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Ookami Shounen wa Kyou mo Uso o Kasaneru

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New chapter is out.
Botan a cute once again.
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Always bet on Botan.
if singles botan wins

if repeating digits she lose in the most painful way possible
Best girls always loses so its ok i guess, im used to it now.
If Botan lose, we must murder the author.
What if both girls win? and MC stays as a crossdresser?
>Yuri end
Yuri trap end.
There is no chance Botan is going to win.
Any scenario were Botan wins, I'm fine with it.
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She won.
How can one girl carry a series this hard?
Spoiler that shit man.
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Botan a cute
Botan a loser and you all a retarded for still not having learnt your lesson
Is anyone gonna dump?
Any girl willing to be in a harem end is not a girl worth being in a bowl in the first place.
Botan is far too good for the MC, she needs a better bowl to compete in.
does the dude stop crossdressing after the reveal? dropped
The site changed their reader. It will take time for someone to build new ripper methinks
Who is currently doing the translations on this?
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Remember your words because you'll have to eat them in the future.
>ponytail Botan
She just keeps getting better and better.
He's still doing it so far, partially because he kinda enjoyed being someone other than himself and not always being feared when he walks around. However he mainly crossdressed to meet up with library girl, so he doesn't have as much reason to do it lately.

This chapter ends with him crossdressing again to meet with her after everything was revealed.
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No worries, Botan has a plan
Christ, nothing will ever be the same again if Botan doesn't win.

Its fine in series where they all like each other equally and are okay with it, where they all deserve it. It doesn't work in series where its just main girl and some hanger ons.

I've seen some series where harem end would work, and is deserved since they were all into it.
>pick a girl I like
>she loses

>start this
>silent dark haired girls are my favorite, she's first girl, she's gonna win, I'm safe this time
>end up liking Botan the most
I can't do this anymore.
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Dumping. Also, translation incoming after dump.
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>first thought is to split him instead of sharing
Never threesome ending.
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He really is addicted to crossdressing.
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Browser crashed, taking away everything with it. Had to bomb the local transformer to make everything works again.

>Detected possible malicious code in image file.
Something doesn't want me to finish this
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That post didn't count.

This post does however.
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Oh boy. The Botan losing starts here. I'm now prepared to die with this sinking ship.
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>What should we do?!

>Ah-chan likes Itsuki-san
>I like Senpai
>But Itsuki-san and Senpai is one person

>This is basically love-triangle manga trope
>what should I...

>I know!

>Let's split him!
>Each gets half of him!

>Which one? Left or right?
>Or, should we go with horizontal cut?
>Don't you think him as a living being?

>And by the way, Botan...
>I haven't said anything, you see.

>Then, how do you think about him?
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Feels like I had to.
>like him


>I see...

>I think I might have been
>scared to acknowledge it.

>Since... this is the first time I fall in love. And I thought he was a girl
>that my feelings became unbearable.

>And then I knew he's a boy,
>I everything went... chaotic.
>I know, right?

>But then at some point, you get angry at him...

>Well, he did play around with the feelings of two ladies.
>On second thought, let's split him for real this time.

>Are you calling yourself that? Also, that's scary.

>Since you has stated your feelings
>there is this secret I don't want to keep to myself.

>I confessed to Senpai
>Did I surprise you?
>though, he hasn't give me any answer yet.

>It hit me, but I think that's really you.

>This straight side of Botan
>that makes me like her
Aren't we all?

>To be honest
>I still can't accept that Itsuki-san is a boy

>You can't accept that?

>I don't know.
>Which is why, should I make myself sure or not?

>But, that will take a lot of courage

>I wonder...
>what will become of us from now on?

>I can't say

>I know, I can't run away again this time.
>I've found one thing I can be sure of and one other thing I need to be sure of.

>A few days later
>Darn you...
>why are you still dragging me along on this?

>If I were you
>I would have moved on and find someone else
>Ah, can I have a mont blanc please? (Fake voice)
>That's easy to say.


>Hold up!
>am I going out with you right now?!
>What's wrong with that?
>It's cheaper since today is couple day

>Here, have a strawberry

>That's good

>So, you're never going to crossdress again, huh?


>I've lost the reason
>why I'm doing it in the first place

>Despite you said it was fun?
>It's different!
>Though, I have to thank you for that.
>There is no way to change that now.

>I think you should be honest from now on.
>Just like I was.


>You should try that cake over there, that one is better
>Eh? Really?
>Yeah. I had one like that with Tokujira-san back then.

>See? You were having fun crossdressing.
>Only at where I said it.

>*keit-ai theme song*

>Meh, must be Terayama again

>It would have seem
>I'm going to crossdress again

>I've found another reason
>From: Tokujira-san
>"Itsuki-san, it has been a while"
>"Can you make time to talk about everything? Also, if you can, please do it as Itsuki-san."
>But I don't know about this
>Okay, now you have to show me what's this about

>Well, I sent it.

>Though, it took me 3 days
>to put on the words and push the send button

>It was keep on getting intense until I send it
>To all girls in this world, boys can do that to you

>I don't know what will come out of this
>despite so, I'm looking forward for the outcome

>Thinking about that, I think I've grown a little

>*keit-ai theme song*

>"I understand. I'll be in your favour. And by the way, where should we meet..."


>It's not like her being this loud
>I've never thought there would be time
>I'm taking these out again

>Just somehow

>Whatever happens tomorrow
>I think this will be the last time.

>*keit-ai theme song*

>Ah, Senpai?

>Oh, Botan...
>What is it? You sounds weird.

>I heard from Kana-chan that you went to cake parlor on couple's day with a girl...
>can you please elaborate on that?
>and she also said that she fed you.
>Eh?! Oh, no.
>That "girl" is actually a boy
>Do you have a friend who's into crossdressing?
>I don't know how to clear this up

>You seem still have some secrets, aren't you?
>I don't know if you can call this a secret if there's yet time to talk about it

>That's not why I'm calling you.
>Though I said I will call you, sorry for being so late

>I don't mind.
>Then, why are you calling?

>Ah-chan sent me a mail telling me
>that you're meeting her tomorrow

>It would seem so.

>So... I see...




>Nothing. Please take care...
>of Ah-chan.
>Botan's jealousy
Oh god yes
>Yes. Of course.
>Don't do anything weird, understand?
>No, I won't.


>I do want Ah-chan and Itsuki-san to reconcile.
>But I feel burning knowing they are going to be alone

>Ah! Why is being human so hard?!
>Eh? What is this for?

>But you're right.
>We are hard.

>Ah-chan said it, didn't she?

>I know for sure that
>Botan, you are my precious friend.
>And I will be happy that you stay that way

>Like you said, Ah-chan.

>That's all I have to say.
>Okay, then.
>Though there are a lot of things I want to talk about.

>hearing your voice
>somehow calmed me.

>She just said it straight
>I'm okay.

>Then... good night.
>Good night.

>It has been a while. Wearing a skirt.

>Well, he said he'd dress me in the best way possible.

>I feel like a defendant waiting for his sentence

>Sorry, I made you wait.

>It has been a while.

>Ah, good...
>Yes. It has.

>It has been 2 months since the last time we meet, hasn't it?

>So it is.
>I'm sorry!

>I've always wanted to apologise ever since.

>I apologise for lying to you.
>I know, this would have come sooner or later

>Do you remember this place?
>You helped me here, in this place when I was cornered a buy

>You've lied to me
>ever since then, haven't you?

>The time you hold my hand
>The time we visit the book shop
>The time we accidentally kissed

>Everything... are precious memory for me
>Everything was a lie you lulled me with

>which is why I hate it.
>I hate it from the very being of your existence.

Yiss now leave the mentally deranged girl behind and go with the best girl
Never read this but she looks very sexually bullyable
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Get out before I cut you
Why does everyone like botan? Shes p annoying desu
You just know next chapter she's gonna forgive him or ask to start over or something.
She's a cute dog.
Yes, she won
Yeah, for sure.
She'll push him over the bridge
Botans more popular in nipland no? Author was surprised at the reaction
you know its true
Next chapter settles it.

We'll see.
Dumbest decision ever to reveal himself, it could have been a beautiful double life SoL series with both cute girl stuff and romance. But now we are left with stupid drama until the end about awkwardness and feefees.
Prediction, they start over and maybe have one last kiss but they remain friends.
author seems to prefer her too
>the only time a girl I liked has won has been The World God Only Knows

Please god I need another miracle
How so
I was agreeing with you, mate.
Not him. But both Madoromi-chan and that novel published under KyoAni are Botan carbon copies.
more art, more excited over her, liked and retweeted by Botan-centric review of the manga

Frankly there's not much reason for Tokujira to win, people who think she will aren't thinking about the story overall. It's about more than just chemistry.

I made some thorough examination in my review, but I only link my stuff if people ask for the most part
This how I predict it will go (unless author changes course because of popular demand):
Main girl will slowly build up her trust again by hanging out with MC (female), while MC (male) will continue to mess around with botan. Slowly but surely main girl will learn to handle boys and she wont be able to keep up with her cognitive dissonance and will accept MC for who he is. Somewhere near the end botan will be rejected but continues to support her friend and lots of drama and soul searching will culminate into a kissu scene.
The end
I hope she keeps breaking flags.

Just asking out of curiosity, where would this analysis be?
The series is going to likely end soon with the premise and title fulfilled (the boy who cried wolf was caught in his lie and suffered). Your idea would take too long or would take time skips (defeating the point).

And it's not about popular demand. The only reason Botan is liked at all is due to namo bringing her into prominence despite being introduced as a cockblock.
aw yea makes sense then.

Ctrl f CRITICAL will get you to where I talk more about Botan
Oh shit, I know you, you got me to read Birdmen.

Good shit dude.
Damn right it is.

Thanks for reading my shit
That was pretty thoughtful. Thanks for the read.
Thank you anon for the translation.
Botan a cute.
Thanks, TL-anon
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>she concedes

that's it guys. we knew it was coming, but we still believed in Botan. i don't even feel anger just emptiness. this is the first romance I've ever been this invested in and the most amazing girl in the world loses.

I'm done. there's nothing left for me in this world.
By the way, they're middle schoolers.

The series hasn't ended.
>Hiding the true
Forgot to link

Middle school (JC) confirmed
Believe in botan
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wait is that bully-kun?
damn he got feminized hard, no need for doujins
He didn't even put any resistance.
Is it really that easy to become a fag? Scary.
There's no way this girl is endgame, Botan has to win.
Bitch fuck you!

I will stab the author if she still win after this.
You know she will win after this, because the author is a doormat.
You guys are just setting yourself up for heartbreak.
They guy liked the main girl since chapter 1, she's gonna win.
I don't know, the conceding feels very lacking for some reason.
>the guy liked the main girl since chapter 1
Those were just misplaced feelings, mang. He's not even sure if he really likes her anymore.
Will he be the lesbian end for Tokujira?
It's not gonna happen. Botan is just a side character that gained some popularity.
We will find out on the 11th of next month.
>the author is a doormat
based on what grounds, idiot?
This isn't running in something like shounen jump where popularity is some actual, highly influential manga. This is not that well known a series.
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