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Easy mode: Write a Keitai plot.

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Easy mode: Write a Keitai plot.
A boy falls in love with a phone and the phone makes an isekai universe and then dues ex fuckima and then lots of money is made and its forgotten by the next season
guy who knows nothing about cars is secretly KING DORIFTO TOFU BOY
A girl falls in love with a boy. Unable to confess, she's gifted a deus ex machina with the boy's area code. Not minding the strange number, she calls and is transported into a GAMBURU underground mahjong parlor with high stakes rock paper scissors games. To participate, she must borrow millions of yen at the price of her own life. She participates in the underground gamburu tournament for freedom, only to realize her final opponent is THE BOY. Hijinks ensue as the morality of one's individuality and selflessness are confronted, DRAMA nesues as they begin to fall in love with each other and question the NATURE of SURVIVAL.
I call it
After being run into by a japanese schoolboy a shipping truck is sent to a generic MMO-styled world and steadily amasses a harem of sports cars [s] and a mini cooper [/s] while aiming to return home/defeat the Demon King known only as Honda Civic.
Everyone on the planet except for one boy (in Japan). he's lonely and saw a pillar of light at the east (America). Now he must travel through China, india, Middle East, Europe and newly built grand bridge to reach the America continent.
bretty good f.am
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Kniggas 2.png
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After racist pedophile George "If it's black, send it back" Zimmerman shoots Trayvon "Angel of the Bronx" Martin, Trayvon awakens in an alternate world called "Prizon".
Prizon is a massive labyrinth populated entirely by unarmed black men, who are sorted by an unknown mechanism into classes called "kniggas".
In order to escape Prizon, Trayvon must team up with a group of fellow kniggas and make it through a massive labyrinth, which is guarded by monsters called "Popo".
Mecha Hitler and Mecha Stalin fight for the fate of Europe in downtown Paris
The world is recovering from a massive catastrophe, people have to re invent technology to get it to work again, and instead of diplomacy, everything is solved with janken. There is no negotiating or real fighting. Only janken. But there's a curse on the main city called New Tokyo, and everyone in New Tokyo only has 5 free janken losses. After that, they start to deteriorate with every loss. A gang of criminals who happen to be really good at janken start going around and accumulating power by beating higher ranking individuals, and that's where the anime starts. The main character is a girl in highschool who also happens to be really good at janken, and her teacher notices and the school sends her to a janken tournament, and she climbs to the top, and the gang hears about her and tries to stop her, and she wins with the power of friend ship because FUCK actual endings, am I right?
does anyone ever worry their story idea would get stolen?
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Just fucking adapt Tomo-chan
Most of these ideas are thought up on the spot.
Nobody actually works on these ideas.
I just came up with one but i'm now too worried to put it on the board.
I think it could actually work.
That sounds really interesting
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A weather mage has just defeated one of the many dukes of hell and he is given the choices of retiring and returning to his wife or continuing his quest. The mage returns home to his wife. Years pass and they have two sons who are almost as skilled as their father. A son who is strong with luring magic and is a good swords man, yet he is lacking in his studies. Their other son who is pathetic with elemental magic yet is average in all other forms of magic. Rumors start to spread of satan being mad being mad one of his nephews got showered with holy water. This leads to people believing in the rebirth of the duke. While this is going on the mage spreads news to his children that they're having a sister with strong elemental abilities.
Hitler is reincarnated as a Japanese girl in Kyoto, as a descendant of the old emperor Hirohito.
When she turns 18 years old, she begins to rally up huge crowds, converting them to national socialism.
During one of her greatest rallies a light begins to resonate within her and slowly begins to form a figure behind her which is Hitler.
The Government of Japan notices this and realizes that she is a reincarnation of Hitler. They pursue her aggressively, trying to capture her.
Her father quickly realizes the situation, and flees to Germany to help his daughter start the Fourth Reich.
I always had this insane idea.

>Future Japan; otaku culture has become mainstream to the point of a dangerously low birth rate. Typical late teen/early 20's otaku wins a grand prize from a contest for the 100th anniversary of a light novel corporation. The prize was sent to him by the late founder of the company. A phenomena happened as the prize was being delivered to him online. His dream waifu based off his favorite novel is transported to his home, linking Earth and the fictional world together. Threats of an invasion looms if the girl is not able to return home. Both worlds want to send the girl back, but she refuses. The MC is set on defending and care for her, even if it means risking his own life.
You're a genius scientist stuck in another world after a failed experiment.
Somehow your cellphone is still able to contact you original world due QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT or some other stupid plot device, so you ask for your fellow colleagues for help in going back.
While staying in that world and waiting for your rescue, your superiors task you with the job of collecting data and send it back for SCIENCE.
You play your part of the hero while moving in the background collecting anything of value and preparing to bail as soon as you can, unconcerned about the fate of the world.
Google tells me this is a cellphone.

It's digimon, except with emoji and cellphones.
Toradora except Ami wins

Yeah, there must be someone here who can read your mind and know exactly what you were thinking based on a few random lines and then produce a complete, high quality work of art of it, which he will then also publish for international critical acclaim, and become filthy rich, because your random idea really was so fucking good and you can't even tell anybody it was your idea or try to make your own version, or else millions of rabid twitter-users would spam you and your family with death threats. And every night, you wake up sweaty in your bed, thinking "it could've been me".
I tried reading your sentence several time but still don't know what you mean.

>Everyone on the planet except for one boy.
did you mean everyone disappears?
I wish someone would steal my story ideas. I'll never write/draw/animate them, so if someone else did I'd get to enjoy them with ever having to have done the work.
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Otaku MC dies, and gets reincarnated as a girl into the harem anime of ANOTHER MC, where in order to return to the normal world, he has to win the MC's heart over best girl, despite being the megane loli (two of the worst girls to be in a harem anime).
A middle aged salaryman divorces his cheating wife and quits his boring job, buys a vintage motorbike and rides around Japan in search of the a ramen place that he ate at with his family when he was just a toddler. He has no concept of where it was or what it was called but vividly remembers the flavour and the feel of the street it was on.
No. You want to know why?

>someone would have to see the story idea, made in a <2000 character post where there's no real opportunity or need to develop specifics
>that person would have to be interested in creating the story, whether by drawing, writing, filming etc
>that person would have to make the time to do the creating of someone else's idea, something which anyone with any significant creative experience knows is unlikely since they've usually got enough of their own ideas to last a century of work
>I would also have to be working on writing that story concurrently
>we would have to develop the concept into a full blown idea with fleshed out plots and characters and scenes and there's an infinitesimally small chance that our end product would ever turn out even similar
>we would have to both make it all the way to publishing our work, a significant endeavour
>our published works would have to be of a similar level of quality
>at least one party would have to be aware that there is another work out there that is alarmingly similar to their own
>that party would have to have the interest in suing over alleged copyright infringement
>that lawsuit would never make it to court since both parties would be able to prove that they had arrived at the end product independently by showing their storyboarding notes, etc. to a judge

There's precisely a zero percent chance anyone who stole one of my ideas would ever write a significantly similar book to one that I might write, that I would find out about it, that it would bother, or that it was an indictable offense.
A yandere woman and a yandere man (I guess that just makes him a creep then) target each other, always foiling the other's attempts to stalk, peep, drug, and kidnap.
It's an isekai into a game world except it's an RTS and the MC reincarnated as a disembodied spirit that can build shit (i.e. the player).
Shenanigans ensue as he quickly realises that the units he builds have a will of their own.
He also builds a bathhouse and peeps.
An isekai story, where the mages of another world hijack people from Earth through magic portals to use as cannon fodder in a battle against evil. The hijacked people gain an instinctive, combat-related talent, but have their memories wiped, are placed under a command spell and get thrown straight into battle, where most die and a few become heroes.

The MC is one of these people, a girl no one expected would survive her first battle, so they didn't bother to put the subjugation spell on her. However, discovering talent as a sorceress, she barely makes it out alive and then starts to find out who's doing this and why.

The story deals with questions like, can humans be expected to have any rights in another universe, is it acceptable to employ what is effectively slavery if it's for the greater good, are you morally obligated to help others in your position just because you have the opportunity to do so, and so on.

Nah, it's just a power fantasy
Being worst girl means automatically winning the MCbowl
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Name ONE anime (that isn't Oreimo) where this happens
There's a mind virus that kills people if they think about it for more than 30 seconds.
It's kind of like the game.
The government has successfully contained the virus by making everyone forget about it.
However one day MC finds a dead guy in a suit holding with a playing card (on which is a visual cue for the virus).
He examines the card but it has no effect on him (he is immune) but everyone else he shows it to dies.
Fearing being accused of murder he destroys the card.
However even the memory of the card is dangerous and merely describing it to another person is enough to trigger the virus.
Which is exactly what happens when he is arrested.
After his escape he is pursued a group of special investigators (see no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil)
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>Implying you would do something with that idea.

Let it get stolen. If you are lucky it will be stolen by someone with real skill instead of someone like you, you know, a talentless piece of shit.
I ain't stealing any of their shit ideas. I already have my own shitty ideas, like that school for shonen protagonists.
Meant to reply this faggot here >>160910774
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You got a magical cellphone man that is your best bud and you hang out with it, it can turn into a maid, or dragon maid if that's your shit, I ain't one to judge. And other electronic devices too are magical like you get a magical PlayStation that tells you to git gud. And you have a magic remote that wants to take the place of your magical cellphone and go everywhere with you. Shit's magical all over.
Thousand people are isekai'd to a world where each person, even monster in that world is given an ability. The only two ways to get other's ability is kill the owner or the owner gives to. Because monster doesn't have reason (the villian will be a monster but slowly gains intelligent, emotion by contacting and meeting human), and some people want to become stronger for their own purpose (enslave, rape, rule,...), they just kill, or trick everyone to get stronger. It spreads the distrust, the fear so many people can't cooperate with other people. Now if they don't get stronger, they will be killed by monster, human, or even hunger, epidemic diseases
Each person at most can equip 10 passive, 10 active and 1 unique abilities. The remaining abilities can be stored, but they can't change them after 1 day since the last time they did it. MC's ability is "unlucky", an unique skill which is unable to remove, so he is always at a disadvantage and all of his fight need to be very calculated.
I want to take part in a novel contest with this but they only receive the first 3 chapter while this is a survival, mystery and has a quite large world-building so it only get interesting later. I wonder what can make a huge impact since the beginning
I got a shitty one right here!

Boy's brother leaves to do job for money
Boy has sister too, both want brother back
Random shit happens in town
Cool Girl shows up and saves boy
Cool Girl teach boy shit
Boy learn shit to find bro
Girl know bro
Bro known guy
boy quest to find bro
Bro dead
Boy cry
cool girl cheer him up
Boy fall in love with girl
Turns out cool girl is bro!
Always loved brother
They gay
a dog wants to be a cat and is granted the chance by a fairy but only after it pilots a mecha shaped like ronald regan
I used to worry about such things when I started writing "seriously" like 5 years ago. You eventually find out that ideas are a dime a dozen and its prose and implementation of the ideals that count.
t. /lit/
Its like Fate but Final Fantasy-style in-universe rules sans Summons which are Nasuverse style. First arc follows a cute detective WAR who is secretly a RDM and her group of crime fighters as they seek to find the deeper truth after their leader and her mentor/lover is killed but somehow resuscitates and seeks to wipe them out under the supervision of a city politician.
The second arc follows the summoned WAR who wiped out said group in the finale of the first arc; he hunts down the now "punished" detective after she attempted a public assassination of said politician and brought down the wrath of the Mage Association. Flashbacks to the WAR's medieval life before his summoning are sprinkled throughout with the finale being him mercy killing his summoned Berserker WAR-fu and him getting killed by the RDM whilst a nuclear strike by the government to finally rid of the world of the Mage Association kills everyone.
Then there's the extended universe about a haughty summoner JC and her WAR guardian traveling the country after the world has decided to hunt down any remaining magic users whilst NBR'ing it up
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An orphaned girl with an incurable disease somehow saves a devil's life by pure accident. The devil, owing its life to her, offers to grant her 3 wishes, but with limits. Being only a minor devil, it can't grant any wish that would change a person's fate, so it immediately denies any possibility of treating her illness. Annoyed, the girl wanders home, pouting while insulting the devil's ineptitude. Being bound to her until she makes her 3 wishes, the devil takes the form of a cat and follows her home, trying any dirty tactic it can to get the girl to even wish for something. Instead, the girl traps the demon, exposing it to modern society luxuries, be it technology or food. The two enter a symbiotic relationship where the demon frequently creates dumb shit or weird snacks she'd never wish for, allowing both of them to enjoy it together. Eventually, gods, archfiends, and eldritch horrors come to separate them, and each time, she uses her first wish to send them both back to the first day they'd met and to keep her memories, allowing them both to essentially live forever.

The minor devil soon realizes she's been wishing for time loops endlessly, which technically bypassed his weakness of not being able to change one's fate. After an unseen eternity of time loops, the devil realizes the girl's become terribly attached to him; basically, he's her only friend in a long time. The little devil convinces the ones threatening to kill her to wait a week longer than initially intended. Within this time period, the girl suddenly falls terminally ill. On the last day of her fated lifespan, when she finally becomes lucid enough to speak to the devil, she uses her first wish for him to stay by her side, her second wish for him to never forget her, and her last wish to die peacefully in her sleep, with him being the last thing she sees. At the end of the day, she dies. However, the 2nd wish forces him to remember all the fun times they shared through each timeloop.
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Regretting ending the time loop, the little devil tears itself to pieces, killing itself and releasing her soul. The little girl reincarnates, and the first wish allows it to reincarnate with her too.
Group of highschoolers tries to excape from USSR-controlled Northern Japan in early 80s

First episodes would be almost general slice of life with forced dramas (some of them maybe flashbacks) for heroines as reason to leave family/home/country.
MC joins ham radio club in first episode due to class president pressure (this spoiled and lazy daughter of famuos sciencist wants to make a career in the party so anything must be "ideal") He shortly discovers that his club sempai listen to propaganda broadcasts (Voice of America or smth like).

MC -- ordinary north-japanese (edzo) highschool boy, son of factory worker and kindergarden teacher. Naive, but brave.
"Tomboy in nerdy glasses" -- used to be a big bully in middle school, but recently had to wear ugly glasses that badly affect on her ego and reputation. After one serious mistake she "hides" from father in club, roleplaying "nice girl"
"Russian" -- geeky daughter of soviet officer, who serves in Ezo. Due to father' work she often moved from town to town, so never had close friends.
"Paranoid" - ginger "rapebaby" and nationalist. Gifted ham radio fan.
Class president -- not member of club. As daughter of famous sciencist she have almost all (for example, Walkman, western jeans etc), but she wants more. She joins fugitives after stealing results of father's secret research.
Scene 1: Middle of a city. During school letting out, the entire school feels an enormous rumble and a jolt, buildings start toppling over. Things crash from high up and start killing people.

The city is a densely populated area. Earthquake technology displays holograms of areas that are about to shake badly by highlighting the ground using LED displays located in buildings that aim down towards the ground using a circular green (good) and red (bad) indicator. People unknowingly run across the red areas as the earth beneath them gives way and they're swallowed by the darkness of the planet. Camera quickly pans / transitions to our titular hero who dodges the long side of a church, he runs out into a semi open field, surrounded by tall buildings.

It's dark out while this is all happening, but the city is lit up, so it's more horrifying.

Camera pans out from him looking up as a building as tall as the city is wide starts to fall directly towards him, it pans out even more to show he lives on an archipelago, an island city, and at the beach front is a creature about 2 miles tall that just pounded the middle of the city with an enormous hammer.

The creature has red swirls around him. His body looks like disjointed bone armor, with a black interior skin. His upper and lower torso are not connected , but rather float independently.

Scene 20 (I'm fast forwarding, I've already written this story): 2 Enormous beings face off against against the crew, as our hero chases someone suspicious.

The 4th giant on the bridge that connects the cities together is a different one. The red string looking particles around the giant are manipulated and shot towards our crew.

The crew disperses in different directions, two towards one giant, and two towards the other giant barely dodging this array of particles.

The two activate their genes and grow in size. (Very meticulously animated sequence of their blood doubling in size, bones bizarrely warping) Seeping out of their body. 1/2
Actually, not gonna paste the rest. Its fucking retarded anyway.
In a world not too dissimilar from our own there exists a mysterious phenomenon where people can rob each other of aspects of their beings. If one wanted they could steal a few centimeters to become that much taller. If one wanted to acquire a new skill they could simply pick it off from someone with the desired proficiency. And if someone wanted to be an entirely different person then their new self is ripe for the taking and reality would be twisted into making it as if it had always been them all along. The catch to pull off such feats however is that in order to take from someone, they have to have been taken from to begin with.

How this phenomenon began and the true identity of the very first usurper is lost to history and is a subject of myth but aspect thieves remain a plague on the society of this world. The limitations vary from person to person and most are incapable of stealing anything more than a trivial trait but every single theft only leads to more victims. To counter this blight on their very selves, investigators and enforcers have risen to track down such wrongdoers and make the victims whole once more.

This story follows a capable young unknown and the famously prodigious and narcissistic highschool girl detective to whom he is assistant to. Together they pursue the mysterious "Moral Thief", a serial aspect thief who robs people of the justice in their hearts in order to turn them into criminals. They do not know what motives he may have for this but they chase after this elusive thiefmaker all the same in order to find uncover the truth behind the assistant's lack of identity.
>>160918814 CONT
After having been robbed of his very self, all the assistant had left to him was the thiefmaker's calling card and the torturously vast void in him that never ever goes away. He didn't even have a name to go by and no one would ever come to recognize him for who he was before but as fate would have it, a great detective happened to be there at the scene of his loss with him. She explains to him that although she herself can't remember who he was, she still remembers that a victim would come out of all this and that she'd do everything in her power to help him and atone for not having stopped this most unforgivable of thefts.

Using all their wits and talents at their disposal, the pair help out the biggest victims of this phenomenon and go on twisting adventures through their city as they come ever closer to the truth and realize that their relationship is more than mere detective and assistant but also that of thief and victim.

I call this one "The Criminal Of Taker's Street".
Cool premise
Shit title
Not really. If for some reason Miyazaki is lurking and sees my one serious post that isn't Keit-Ai and decides to go ham with it, I will be one happy little camper.
I'll go full stupidity and not Keitai for this one.

A world where everyone is edgy.
The Mc strives to be the edgiest of them all. He hate love and love hate.
In his journey on being the edgiest, he got himself a loli slave, because it's edgy.
The loli slave hates human, love and peace. She's very edgy.
Together, these two edgy people hate on cute animals and kids.

Also there's a very edgy villain going around being all edgy against the edgy royalty.
But it's not important.

For centuries, the seven Apocalypse Knights and their descendants (each armed with one of the Daggers of Meggido) have roamed the world on their sacred mission: Killing the Anti-Christ. It's a legacy title, the name inherited from the original crusader who held the title, and passed on through the seven secret Orders. The idea is that the Antichrist can incarnate in the body of anyone who is sufficiently evil, so the Knights constantly roam the world slaying supernatural evil (mostly vampires).

The youngest holder of the seventh Dagger, who has only recently earned his name, is called to Japan. One of his brothers has died, and he has to take up his fellow crusader's mission. As it turns out, a vampire has stolen a relic of incredible power: A vial filled with the Blood of Christ.

Our protagonist isn't alone, though. A rival agency has sent the Quintet, a team of five angelic songstresses, to recapture the relic. Meanwhile, dark powers are on the move, and a primordial horror stirs beneath the wicked city. The wielder of the Lance of Longinus has been seen, and countless Knights have died at his hand. The romantic dark fantasy (about LOVE and DEATH) begins!

So basically we have vampire-hunting, an alpha protagonist with strong Christian values (hence no sex before marriage, but we skirt the fucking line as much as possible) a group of girls to be the love interests, and an evil rival in the form of the Spearman. Later, we can introduce other heroines like a sexy vampiress, a weretiger girl, a machine doll, and so on.

Let me guess, the victor will be named the EDGE LORD, right?
> hence no sex before marriage, but we skirt the fucking line as much as possible

Wait, if the MC can't have sex, how do you even work in the ecchi stuff?

The vampires have a lot of sex. Some women get raped. The Quintet are perpetually in need of rescuing, because they're not as powerful as the protagonist, and get their clothes strategically torn and so on. One of the villainesses is outright trying to seduce the protagonist, who is stoic. We also have a lot of female gaze stuff with the protagonist (who looks like one of those muscular angels about to do some righteous smiting), Father Bootyli...I mean, the young-but-valiant priest in the church who looks like one of the guys from Miracle Examiners, and the bad guys who give off an NTR vibe. That way we can have all the tits, ass and gore, but the protagonist is never directly involved.
There is a man and a woman and they make love.

Baby born 2 months later is a devil baby

baby kills mother but daddy runs away

daddy becomes goku and kills baby goku turns super sayaian

baby turned out to be brainwash by devil

goku kills devil show over
Decent summer roadmovie/10
"How I Learned to Start Worrying and Save the World!" (alt. "It CAN Be Helped!")

On one faithful day the Demon King dares to awaken from his ancient slumber inside Mt. Buji, and following the eon-old curse imposed on him by God, has his subconscious select the most (un)suitable possible group of heroes to challenge him on the day of his awakening. The choosen ones are a chronically bored MC-kun, airheaded ditz Katsuya Doma (or simply Katsudon), cynical deliquent Edogawa Rance and loud-mouthed fatso Tofumi, which together form the hastily spelled 'Boredoom' club, where they waste their carefree teenage lives doing nothing. After a nightmare signaling their fate, the four come together with the intention of shrugging it off and carrying on with their laziness. Or at least that's what they thought, as a oji-san with a bald head and an afro on his chin crashes through their paper door claiming to be the mystical Hero Trainer, the one who has lead countless heroes to battle with the fiend, and the one who will put them to form. Can those four really save the world at this rate...?
It's like the second half of Otaku no Video with two otaku chasing their dream of forming their own anime studio, but as a 12 episode TV anime.
A young man realizes he's a pedophile so he isolated himself from society and becomes a hikkikomori throughout the series the young faces many struggles and neets many new people who try to help him cope with his attraction to children and live a good life and in doing this the young man breaks out of his shell and changes himself eventually.
Can he get into Golden Boy-esque hi-jinks along the way?
2 kingdoms were at war. during the hostilities, the young son of a feudal lord managed to storm an important castle despite all the odds, and his troops ravaged everything. unknown to them, in there was the 12 year old princess of the enemy kingdom, who got to see all her friends and her teacher die before she escaped.

6 years later, both kingdoms signed a peace and friendship treaty. the father of the mentioned son died during hostilities, so he is now the lord of the frontier city and is ready to rebuild his warn-torn fief. the princess however is not. completely possessed by the need for vengeance and directing all her hate towards the young lord and his people, she will use all her power available to her to continue the war and destroy the enemy kingdom.
Can I do a porn plot?
>aspiring hero goes off to slay the evil witch (shota)
>is defeated, but instead of killing him, the witch takes him prisoner
>witch casts 3 curses on the hero: 1. intensifies all pleasure he receives; 2. makes him always horny — in combination with the previous curse, just a slight touch of his thigh is enough to make him go mad; and 3. renders him unable to cum
>witch then pleasures him for what seems like hours, but the hero is never able to get the sweet release he so desires
>this continues for days, then weeks, then months
>finally, the witch offers to let him cum, but only if he forsakes his honor, his family, his village, that girl he wanted to propose to and start a family with, and everything he's ever been taught
>the hero struggles to control himself, but then the witch presents his boipussy to him
>upon seeing this, the hero loses control, finally giving up and shouting to the world that he forsakes all those and more — that the only thing that matters now is cumming inside the boy witch
>like a dog, the hero fucks him, panting and begging the witch to let him cum inside him.
>the witch prepares to undo the curse that restricts the hero's dick from cumming, but before he does that, he places a new curse on the hero: one that converts the hero's very essence into semen, meaning that if he cums, he will die.
>this takes a few seconds for the hero to understand what the witch just said, but his body seems to have a mind of its own. Even though his brain was telling him to stop — to preserve his life — his subconscious, primal instincts only cares about breeding. Before he can stop, the witch announces "Undo!" and within seconds a torrent of cum, built up from months of edging and orgasm denial, unloads inside the boy.
>at that moment, the hero was not thinking about how he was going to die; no, he was only feeling pleasure — pleasure unlike any other.
>he slumps over the witch, his mind slowly drifting away...
>... but because I don't like snuff, the hero realizes he's still alive and gets up, patting his body down to see if it's real.
>the witch snickers and reveals he never placed such a curse on him — that it was a lie to spice up the sex.
>the witch then offers the hero two options: freedom or become his lover.
>the obvious answer is freedom, but then the witch stands up.
>the hero notices something dripping between the witch's thighs. It was cum — his cum — and upon seeing such a lewd sight, the hero became harder than he's ever been, even though he just came seconds ago.
>with a meek stutter, the hero answers "I-I want to be your s-slave, forever."
>to this, the witch snickers.
Please rate.
1st part is good, 2nd part is bad
congratz if you thought this on your own, pretty good. but i am not into gay stuff. 8/10 if the witch is an actual woman.
MC is an ordinary young man. One day, however, he is attacked by a mysterious supernatural entity, like a kind of ghost whose face is not visible. He has no idea why he is being targeted, and the entity does not attempt to communicate with hil, it only attacks.
MC is then saved by another supernatural entity, which manages to chase the first one away. The second entity is friendly, some sort of magical guardian angel. MC and the guardian become friends as MC joins the guardian in his adventures, while the guardian keeps protecting him. The first creatures comes backs several times, each time trying to kill the MC specifically, never attacking anyone else unless they try to protect the MC. Every single time, the MC, the guardian and others manage to chase him away.

Then, the MC unveils a terrible secret :
The first creature is the guardian's future self.
overpowered dude enters video game world after untimely death and starts a harem that ends before he ever gets with one of the girls
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122KB, 676x692px
A beta kid wants to become the ultimate mage and goes to a fantasy school and meets tons of hot girls with big titties and every girl wants to fuck him but he doesn't want to because he is a beta cuck and in the end he falls in love with the daughter of the principal of the rival school.

It will have epic fights and episodes the girls do pretendious sexual innuendos to provoque the MC, apart from that nothing important or well written happens.

In the end, the MC becomes the ultimate mage and i will need to start thinking what will happen in the next 4 seasons and the movie.
Why was this deleted? It was good.
MC is a money poor but time rich young adult (18-24) in a depressed rural area. His passion is tinkering with (somewhat retro due to lack of finances) technology and he has a good grasp of a wide range of concepts as well as many related skills due to his pursuits in his free time.

One day, in a stroke of seemingly bad luck, his primary keyboard breaks. With no money to purchase a new one (not to mention no interest in the seemingly tacky modern designs), he heads to a local electronics recycling depot; where old electronics go to die (be melted down, burned, buried or shipped off for disposal). He's familiar with the facility and it's friendly operator(s), having come here for parts many times in the past. He searches for a suitable keyboard and comes across a diamond in the ruff, a truly awesome and rare find: an original IBM Model M mechanical keyboard from 1986. He takes it home, sets it up, it's a dream to use and he carries on as before.

The next day, something isn't quite right. [insert specifics of interaction / changes]

MC discovers the keyboard can seemingly manipulate space an time, but this is an illusion. MC discovers himself, everyone, everything et all are living in / a simulation, and the keyboard has the ability to alter it like modifying any other program. MC must confront the responsibilities of the power he's acquired, the ability to help himself or others, but to what end? Should he because he can; is it his responsibility because he has the ability to act? The ultimate question he pursues is the nature of his own / everyone's existence and whether it's reasonable, responsible, or even possible to find the truth. Does he really exist; is there a real version of himself that's living in this simulated universe, or is he completely simulated and just another part of the program. Regardless of the conclusion he may find, he will also need to decide what he should do about it: does any / everyone deserve to know if they really exist?
A mighty hero in from a fantasy realm is isekai'd into being a salaryman in Nippon. It is a slice of life where he struggles with everyday life. He may not always succeed, but he tries his very best and uses his past experiences in unique and unconventional ways to attempt overcome the challenges he faces.
I've been thinking about a novel form of time travel, in which there is only one present, only one "now", and if you ever go back in time, that's it, you've just permanently erased everything that came in between. Basically, there's so much randomness in the world, that while things might look similar in broad strokes, the details never reoccur, the same sperms and eggs never meet.

It also means, that if you go back, you're THE new time god. No one else can challenge you, because the future will never advance to the point where time travel is invented, unless you allow it, at which point you get killed and replaced.

The only sensible thing to do, when given such power, is to try and take over the world. Build an illuminati. Take control and make sure that no one else will ever invent time travel. That's the only way people can eventually live in a future utopia, without everything getting suddenly erased.

So the story's about a cute immortal cake scientist, using future gadgets to build a force that can quietly, secretly, take over the world. How benevolent can she afford to be? What sacrifices must be made? Is there anyone she can talk to? (without immediately erasing the conversation) Will she eventually go crazy?

I really like this concept, but it's hard to come up with a plot for it. Something with a beginning and an end. It seems too big in scale.
A cyber-archaeologist AI in the far future comes across a lonely man's unnoticed blog while searching for pre-interstellar data relics.
All of the blogs are narrated and told from the AI's perspective, as it tries to understand and interpret the culture and customs of early 21st century Earth.
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In the christian desert communities of Egypt, a sect of coptic monks follow in the steps of St. Anthony, living spartanic lives immersed in prayer and divine wisdom. They are all thoroughly tanned with thick, black, curly beards, though their ages vary wildly. It follows a monk out immersing himself in prayer when a foreign warrior collapses nearby from a heatstroke. Turns out this is a female samurai from a Christian family trying to find her way to the Holy Land in order to discover some way to save her father from execution. Bearing a crucifix around her neck, the monk takes her back to the rest of the order, where he is given the task of caring for her. Armed with a rudimentary understanding of Latin, the priest must figure out the warrior maiden's intent, and figuring out how to help her. The show revolves around demonstrating various teachings from "Sayings from the Desert Fathers", while also giving insights into the history and character of the early church. All the monks are sexy, too, so she swoons over the various intimate situations she finds herself in.
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stolen stuff.png
104KB, 1600x858px
I've stole 1500 story ideas since 2013

I used them all the time, no joke
What do you use them for
I'm in film school
So are you gonna upload your projects or what
That's actually really cool. I kinda wish there was a public archive, where ideas could get rated, and then maybe the good ones could inspire someone and get turned into something. Or maybe they'd just get turned into memes. Either way.
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The female center of a reverse Harem falls in love with the male center of regular harem and vise versa. The two decide to start dating.

The series then follows the lives of each of their harems as they work past their lost love and possibly begin to fall in love with each other.
post that shit in pastebin

I want to know if any of my ideas were good enough to be stolen by anyone even a weirdo on 4chan
>Isekai story

>Summoner wizard girl uses her powers to summon a normal high school student from Japan to do menial tasks like open up jars or reach for stuff on the top shelf of her cabinets.
>After completing task, he disappears.
>This happens multiple times.
>The high school student eventually gets angry that it keeps happening to him and that he isn't doing anything cool isekai-like
>Summoner wizard gives no fucks and tells him to pass the butter
The LN title is "I Keep Getting Summoned into a Fantasy World to Do Stupid Shit"
This is the worst Write an Anime Plot thread I've seen in ages.
Over a century ago aliens called angels took Earth and enslaved its populace. Over time, however, humans figured out that the angels are fueled by nanomachines, and eventually figured out how to disable them.
The angels turned out to have originally been humans themselves, and were oppressed as a retributive measure by the humans that they once owned.
Of course, this is in the "distant past" (Read: A couple of decades later), and it plays from the viewpoint of an angel descendant that was never one himself, yet is constantly faced with discrimination by "normal" humans. The first part is basically an example of how equality shouldn't work - forced apologies despite the fact most have no involvement, propaganda claiming that their sins were irreparable, etc.
In due time humans figure out how to reverse the nanomachines' IFF and turn themselves into angels, and things get even worse. However, they overlook the fact that the nanomachines have been bugged and they quickly start turning into mindless beasts as the former angels are turned into angels again.
Unfortunately this process is continuing so in due time these monsters would become intelligent enough to fight the new angels, and the new angels would turn into a second generation of monsters.
After much consideration the MC decides to go back to the lab that manipulated the nanomachines and shut them down. Everyone's restored to their usual state but the original angels are on top again.

How many people here notice /pol/ references?

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