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Totally Spies

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Manlets, when will they learn?
I see that fucker in the window
>what's this?
>what's this?
>There's boobies everywhere.
>what's this?
>There's white stuff in their hair
>what's this?

>I can't believe my eyes I must be dreaming
>wake up, Jack, this isn't fair
>what's this?

>what's this?
>what's this?
>I've got feeling in my dong
>what's this?
>It feels very wrong
>what's this?
>My hand is reaching down my pants
>I push and pull getting very fast
>Now i'm feeling very happy
>Have I possibly gone daffy?
>what's this?
>what's this?
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fucking amazing
some writerfag write a story for this
>The cloning bracelet really worked!
>Anon had been secretly perfecting his latest invention under WOOHP's nose all for this opportunity
>The Spies were just now returning from their recent mission, and they were going to be debriefed
>In more ways than one if Anon had his way.
>Sneaking up behind the agent assigned to debrief The Spies, Anon utilized his skills int eh deadly art of Karate to render the agent unconscious
>It was time
>Anon stripped down till all he had on was the bracelet
>He activated his invention, creating 2 perfect dopplegangers
>Anons then opened the doors
>The Spies were shocked at this latest development, but quickly regained their composure and attempted to fight off the Anons
>Once again, Anon's karate training helped him and the clones take down the Spies.
>They were lined up next to each other, loudly protesting, but nothing could stop Anon now.
>The Anons teased their captives, fingering them until they were nice and wet
>By now The Spies were not protesting quite as loudly, in fact Clover actually started begging to be fucked.
>The Anons decided it was time to give The Spies exactly what they needed
>The Anons plunged their rock hard cocks into the slopping wet Spies
>Alex let out a squeal of surprise, Anon gave her perfect ass a hard spank for being too loud.
>the naughty girl liked that, so Anon kept it up
> Clover's tongue hung out of her mouth, her eyes rolled back in ecstasy as she was mercilessly fucked from behind
>Sam attempted to resist, she babbled on about how Anon wouldn't get away with this, but she could not stifle all of her groans of pleasure.
>Hours passed
>The Anons put The Spies in every position they could think off.
>Missionary, Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl, etc.
>They started working together on one girl at a time, making sure to fill all of their holes at once
>At last, the crescendo
>They put each of the girls into a mating press.
>They fucked the Spies as hard and as fast as they could.
>The Spies could only babble incoherently about how good it felt to be fucked this way
>The Anons said that they were going to ride the girls like this from now on.
>Anon was going to cum inside them, directly into their wombs to mark them as his own.
>They were all too eager to consent, they had become slaves to Anons dick, they would do anything to please him they said
>Good, because he intended to fill make them his breeding slaves.
>In the future, he promised to impregnate them with many children and make them proud mothers
>They begged him to give them a taste, to fill them up now and let them feel this ecstasy.
>The Anons happily obliged.
>They plunged balls deep into Alex, Clover and Sam.
>They drained their balls directly into the girls' wombs as the girls let forth joyous cries of lustful delight.
>They loved being marked as Anon's property, they promised to be ready when he decided to truly make them his and fill them with his seed.
> As he left them in a lustful pile of groans and sighs, Anon turned the bracelet off, returning to a single personage.
>He told them to keep him updated on their cycles so he'd know when the best time to knock them up would be
>He smiled as he left the room, putting his clothes back on and walking past the still unconscious agent.
>He couldn't help but be happy about achieving his dream

Imagine if Totally Spies is actually a feverdream of the trio as they're just passed around from Master and Mistress as high class hypno-escorts. They don't actually save the world, they're just humiliated and abused in a high tech society while totally mostly unaware of what their true fate is.
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God damn it anon, I'm trying to fap here


thanks ^^
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This fucking guy
Not putting up pics ware the dumb bitches get what they deserve...
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Thread posts: 35
Thread images: 26

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