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Baki Dou 168 translation

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>anime announced
>doesn't get the cover page nor is it mentioned on the cover
thanks, you yowamushi pedal nerds

>[Deciding the strongest.]
>"Baki" anime;
>Airing on Netflix before its television broadcast run!

>Chapter 168: Unreasonable Thoughts
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>People: He cut his stomach open!!!
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>Musashi: Your sarashi was well-wrapped.
>M: Without it, your organs would have come out,
>M: And that would have been the end.
>P: Enough already...
>P: [vomiting sound]
>P: Stop, enough!
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>Cop: Azuma-san.
>C: This is really bad.
>C: We should...
>A: He was able to completely annihilate the STAT.
>A: You're not gonna get to him with a handgun.
>M: Hmm.
>M: You've managed to stand up... So.
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>M: Are we to continue,
>M: Hanayama Kaoru?
>Tokugawa: The match is over...
>T: 'm' I right, Utsumi?
>Utsumi: Yes.
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>Hanayama: Mm.
>Kozaki: Right.
>K: Please, if you would...
>K: Lemme wrap it for you.
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>P: He's patching him up...?
>P: Isn't he doing it wrong?
>P: Isn't that like a festival thing...?
>P: Or, how you see it in done in historical dramas...?

TN: I ain't no Jap, so I have absolutely no idea what 'festival' thing that guy's talking about.
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>K: I knew from the beginning...
>K: That he'd be getting chopped up...!
>K: But, really...
>K: His opponent is the swordsmaster Musashi!
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>T: He wants to keep going!?
>???: That's good, but...
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>Baki: ...You should wet it.
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>T: Ohhh...!
>U: That's...
>U: The son of Ogre®...!
>B: The Buddha said it,
>B: But I want to confirm it.
>B: There's three reasons...
>B: To wrap a sarashi when going into combat.
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>B: It can protect your stomach against unskilled swords,
>B: It stops bleeding well,
>B: And, when you've been cut, it keeps your organs inside and safe.
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>B: If that's true, I want it tied just a little tighter.
>M: Boy...
>B: Hanayama-san.
>B: Hold 'em up.
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>H: ...Mn.
>B: Here we are.
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>B: I wanna tighten it up with this.
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>P: Whoa...
>P: Cooool!
>P: He's helping him...?
>B: Blech.
>H: Baki...
>H: You wanted to try drinking it more than you wanted to shower me.
>B: We'll worry about that later.
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>M: For how long do you intend to play around?
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>M: I am envious of the attention...
>M: Boys.
>B: He's not holding up as well as he looks.
>B: The next one's gonna end it-
>B: So, you've got about a fifty-fifty shot.

End chapter.
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Itagaki sez:

At foreign martial arts events, people boo at the end of matches. In sumo, people clap...

This magazine sure has a lot of interesting series.

Are there any raws for the vampire manga? I've only checked out the long ass one with the dwarf in a prison and the demon school.
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The raws of Baki that I post are from downloads of the whole magazine so, yes, there's raws for Kyuuketsuki Sugu Shinu - which appears to be officially translated as "The Vampire Dies in No Time".
shits cheaper than jim beam
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Nevertheless, it is Hanayama's drink of choice.
Holy Christ ! Those ugly anatomy
Woah Baki is a bro then. Must be expensive imported to japan or something. Fucking Japan still glorifying drinking and smoking
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I introduce you to the bottom of the barrel.
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I kinda wanna try some of that. It looks neat, at least.

On the other end of the spectrum, here's the top of the barrel. This's what Yuujiro's drinking while he's chewing on cheap drugstore mints. ~$1,000+ a bottle.
As someone who's tried the tequila, let me say you're better off never looking at the stuff.
giving me a hangover just looking at it
Is that not the goal?
W-Why did he shower him with alcohol?
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It's a blessing.
I know jackshit about Baki but started to read the tl threads of this Mushashi and Hanayama dudes on a whim and I've been hooked since then.
>Airing on Netflix before its television broadcast run!

File: 60644167_p0.jpg (156KB, 1500x1500px)Image search: [Google]
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Yeah, I was surprised by that. I don't believe that there was any mention of something like that in the news articles published on the 2nd. At any rate, I think that this is a precedent; I'm sure that I haven't heard of that happening before with any other 'Netflix anime'.

That leaves me uncertain as to how and when it will be available with English subtitles, and feeling uncertain about the same. If it first airs only on Netflix Japan, with an x month delay before the English version is available, will we have to sub it? To the best of my knowledge, none of us have experience with video encoding and/or placing subtitle tracks. However this pans out, I promise that we'll do our best with whatever we have to do going forward.

Though, I do have a thought: perhaps they plan to do a simulcast release for both Japan and the United States in order to determine whether or not there is significant interest in Baki in the US (as well as to generate it). If that is the case, then it is possible that we might get official, localized Baki manga in the US in the future. Here's to hopes and dreams!
I thought he was gonna just soak the waistband, making it tougher

I assume it's about the sash you wrap around a yukata
Here's hoping!

And who knows, there might be other groups interested in doing subs for a Baki anime. I don't know anything about that stuff though.
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That's what he did. That, and the blessing bit. I don't think that Baki actually meant that wetting the cloth would make it physically stronger; I think that he was just making a metaphor for valour. You know, in like a "May your swords stay sharp!" kind of way.

I didn't directly translate it because doing so would be impossible, and I didn't make a translator's note about it because it seemed superfluous and unnecessarily detailed, but: the guy who says "He's helping him" here >>160702003 is actually saying this word.

I cannot even begin to think of an apt way to translate both the literal meanings and the metaphorical meanings that blossom around this, so I just localized the line for this thread's translation. If anyone thinks that they might have a decent idea for how to phrase it in the scanlation, your advisory contribution would be quite welcome!
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why he's not in Dou.png
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Oh, you're probably right. That thought didn't come to me, at all. Maybe I've been watching too much sumo - the only two 'wrapping'-related things that came to my mind were sarashi and mawashi.


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Thread images: 30

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