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Kimetsu 65

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Huzzah for busy days and being lazy. And waiting for TS to finish Sesuji but he's taking too long so here you go.

65: Who won?
[Side] Grasp, rush, protect
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[Side] The whose head will be cut is...

"I gotta cut!! The demon's neck... now!!"

The dawn is coming

The sun will shine here...!!
I gotta run! I gotta get outta here!!
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I won't ever let go
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Until I lop your head off!!!

"Get awaaaay"

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"Inosuke, moooove!!!"
"Move for Rengoku-saaan!!!"
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Breath of the Beast
First form

Dig and pull... [TN: I forgot what I used for this one]
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Finally, thanks.
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Now to head to a place shaded from the sun...!!
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"That was troubling"

"I gotta get away from the sun no..."
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"Don't run away, you coward!!"

"Don't run awaaay!!!"
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What's this brat talking about?
Doesn't he have some brains?
I'm not running from you demon hunters. I'm running from the damn sun.

Besides, the match is probably already done.
The guy's gonna lose all his strength and die soon!!
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"The demon hunter brigade will always fight you in the darkness of the night when it's advantageous for you!!"
"We're humans in flesh and blood!! Wounds don't just simply close up!! And the limbs we lose won't ever come back!!"

"Don't run! You damn dolt!! Damn dolt!!"

"Compared to the likes of you"
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"Rengoku-san will always be more amazing!! He's strong!!"
"He's not gonna lose!!"
"He never let anyone die!!"

"He fought to the end!!"
"He protected to the end!!"

"You're the loser!!"
"And Rengoku-san"
"Is the winner!!"
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"It's not worth it to shout that much now"
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"The wound on my stomach is opening"
"And you don't have any minor injuries either"

"Kamado, my boy, if I die, it will be my loss"

"Come over here"
"Let's have a final chat"
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"I just remembered some things"
"When I saw the dreams of my past"
[Side] The strong person has something to say now... next issue center color!!
Uhh, this may be sudden, but my computer charger died on me, so I might have to postpone stuff until I find a new one.

Anyways, laters
Never mind, just a blown outlet.

Anyways, I'm really sorry for the super delay. Someone requested me to translate something and I kinda forgot about this. The good news is that it's a short chapter, so it should be out by today
Thanks. No need to say sorry though.

RIP. Wish he would have been here longer than this.
Thank you!
Hell yeah, thank you OP.
I love this mango.
Pierce and Extract
Thanks for the TL, anon.

>"Kamado, my boy, if I die, it will be my loss"
Can you check this part again? I think in the Korean raws it was translated to Rengoku talking about if Tanjirou died, not himself, and I personally thought that made more sense.
I'm not that great at Korean, so especially when it comes to those sentences when they just omit the subject entirely, I tend to guess and put what I think sounds best. I could have been totally wrong there
Tbf, Kanjuro's kinda right, the demon's running away from the sun, but also from the demon hunters, since they'll stop him from getting cover.
Oh I see, my mistake. I'm surprised Rengoku says "if" he dies then, instead of "when."
Thread posts: 31
Thread images: 19

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