on her back naked with mustard smeared on her breasts and pussy telling Robin to come and lick it off. Maybe have Robin in there looking really conflicted.
also requesting a raven and starfire lesbian version
The Amazon worshipping Diana's cock, washing it or lining up to get facials from it.
File: Thumb-starfire2.jpg (51KB, 481x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51KB, 481x480px
request Starfire nude walking in a public street,and seeming to wonder why everyone is staring at her.
File: 145424.jpg (714KB, 2880x704px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
714KB, 2880x704px
Requesting Scarecrow grabbing Catwoman like in that Injustices 2 throw and some hands groping her boobs, crotch and butt, she can be wearing her Batman TAS or Long Halloween outfit any of those are good.
File: wendy gnomes.png (3MB, 1280x1440px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
wendy gnomes.png
3MB, 1280x1440px
Requesting Wendy getting gang banged by a group of gnomes, cumming rainbow jizz all over her.
File: 1497562353802.jpg (170KB, 1644x1038px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
170KB, 1644x1038px
Requesting Madam Mim with her gets behind her head spreading her pussy. If you want to go above and beyond, a cream pie version would be appreciated
fuck off
Requesting the Eighth Brother being molested by tentacles.

Bonus: He's screaming something along the lines of "It's got me! Help! Help!"
OR here
Fantastic Work!
Can you post the madam mim picture?
File: Cap094.jpg (128KB, 1530x572px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
128KB, 1530x572px
Requesting Ning and/or Skun wearing black rubber gimp suits and hoods, hobbling about blindly.
Do you mean her in-game skins ? Perhaps the default or the diamond ones, but really all are quite nice anyway so I don't mind.
Also tomorrow is just fine, anon, I don't mind waiting !
Oh shit son, is it out yet ? I thought this day would never come.
Also seconding, I guess.
What is the bug equivalent of a black guy
I will be reclaiming 3fstudios soon.
I'll do it but it's going to be a butt hole piercing
Shad plz
requesting either Magik or X-23 working at a sexy bikini coffee shop
>Off model
Not my thing as much as i like Maggie.
That last time i got something with Muffet and her was kek worthy though.
File: st.png (165KB, 893x836px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
165KB, 893x836px
not really great at drawing scenario stuff so here's just some enf starfire so i don't ruin it, don't consider it a delivery if you don't want to
File: Adrenaline.jpg (14KB, 145x189px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14KB, 145x189px
Requesting this girl, her name is Adrenaline, she's from a cartoon named Franky Snow, unfortunately I don't think you can find more reference of her, all the videos on this cartoon are deleted.

Here is my request. Something like "undressing / strip-tease", looking at viewer, removing her bra with her breasts fully exposed.
Requesting a naked Courtney in a pose to show off her boobs and butt
File: fallout.jpg (889KB, 1569x1100px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
889KB, 1569x1100px
Requesting Fallout getting impreganted
Now I just think of the Joj things from that one manga
I'm okay with on model, just afraid that mods are gonna think it looks underage or something despite the fact that if it was truly loli maggie it would be a maggot
File: merinette.jpg (323KB, 1280x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
323KB, 1280x600px
Requesting Marinette dressed in a classic Chinese qipao being impregnated
File: bangfit.png (739KB, 776x1437px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
739KB, 776x1437px
Requesting one of these Bangfit girls getting banged with detailed uncensored genitals
File: 1496328339087.jpg (70KB, 1200x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70KB, 1200x1200px
Requesting a sweaty Tracer in this outfit giving a peace sign as she races her top to reveal one of the glistening sweaty breasts with a nip piercing
File: COMEWITHMEMYCHILD.jpg (758KB, 1440x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
758KB, 1440x1000px
Requesting the Chrysalis Eater in a lewd pose with her legs spread wearing some see thru lingerie
That is a lot more anime than I expected, but this is Marigold we're talking about, so maybe that's the right amount of anime.

Thank you.
File: cimWnEF.jpg (79KB, 720x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79KB, 720x720px
Requesting this image with Starfire and Blackfire.
Amy Pond from the Dr.Who comic either in this "sexy" police costume (or pushed up T and short skirt) applying the sonic screwdriver to her damp panty clad crotch.
- maybe muttering "mmm good vibrations"
...I want this
File: sample.jpg (617KB, 1269x976px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
617KB, 1269x976px
Requesting this Blue Pearl with her panties around her legs showing her pussy and butthole, a condom coming out of her pussy, in the kanker pose, in a public place like a park bench or bathroom stall
File: giffany.jpg (746KB, 1432x708px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
746KB, 1432x708px
Requesting Giffany with a pussy leaking creampie in the air
File: Breakfast-Princess.png (1005KB, 2000x2000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1005KB, 2000x2000px
Here you are, Anon!
File: Sheila.jpg (227KB, 610x1015px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
227KB, 610x1015px
Requesting a pin-up of Dr. Girlfriend lying down in a bed, with her dress unbuttoned. She's nude underneath, no underwear.
Trying to one-up the ravenfags, eh?
File: BC.jpg (817KB, 1024x1717px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
817KB, 1024x1717px
Requesting Jill and Tonta 69'ing
Requesting HOMM 5 Pixie playfully toying with a dick with her mouth and hands until it cum over her face and tits
I'm kind of looking for it to be more like the Flashdance pose - if that's possible?
(I don't want to be a dick.)
File: Pearls are gay.jpg (256KB, 1264x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Pearls are gay.jpg
256KB, 1264x800px
Requesting this pic with the pearls
Requesting Ramona Flowers and Lisa Miller sucking dicks in a gloryhole.
File: rr.png (178KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
178KB, 500x375px
Requesting these two having happy sex in the shower
Requesting Aubrey getting anal fucked and squirting from the orgasm
File: ureq.jpg (1008KB, 2804x1976px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1008KB, 2804x1976px
Requesting Chloe and Sabrina scissoring with Sabrina doing the humping please
File: ref.png (785KB, 1199x757px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
785KB, 1199x757px
Requesting Dementia in this pose
File: latest.jpg (471KB, 1031x769px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
471KB, 1031x769px
Requesting this design of Ladybug being gangbanged
File: Big Hero Girls.jpg (270KB, 1468x1040px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Big Hero Girls.jpg
270KB, 1468x1040px
Requesting Gogo and Honey Lemon posing like in the reference. Gogo on top so her butt is showing.
File: 1496780903606s.jpg (4KB, 165x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4KB, 165x250px
Requesting Daria M. looking annoyed as someone gives her anal
wow, cool it with the spamming, lad.
File: gfry.jpg (139KB, 798x497px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
139KB, 798x497px
Requesting girl Fry getting a double anal fucking please
Requesting GOGO in this outfit being fucked in a public bathroom
that must hurt n' poop time
I never understood how people got those without getting massive infections within a matter of days.
Requesting Marie Kanker getting an anal tattoo.
>Edd's dialogue
>isn't it choice
kek, nigga how old are you!? I haven't heard anything like did in like a decade
Liquid diets or low solid intakes. Some even use those asian squirting toilets to remove all the crap from the area .
OR Here. I know about that pic, but it's the wrong outfit she's wearing. I kinda want the one from the ref pic
File: High_Prietess.png (206KB, 530x301px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
206KB, 530x301px
Requesting Fully unmasked & Naked High Prestess & the Stages of Pregnancy following the Birthing.
OR here, thanks i like it.
i will re-request latter as you suggest
Loni getting fuck by lots of guys please with his big tits intact
File: 1476995367320.jpg (2MB, 1920x1920px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1920x1920px
Requesting a pic of Marcie / Hot Dog Water wearing her gargoyle costume ( without mask) being scissored by a tender but aggressive Demona.
Demona is holding Marci's wrists and pinning her arms.
Marcie is saying " it's just a costume"
And Demona replying "like I care."
File: 1475945466973.jpg (136KB, 1107x668px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
136KB, 1107x668px
Requesting the three Zelda goddesses fucking a three way dildo making a triforce with their legs.
File: 1474597823673.jpg (78KB, 764x575px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
78KB, 764x575px
Incestuous Baseball Lesbian Orgy.
>wrong outfit
>is the correct outfit
Zoop boop mothafucking loop everybody.
>>149811then why is ...

...in the op of the draw thread?
File: 1473888849286.jpg (149KB, 1065x606px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
149KB, 1065x606px
Longshot Req:
Anyone want to draw the Test sisters from the past (greyscale) making out with their modern
Of course keeping the "vintage" ones grey.
To be fair, you can request /v/ stuff here. But only western made games, like the Rayman nymphs for example. You are requesting characters from a Japanese game, so it goes on /h/ not here.
File: 1473825105741.jpg (718KB, 1024x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
718KB, 1024x1024px
Okay, I didn't know about these two being an item in the comic at one time so...
REQ: Valerie Smith on a bed after having received a cream pie, playing with the cum OR after a gooey facial from Archie.
wearing her cat-ears and a Santa hat
saying "Thanks. I was dreaming of a White Christmas."
File: 1473660756704.jpg (499KB, 1035x927px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
499KB, 1035x927px
Requesting these 3 Aprils lezzing it out
Second, particularly because this is an old request of mine.
File: Georgia_Sivana_01.jpg (87KB, 318x548px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
87KB, 318x548px
This is Georgia Sivana, daughter of the famous Captain Marvel villain, Dr. Sivana.

Requesting her doing something lewd that isn't having sex. I'd prefer masturbation, but not too picky.
File: gems.jpg (203KB, 1280x1440px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
203KB, 1280x1440px
Requesting futa Pearl with her arms tied behind her back and a ballgag in her mouth being forced to shove her dick into a glory hole by futa Garnet as she go balls deep onto her ass.

Also requesting the other side of the glory hole with Lapis Lazuli forcing Peridot to deep throat the cock coming through the wall with both hands on the back of her head.

Obviously this can be done as one big pic or two different pics, or if you only like half of the request just do the half you like and ignore the half you dont.
File: 18j4a5at3tgdrjpg.jpg (61KB, 800x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61KB, 800x450px
Requesting Princess Robot Bubblegum being fucked by this here plant monster
Requesting Agent Savannah pulling another kick similar to this:
However not only she's gone commando again, she's got a '70 forest underneath.
File: 1472742145046.jpg (546KB, 2152x1388px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
546KB, 2152x1388px
Requesting Germaine and Joanna making out and fingering each other.
Damn dude. I'm already reeling from just turning 30.
Happy birthday!
>I haven't heard anything like did in like a decade
So, when Ed, Edd, and Eddy was airing?
STAHP! I wanna die!
Not him, but I'm a bit curious, why in this thread "japanese games" aren't allowed but on this board we have a lot of threads based on "japanese games" ? Like >>1483825 >>1439213 >>1497180 >>1455801 >>1464727. (And I don't count the other threads who have a eastern character in the thumbnails)
Hmm I change my question because 1) My question was dumb, 2) I know already the answer.

I wanted to ask "Why do we have threads based on eastern characters if the board don't allow it ?"
Oh okay. Thanks for your answer.
Same answer as above
There's plenty of content of eastern characters made by western artists, and western artists aren't allowed in /h/
So people make threads here of eastern properties but they can post a variety of artists both western and eastern.
Drawthreads on the other hand, tend to be focused on content related to the board. Mainly because a lot of boards have drawthreads.
You don't go and request Steven Universe at the /h/ drawthread. So you don't come to the /aco/ drawthread requesting Dragon Ball.
File: req_0.jpg (220KB, 930x656px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
220KB, 930x656px
Requesting 80's Lindas in something similar to the right ref, maybe with more cum.
File: 1480519394428.jpg (519KB, 1036x1012px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
519KB, 1036x1012px
Requesting Batsy Claro pleasuring 2 futa masked girls like the ref.
Requesting Blue Pearl with big breasts and giving a tit-job while also having some pre-cum on her gem.
File: June.png (630KB, 1026x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
630KB, 1026x900px
Requesting big boob June jump roping naked.
File: 1497945897222.png (195KB, 562x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
195KB, 562x1000px
Requesting an Unclothed version of this. Also with a Talk bubble saying "We're Going to Dairy Queen!"
>But only western made games,

and Nintendo ones.
File: PDBrjtB.png (325KB, 1088x1920px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
325KB, 1088x1920px
Requesting All Animated Versions Wonder Woman Redrawn in this. Fully Naked.
there was not a single day since /aco/ was opened that it did not have a pokemon/peach/splatoon/Metroid/Zelda thread. Usually it has multiple ones active, even right now.
>OR Here
You're really not, though.
Is that supposed to be an amalgamation of fem-clark, fem-bruce, and diana? Or is it just diana? For some reason I want to say it's lois.
Nope. Just Diana. But I Agree with Lois. It's Pretty Uncanny.
>Threads aren't the problem, it's requesting Nintendo characters in drawhtreads here because they're not western

One would think that the "not western" rule would apply to the whole board, not just to the drawthread.
File: Render_Phoebe.png (238KB, 2000x1125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
238KB, 2000x1125px
Can i get BB's Phoebe as a dominatrix?

File: Bobfrancil.jpg (178KB, 609x613px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
178KB, 609x613px
Cecil cucking his brother Sideshow Bob with Francesca. I would like to see Francesca getting fuck reverse cowgirl style by Cecil while Bob is walking in on them shocked. Also have Cecil have a smug look on his face while Francesca has a ahegao.
File: 3.jpg (256KB, 850x1704px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
256KB, 850x1704px
Requesting Chicago and Parker from Producing Parker posing naked together like the two girls in the bottom picture, though not in the shower.

Chicago is the blonde and Parker is the brunette.
Second this. We need some Banner Saga porn
File: nemesister.jpg (454KB, 2561x1899px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
454KB, 2561x1899px
Requesting Nemesister wearing the bikini on the right to the beach making a comment about how she loves the imagination of her new friend. Just the bikini part, please ignore the sleeves and thigh highs.
Detentionaire REQ: Can someone draw Tina Kwee is bent over a desk, blouse unbuttoned, skirt pushed up, getting fucked by a strap on by Vice Principal Victoria. ( Topless or unbuttoned top and no skirt.) VP VV is saying " Isn't this better than writing lines?"
As I am unsure if the wiped will be finished....

Requesting the comic version of Mantis from Guardians of the Galaxy.
She has her tunic undone exposing her jade nippled breasts and has parted the fringes of her skirt and is playing with herself.
Her back is arched and the base of her antenna are flushed a darker green with arousal.

Image now with more Mantis pics
>Drawthreads have seperate rules on top of the board rules.

Can I make my threads that have their own rules on top of board rules too?
Requesting some Miraculous Ladybug porn based on this scenario:

A smiling Alya stuck her head out the window as she greets Marinette from a room, and inside she's bottomless as Adrien is sucking her pussy and fingering her ass
File: 20170621_003040.jpg (382KB, 810x886px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
382KB, 810x886px
Requesting Apple White (as a futa or using a strap-on) fucking Raven Queen in front of a sad and crying Dexter Charming like this reference >>1496706
Apple is too much of a sub to do the fucking.
File: Jessica rabbit.jpg (601KB, 2520x1849px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Jessica rabbit.jpg
601KB, 2520x1849px
Requesting Jessica Rabbit, wearing a rabbit ear headband and a rabbit tail butt plug, in the pose in the right while she rubs a carrot shaped vibrator on her clit.
Gee, thanks a bunch Fella!
File: dorf 11.jpg (978KB, 2292x1132px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
dorf 11.jpg
978KB, 2292x1132px
Requesting Violet nude reclining sexily on a bed. Her hair in a sexy spread behind her with possibly one side sprayed over one of her pale freckled breasts.
Her pubes (carpet matches the drapes) are kind of in the shape of a double bladed axe.

Dialogue: (from out of picture) "I thought you said you shaved.".
Violet: "I did. my beard."
So a re-request for completion of a half-finished pic and a second request of a different subject...?
oh so naughty.
File: chicahamburguesa.png (311KB, 1000x882px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
311KB, 1000x882px
here you go
>It's explained here

But that explanation isn't correct. They are just generic Nintendo dump threads. I didn't come here asking for princess peach, but I'm allowed to make a Mario girls thread on /aco/ just fine.
Requesting Lidda the halfling rogue from the D&D handbooks either bathing in a lake, showing off her body for her party members who are peeking at her from the bushes, or giving an orc a buttjob like this. Either way please give her a nice athletic/toned booty. Also if it wasn't obvious, Halflings are about half the size of a regular human.
File: 001.jpg (2MB, 1420x2000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1420x2000px
>But that explanation isn't correct.
It's perfectly fine. I could post this entire doujin on /h/ and nobody would bat an eyelid, but requesting Storm or She-Hulk in the drawthread there isn't allowed.
>I'm allowed to make a Mario girls thread on /aco/ just fine
You can post whatever you want on /aco/ as long as it's drawn by a western artist.
File: 1497119998525.jpg (315KB, 1128x493px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
315KB, 1128x493px
Requesting animated Mavis dressed in Marcelines ref outfit whoring herself out
File: revistas1.jpg (434KB, 1468x876px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
434KB, 1468x876px
Requesting Lori and Leni getting fucked like in the cover on the far-left. With Lori making the sloppiest ahegao, and Leni looking perplexed, similar to the brunette on the cover.
Requesting Batgirl getting double penetrated by Supergirl & Wonder Girl wearing strap-ons.
File: 1469632671203.png (3MB, 1822x779px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 1822x779px
Requesting some Lesbian fun with these ladies
File: nemesister.png (353KB, 1125x1528px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
353KB, 1125x1528px
I'll probably color it tomorrow
And add text, whoops
File: 1468562917528.png (1MB, 1277x735px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1277x735px
Requesting Cyborg-Starfire and Demon Raven having weird lesbian sex

Requesting the Seventh Sister from Star Wars Rebels wearing the Darth Vader swimsuit and the collar ( shown in the image above her reference sheet ) along with the optional choice of her wearing black, thigh highs. She could be doing any kind of lewd pose! I don't mind. Make it as sexy as possible. However, I prefer her breast size to be small or average. Whichever one you prefer from those two.

Thank you!
File: referanser3.jpg (902KB, 3628x1700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
902KB, 3628x1700px
Requesting Red from Transistor telling the viewer to fuck her. Anything's fine as long as she isn't actually talking.
File: DCgirltime.jpg (1MB, 1380x1157px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1380x1157px
Requesting Hitomi showing Pandora some things in that bath scene. Characters are from Devil's Candy.
Requesting Anna and Elsa dressed in slave Leia's bikini inspired in their coronation dresses.
Pose is left to artist's election but must be full body.
File: Willmom.jpg (861KB, 1024x1437px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
861KB, 1024x1437px
Requesting an aftersex scene of Will and Susan. Cuddling, scattered toys, wine bottle and glasses, something like that, please.
File: 1479199609243.jpg (851KB, 1718x1250px) Image search: