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Dumping chapter 21 of thick family manga.
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This isn't thick. This is fat.
Pic related is thick
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The father finally appears
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That is just slightly shapely.
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>a hot familly of healthy ladies with a loli as an endgame
God fucking damn it, this gets me on so many levels.
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Hopefully Mother can get some now.
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Does this family not believe in bras?
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>I guess we like the same kind of woman
What did he mean by this?
The mom is fucking disgusting
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>There are people on /a/ who would not want to destroy that with their cock
>meanwhile at a local trap thread: 4842920 posts and 3521521 images
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What a family.

The dad seems pretty based so far.
Being beta turns your family into thirsty sluts confirmed.
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And end.
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i feel it's just okusan but less funny. just another slice of life/comedy but with more tits that are just basically the same size as okusan's feels like a wasted opportunity, not to mention it drains the big boob jokes twice as fast.

also big boobs aren't appealing when too many characters have them
They are when it's a family, it makes sense that they are all cows.
I hate the way he draws noses.
I personally find it more endearing than Okusan and let's be fair, neither of them were really funny. It's all about big boobie SoL experience. The art is kind of better too, especially the backgrounds.
Moar Okusan needs translated
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Okusan is cuter but I find Ashitaba-san more interesting/funny.
How does it feel to be a gigantic fag?
>What did he mean by this?
I don't know but I hope it doesn't mean he has a thing for his daughter.
I like the younger daughter.
She is rude.
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It's a good break from Okusan.
Okusan needs more chapters about the other wives, it's been a bit stale for a while.
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12 volumes and still no anime. I guess it is doing okay and doesn't need it.
Thread posts: 45
Thread images: 29

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