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Tsuredure Children

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Woop woop
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[Title: I'm curious about about that girl]

Takase Haruhiko
Year 2 class 1: Soccer club
He likes Kanda-san. And he can't take the next step,
Kanda Saki
Year 2 Class 1 Soft Tennis Club
She likes Takase-kun. And she can't take the next step.

I think I'm getting along with
The guy I like now.
"You suck at sweeping"

"Same goes for you"
"Make sure to get the dust there!!"
"I can't match your movements!!"

It's fun when we're talking normally
It's fun when we fight
[Side] We aren't matching at all!!
[Side] Well because you suck!!
I'm sure Takase also likes...

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"You need something...?"
"Got a minute?"

Oh yeah, Himemiya-san
Also likes Takase-kun.
I wonder what he thinks
About Himemiya...

This is fine, right!?
Just as I saw
We have the better jive...

What're they whispering about...
Sorry for the wait!!
Let's finish cleaning up, okay!?

I can ask, right...?
We're... like...
"What did..."
"Himemiya-san want?"

"Nothing much?"
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"Ah!! Sorry!!"
"You seriously suck at this..."

Nothing much...
So was it really nothing?
Then why were they whispering...

"Don't worry about it"
"She just invited me over"

"You okay?!"
"Calm down...!!"
"I actually turned her down!!"

"Huh? Why??"
"You could've gone"
"If I did, then you.."

"What about me!?"
"I'm not exactly your girlfriend here!!"
"Yeah but..."

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"Okay then, Takase"
"What do you think of Himemiya-san?"
"Nothing really..."

"But Himemiya-san"
"Likes you, am I right?"
"Huh? What the?"

"Even if she does"
"I don't really think much of it, okay?"

You do!!
You so do!!

"Himemiya-san's cute..."
"I really don't..."

"It's fine, it's fine"
"If you like a cute girl"
"Then I'll be happy..."

"In that case"
"You're cute too"
I can't wait for this to result in nothing
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"Even if you say that now..."
"I'm not trying to flatter you!!"

"You won't ever know if you're just popular with everyone, right?"
"But for me"
"You really suit my tastes"

"And besides"
"I'm a fan of short hair......!!"

"I...is that so..."
"Come on..."
"You still don't believe me?"

"Th...that's not it...!!"
"We gotta finish cleaning now!"
"But you've just been"
"Spreading out the dust all this time, right?"
Better than the couple that is already together, almost had sex, but are too shy to kiss.
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"Anyways, I don't think"
"Much of Himemiya, okay!?"
"I...I get it..."

"But thinking nothing of people"
"And being cold to them are two different things"
"Just keep that in mind"

I see. Takase
Was just happy...
"It's about time to clean..."

"Can we hang out some time?"

"Or what?"
"Do you not like me!?"
"No no..."
"If it's you...!!"

I gotta try hard too.
So I can be more honest...!!
"Then how about this saturday?"

"Sorry, I got club saturday"
"Then how about after school?"
"I finish at 7..."

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fucked up.png
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Haha, the love gods hate these suckers.

Also, I got vol 8 now, so I'm gonna do the extra chapters now.
thanks TL

what does tsuredure mean?
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[Takes place after the end of 'Passing the baton to you'. Which also got a nice double spread]


"And so"
"We will present the winning team (small) sniff"
"And the winner is..."

"Class 4!!"

"The prize..."
"Is a year's worth of Umaibo!!"

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"You lost, huh"
"Even though we did our best at the relay..."
"Class 4's pretty good"

"Kanda, are you okay there?"
"I'm fine"
"But how're you feeling, Takase?"
"I'm fine too..."
"I see..."

"Sh...should we go back?"
"I...I'm okay with it, but..."
"Why don't you take your time?"
"Then you too..."


"Where are you going!?"
"I came to the athletic festival because you called me over"
"But I was with my class the whole time..."

"Sorry sorry..."

"Don't okay me!"
"Not okay!!"
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"By the way..."
"Do you remember... the confession thing?"

"I was just thinking"
"That whole thing was just weird"

"Acting like we're gonna confess and all"
"Is something you can't treat lightly, right?"
"You're right..."

"If I'm gonna confess,"
"I think I have to do it seriously"

"Did you get along with everyone in class?"
"No... not really..."
"It was normal..."

"And yet"
"You ate lunch together with them"
"You ass!!"
"If you were watching, why didn't you..."

"I wanted you"
"To have some memories of the athletic festival"
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"I... just wanna..."
"Have a good relationship with you"
"And Kanda"
"I was wondering if you were thinking the same..."

"So I'd hate to seriously confess"
"And make things awkward"
"Even though we glossed over the whole thing lightly"

"Don't you"
"Just wanna keep this nice relationship"
"The way it is?"

"You've nevr joined"
"A high school athletic festival, right?"

"You were thinking that if you joined"
"You'd just make things worse, right?"
"I just don't like that kind of atmosphere..."

"That was the first time"
"I saw you smiling like that, okay?"
TL;whos your favorite boy and girl?
Kuudere couple
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Fucking hell, prez and delinquent girl are too cute
My favorite boy is EL PRESIDENTE and my favorite girl is Love Master
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"I was..."
"Also afraid of crossing that line with you"
"So I made an escape route"

"I was just pretending I didn't think much of it"
"But the truth is"
"It was constantly choking me over"

"So I feel like"
"It's been a while"
"Since I was able to talk seriously with you, Takase!!"

"Exams are fine"
"But for me"
"I want you to enjoy the moment some more"

"If that's the case"
"You could've joined us too, right!?"
"Why were you always hiding..."

"If I'm together with you"
"you'd just keep..."
"Clinging onto me, Ryouko-chan"
Prez x yankee of course. Miss foxmask girl x guitar kid being second
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"G...get it...!?"
"If you hate it, then dump me, okay!?"
"I know!!"
"I'll dump you, so make it quick"


"Hey Takaseee!!"
"They're starting the folk dance now, okaaay!?"

"Why do you guys look so gloomy!"
"Cheeeerrr uuuuupp!!"

"Are you okay with this!?"
"We should have a little memory for ourselves..."

"That's why we were practicing the folk dance"
"In gym class this year, right?"
"That was because you suggested it!!"
"I can't dance like that!!"

"Then I"
"Will teach you"

"Because you are mine"
"Until the music stops"

Yeah nice try. I don't really have one. I just enjoy the manga as it goes.
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"Takase-kun, are you feeling okay!?"
"You were amazing in the relay, okay!?"

"Sorry Yuki-chan"
"I made you worry"
"I'm glad it wasn't a serious injury"

"Okay then"
"Everyone go to the courtyard"
"And form a circle!!"

"Where's Kaji-san?"
"Probably with her boyfriend"

"And we were finally able to get along"
"Now it's a little boring..."

"What's up?"
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804KB, 1070x1600px

Haha, Gouda+Hotaru is cute.
Thanks for the translation as always.
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[After 'Wanting to be alone with you']


We arrived at the hotel
"The baaaaathh!!"

"Hey Takase!!"
"Show me your dick!!"
"Show me yours too!!"

"Okay on the count of three, we show them!!"
"One two...!!"

"Hey hey hey hey hey heeeeeeey!!"
Oh shit, Toda with the mystic eyes of death perception. Cute
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"Hey Saki..."
"What're you looking at?"
"Well... Yuki-chan"
"I was kinda wondering what kinda underwear..."

"It's pretty cheap, okay?"
"It's more or less 198 yen" [TN: Near $2 in American stuff]
"You can get that cute stuff for 198!?"

"Hey Saki...!!"
"Don't yell out the price so loudly...!!"
"Ah... sorry...!!"
"So... where'd you buy it...??"

"I forgot my facial cream..."
"I'll lend you mine if you don't mind"

"I've never seen this before..."
"Do you use a luffa or something?"
"Do you have one?"

"Do you moisturize after you finish bathing?"
"I have some lotion, so tell me if you need it, okay?"

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"Okay then, I'm going out..."
'Nasshi, aren't you gonna go into the bath??"

"I'm not gonna expose my fat to the world here..."
Bath bath
"You're worrying too much!!"
"You aren't as big as you say you are, okay?? (small) I did see a bit though"

"You see, I'm just"
"Keeping my belly in!!"

"Everyone does that!!"


"Huh!? Noro!!"
"Why is someone from class 1 here!?"
"I wanna see your dicks!!"

"I dunno what you mean, get the hell up!!"

Lemme see
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"Huh?! Ayaya??"
"You look super different with your hair down!!"
"No no!!"
"Kazuko, you look different too, okay?? (small) You look like Alfee"

"Is that Chii-chan!?"
"And is that... Yosshi??"

"So who're they!?"
"Is that Ayaka-chan??"
"And Nakasone-san doesn't have any makeup!!"

"Girls are freaky!!"

"Are you gonna go to Kamine-san's room later?"
"Who knows"

"You not gonna go?"
"It's a girl's room, okay?"
"A guy can't go alone"

"Okay then..."
"You wanna see Takano, right?"
"So come with me"
I don't really care about reused panels in this series much but Prez here is really jarring
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"I do like Japanese culture"
"But I'm still embarrassed in the bath"

"Well yeah"
'But nobody really looks at anyone else, surprisingly, okay?"

"Then maybe I'll"
"Just relax a little"



"Huh!? Noro??"
"You're still in there??"

"You're passing out there!!"
"What're you doing!?"

"I actually..."
"Wanna see naked girls..."
"Shut up!! Get the hell out, you moron!!"
Both of them are terrible with women.
It all makes sense now.
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"Hey Minagawa-san"
"Could you tell us where you bought your underwear?"
"Huuh? I just ordered them by mail, okay?"
"Do they even have my size...?"
"Of course!!"

"Are you kinda sparkling there?"
"I borrowed Furuya-kun's lotion"
"I want some too"

"Isn't it a pain to dry your hair?"
"That's right"
"I have to use a hair tong"
"So can I use the dryer first?"

"I can no longer see you as a high school student..."

"...and so"
"I'm going to your room with Sugawara"
"No problem"

"I used to be dense with these things"
"But I can understand a little bit better now"
"I want some time... alone"

"Don't we always hang out together?"

holy shit patty

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Q: If the world ends tomorrow, what will you do?

Himemiya Alice
I wanna die with the man I love

Takase Haruhiko
If that happens, I'm gonna confess to the girl I like...!!

Kanda Saki
Th... then... me too...

Noro Akimasa
Man...!! If you really want to!

Akagi Masafumi
Oh? Are you looking forward to it??

Kaji Ryouko
Akagi's only thinking of erotic things, right?

Minagawa Yuki
What do you wanna do? I'll do anything you like, okay?

Furuya Hotaru
Okay then, get on your knees!!

Furuya Jun
Hey... Hotaru...!!

Sugawara Takurou
Takano can do great things...

Yoshinaga Noriko
Uh... grand much...

Takano Chizuru
I'm gonna set all the animals at the zoo free

Nanase Kaoru
Beat Kaga up

Kaga Yuuki
Wh...what do you mean...!?

Sasahara Satsuki
Well, I wanna be with senpai!!

Iijima Kana
I so get you

Uchimura Chiaki
Watch TV and surf the internet all day

Yukawa Hideki
I wanna observe the final days of the world, so don't come with me
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>Akagi's only thinking of erotic things, right?
>Oh? Are you looking forward to it??
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Chiba Sayaka
I'll probably go to school... to see sensei.

Gouda Takeru
Wanna stay together?

Kamine Ayaka

Kirihara Youichi
I... I see...!! Huh... who would that be...

Sunawara Yoshiharu
Wanna stay together?

Toda Fuyumi

Komatsu Takako

Tsuji Keisuke
Huh? Me too?? But can we make it in time??

Patricia Caulfield
I wanna be with my family, so shall we go together?

Souma Chihiro
I...I... will practice on the last day of the world!!

Saejima Haruka
Y...you put it well...!!

Nakasone Maya
Probably play around a lot!!

Hattori Junpei

Uehara Satoshi

Ubukata Shinji

Miss Wabisabi
I am never ever getting near you guys.

Sana Kyouko
You guys are just super virgins

Shibasaki Erika
I wish to spend it nicely with the people I value the most...
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Yamada Sawa
Okay, please rap about the end of teh world

Kurihara Chiyo
Should we watch some anime together?

Yamane Takao
You're gonna stay with me even though it's the last day of the world!?

Onizuka Kimihito
Y...Yo... the last day of the world... wait... huh??

Enomoto Iori
Why don't we try goin' ta Akihabara, even jus' once?

Motoyama Tomomichi
Why are you telling me this?

Akahane Asuka
For now, go to school and play basketball.

Nashimoto Yukari
Huh? Isn't that enough eating??

Sonobe Kazuya
Nashimoto-san, what do you want to eat?

Takase Koutarou
I've decided to play 'Mother' as my last game ever.

Katori Shinji
The final day of the world? I'll put a stop to it

Hosokawa Kazuko

Nakamura Nozomi
Depends on the moment

Takahashi Urara
I wiiill.. go meeeeowing.... with my kitties

Matsuura Ayane
I wanna get away from senpai...

Maruo Eiji
I wanna read the end of 'One Piece'

Ogiue Taichi
Th... that's fine, right??

Toujou Mai
B... be together with... m...my crush...
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741KB, 1070x1600px

"Why's Gouda"
"With Komatsu-sensei?"
"So like last night"
"He went to a girl's room. (small) So this is the penalty"

"What for??"
"Well duh"
"To see Kamine-san"

"T...to see..."
"What for??"

[I'll just leave author notes to TS anon]
File: image161.jpg (866KB, 1070x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: image162.jpg (522KB, 1070x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What's up? You're looking over here... are you worried about something?
File: image163.jpg (412KB, 1070x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Come, have a seat
Thanks anon.
>I wanna read the end of One Piece

The world would end before that happens
Here's a link of the volume contents for every chapter up to vol 8


See you all next week I guess.
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>Kaga still not BTFO

End me already.
Now that the school trip is over, the culture festival is next.
Don't worry, the promised day is coming.
File: img000004.png (344KB, 459x1412px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The speed of romantic progression has really drastically slowed down. I was rereading it yesterday and there's barely any change between here and back around chapter 70. I'd prefer them to stop focusing on the boring vanilla couples too.
Feels later than usual, but I think I prefer this timeframe.
Those three, never change.
>"In that case"
>"You're cute too"

>"Don't you"
>"Just wanna keep this nice relationship"
>"The way it is?"

File: img000005.gif (13KB, 345x263px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13KB, 345x263px
>"I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna confess!"
>goes to astronomy clubroom
>door locked
>looks through the door window
>Yukawa balls deep in Sasahara
>wants to run but his feet are frozen
>Nanase runs up
>notices his boner
>jerks him off from behind while calling him pathetic
No homo.
Literally who cares about this series anymore? It got boring after 10 chapters.
With their hair down, I basically can't tell any of the black haired boys apart.

Who is this?
>"You wanna see Takano, right?"
>"So come with me"

Gouda is the fucking best.
>Chapter about literally worst couple with literally nothing interesting about them
Furuya, see >>158753879
>Hattori Junpei
>Uehara Satoshi
>Ubukata Shinji
What is with the weird pairings?
Folk dances like that usually have you switching partners after a few measures.
That's a thing in western culture too, anon.
>That's a thing in western culture too, anon.
You talk as if you assume I have experience with social conventions. That would be very naive of you.
Much thanks.
Holy shit...Those patties
wat is imouto doing there ?
Enlisting Gouda to help save her onii-chan from the witch.
If only. Nah, just kudding. I hope he moves on quickly.
Best Girl - Patty
Best Boy - Gouda
Best Overall - Love Master
File: 63184363_p0.jpg (171KB, 800x1198px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
171KB, 800x1198px
The weird couple is pretty cute.
Do you think any besides Akagi/Ryouko have fucked?
File: 6.jpg (243KB, 870x1249px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
243KB, 870x1249px
>best boy
Fucking Noro. I love these alpha niggers. He could steal a heroine from any manga, guarantee it. Grade A raw uncut NTRguy material.
>Those 3
I still don't know who these 3 are but never change, people. Never change.
They're the light music club
The mean-looking one on the left is the one that gets actual screentime, paired with Erika/Miss Wabisabi. The other two are trying to get them to fuck.
i check the goddess
bakabt too
but I cant into finding the other stuff
Hihi, ts here.
What "other stuff"?
I've been meaning to organize the goddess directory, but in the meantime, it's still pulling everything from batoto.
If you mean the first 16-17 chapters, those were never typeset because they overlap with what's in the original web 4koma. (We're supposed to go back over those once I stop being a slow turd with the volume omake)
i see my bad then
Where's chapters 37-38? I can never find those on any site.
So is Gouda being too clingy, or is she still just embarrassed?
Segawon's post on batoto marks them as Waka's 4koma ch33 and 34, respectively.
My internet's too fucked right now to check, but I believe they should be included in the volume 3 zip that's on goddess?
Gouda is gon tap that ass and she realizes she about to have her ass tapped
>"Then I"
>"Will teach you"
>"Because you are mine"
>"Until the music stops"
I've said it before and I'll say it again. Some people wish to be firefighters, others wish to be doctors, heroes, etc. I just wish to be half as smooth as this guy when the need arises.
Thank you!
Them Freedom Genes being put to work. God Bless America.
Normally, イチキュッパ means ¥1980. No way you can buy bra and shorts at ¥198.
>"I dunno what you mean, get the hell up!!"
Wouldn't it be, ", but bring it on!!" or similar? Given the meaning of uketetatsu.
File: 6 (2).jpg (142KB, 465x701px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 (2).jpg
142KB, 465x701px
I can't wait for it all to come tumbling down tumbling down tumbling doooooooooown.
Makes sense
I want to die.
Frogface pls.
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