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what's worse being up there or down there?
at least they can still breath down there
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dead thread
dead batou
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Uh what a coincidence I also wanted to make a thread about this chapter
Don't worry anon, I'm gonna help you to keep this thread alive
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I'm gonna dumping the chapter
You guys can talk about whatever you want as long as it's Gintama related by the way
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Who thought it was a good idea to introduce a new villain with the charisma of a rock that no one cares about in the climax of the series?
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Ask this question to Gorilla, anon.
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Is it just me or is there no progress? Like, it seems like Gorilla is stalling a little too much.
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remember, remember the end is in september
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>Sorachi probably raised the death flag for Sadaharu
>instead we get a chapter about the Kiheitai
Sasuga, Gorilla.
well, both sides are currrently in deep shit
>Utsuro and Enshou both planing to crash the plane with no survivors
and both sides have one tiny shimmer of hope that they'll be saved
>Sadaharu and Hankai
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Agreed. I also think that the manga will ends in September
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Nah, it's not stalling, but there is too much shit going on at once so we have to switch focus and POV every few chapters and that's why it feels a bit messy
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Well, you just posted it
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I keep wondering why most of the harusame wear Chinese clothing

I heard that Chinese pirates were a thing and they were really growing during the Quing dynasty but during the end of the Edo period (~1860) the navy really cracked down on those pirates

maybe I am just reading too much into it

also Baka is Kim jung un
Hello, friend.
Kinda lost and starting to consider dropping this. Can anyone summaries what happen after Pedoros return?
To be very brief, there's some comedy moments and Kamui returns as well
It's not worthy to drop the manga right now, but it's my advice.
don't drop it so close before the finish line
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maybe these threads will be more lively come september
>the end of Gintama
or when the anime comes out
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Talking about Baka Ouji, I'm looking forward to hear his OST when he will reappear in the anime, it's been a while.
I guess, you're right anon. But you know I really really try to do my best to keep the manga threads alive but they're dying too fast unfortunately, and I want one to reach at least 300 posts before Gintama ends, keeping these comfy threads alive isn't a piece of cake...
I dont follow the manga but I might have an idea about that. you know the final villain is always some dude whos been in the shadows and is total opposite to the main character right and everything that mc stands for? well seeing as how most of of the characters has some quirk about that that make them likeabale or unlikeable(whichever) but they still get notice and still get attention. well here utsuro whos a total opposite of that.
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What do you guys think so far of the upcoming live-action movie?
Just caught up. Now I understand why I stall reading this.I simply don't fucking care about that Prince that only appear for chapters and eating others screentime..
>that Prince
Are you talking about Prince Hata?
The other ones, leader of liberation army IIRC.
Thread posts: 37
Thread images: 23

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