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The Future is Beautiful

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When you are 80 years old, wrapped in a blanket and comfy in your rocking chair by an open fire, surrounded by your great-grandchildren; you can tell the spellbound youngsters about the time you saw Gohan transform into Super Saiyan 2 for the first time, and then save the universe from Cell.

The fire crackles as the children gasp in awe. Snow begins to fall outside the window and your tale comes to end, but the youngsters are thirsty for more 'Tell us about the time he was even stronger than Super Saiyan 3 Goku Grandpapa!' one child begs. 'No, no! The time he fought evenly with Super Saiyan Blue Goku!" implores another. The oldest boy pipes up 'Be quiet you two. Grandad tells those ones all the time. Go on, tell us the one you promised us last time - the tournament of power...Grandad...G-Grandad?'.

The rocking chair creaks to a halt. A serene expression on your face and the final fight between Gohan and Jiren flash before your eyes in your final moments as the children embraces you. The transformation into Mystic God. The final Kamehameha that saved U7 from erasure. They know what is happening. They are scared, but calm.

The last thing you hear as you slide into the black warmth of death is the youngest boy - old beyond his years, a Gohan fanatic. 'Don't be sad. He lived a hell of a life. In the age of Gohan.'
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New idea /a/ friends. Spam DBS threads with O MY RUBBER NEN

dumb frogposter
Props for the effort, I chuckled.
And THIS is what the mods leave up.

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Can someone explain to me how the Mods of Destruction determine what threads they're going to hakai?
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>dbs thread
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So this is the official CHADforce gathering thread?
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Chad here
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So GODhan is one of the three characters that got any foreshadowing this arc along Freeza and Goku, are you guys ready for his amazing recovery? he might even achieve a form that's beyond ULTIMATE GODHOOD
Jobhan was never good, faggot
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Whatever this form actually is, from the looks of things Toriyama (or Toyotaro) based this form on Huǒyǎn-jīnjīng (火眼金睛)/” "fiery-eyes golden-gaze" from Journey to the West (A form that Son Wukong uses, who was the basis for Goku's character)The Houyan Jinjing was a form that covered Wukongs eyes in stinging smoke, but allowed him to see every kind of evil, no matter how hidden.This is a HUGE connection to the poster that said "the work of the mods ends here!" because, as most people have already realised (including Goku according to the poster) the Grand Priest (or Zeno) is likely evil, and so is the whole Godly system. All they do is take away and destroy. If that isn't evil then Idk what is. Gohan already realised this, but Goku will likely realise this too, leading to this new form (which explains the poster)And remember, Wukongs eyes become shrouded in SMOKE. What colour is snoke?? gray. Just like Jiren the ayyy. The only thing that changes about Goku's appearance in this form? His smokey grey eyes.

Tl;dr:Goku's new form is based on Journey to the West, when the main character Sun Wukong can cover fill his eyes with smoke that allows him to see hidden evil.
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He was ALWAYS good, next time don't even try faggot, this is CHADforce territory.

GODhan has
>exclusive ULTIMATE GODHOOD form that let's him fight against gods
>hot as fuck wife that spawns ultra powered babies and let's him fool around with other women
>famous father in law with shitloads of cash
>potential higher than any other saiyan

Face it, CHADhan is the best character
He was always a JOBBER. Worst saiyajin.
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Don't worry Pedro, nobody expecting good taste from you.
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But liking CHADhan is objectively having good taste
I really like Gohan but these memes are shit
> chad
> beta male
you wat m8?
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laughing very hard.jpg
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>beta male
Already cucked his wife with a prime idol and she was not even angry, CHADhan is a god
Gohan is alright.
Kinomod did nothing wrong, also Gohan is cool I guess.
Best thread on /a/ right now.
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That's beautiful
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Gohan haters BTFO.jpg
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Threadly reminder that Gohan at his maximum power is as strong as SSB Goku, and he'll soon get a new transformation that will put him even higher than that. If you either don't want to believe nor like this you should just KYS, because it's canon and is what it's going to happen eventually.

He may not the hero we deserved, but he's definitely the one that we are needing right now.

It's time.
Thread posts: 36
Thread images: 18

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